Chapter 52: My House’s Lively Dinner Table


Royal Capital, Dianeia’s castle, Grand Hall, a huge party was being held.

「Townspeople. I thank you for your cooperation in the defense of our city, Prussia! I was allowed to hold this small party in appreciation. Drink and be merry!」

Dianeia took the initiative to raise her glass and her voice.

「With that said….Cheers!」

And so, the eating and drinking began.
Half of the participants in this party were brawny adventurers.
Round after round of alcohol was served and consumed.

The Knight Captain watched all this and heaved a big sigh.
In his hand was a single sheet of information.

「Yareyare, at the rate this feast is going…the amount we earned from monster meat and magic stones will be eaten into considerably.」

Dianeia gave him a slap on the shoulder.

「Don’t be so stingy Knight Captain. There was barely any damage caused to the town. If we don’t do this much then we might incur retribution.」
「I guess you’re right…..know that I think of it…where are those guys?」
「I asked them, but they said it was bothersome so they’ll pass. So, I’ll need to do something about them.」
「Sorry about that, I’ll leave it to you.」

They continued to chat a bit until,

「Hyahha, Thanks Princess. The booze is great!」

The Shining Head members had all approached Dianeia.

「I see, the most important thing is that you enjoy yourselves.」
「Hyahha…but I guess it’s like dat after all. Boss Daichi didn’t come over」
「Well, I’ll go myself later.」
「Hyahha, is that so? Then that’s perfect, take this to him」

They held out a giant pot of Sake.

「This is?」
「This is the most delicious sake that we could find. If it wasn’t given to the one who did the most work then it’d be shameful ya’ know?」
「I see…..very well. I will take it, along with your sentiments, to him.」

Dianeia accepted the sake and the shining heads waved their hands and turned to leave.

「Hyahha~. Well then later Princess. We’ve still got more to drink. Ain’t that right you guys!?」

And so they disappeared into the crowd.

「….alright then Knight Captain. I’ll be off.」
「Yes, have a safe trip.」

And so, Dianeia disappeared from the party.
「———that’s how you ended up bringing me sake and food then…」
「Umu, I would like to share a table with you. We will eat the best sake that the shining head guys gave and the most delicious food I could bring. Please.」

Because of the large amount of sake and food that Dianeia brought, we were eating outside.
We had spread out a vinyl sheet to sit on and it had turned into a small dinner party.

This wasn’t really what I was aiming for when I defeated the Dungeon Master though…
But I’ll definitely accept something delicious if I’m offered.

「But is it alright for you to stay here? Being the Princess, wouldn’t it be best if you were there?」

She didn’t need to worry that much about me, I’m alright with eating a peaceful meal in my home.

「It doesn’t matter. The lead role was taken by you, Anne, and the adventurers. The adventurers are being entertained in the castle—so I have come to drink with you.」

If that’s the case, then it’s fine.
Either way we should all settle in and have dinner.

「I see. I’m thankful. Well then, we should all enjoy ourselves fully.」

Dianeia said, and poured me a drink for dinner.
What went into my cup was slightly carbonated and crystal clear sake.

「Ohh, it’s refreshing and delicious.」
「I’m happy as long as you enjoy it.」

So, I continued to drink and she continued to pour until I felt a persistent tugging on my sleeve.

「Hm? What’s up Hesty?」
「Umm, I can’t settle, down.」

Hesty shook her head violently as I looked and saw her being buried magnificently between Anne’s breasts.

「Ahh! Aneue-sama’s resistance! Amazing!」

Well, how should I put it…they’re acting as they usually do.
If she really wants to get away I think she can escape so it should be alright.

Anne is as lively as she usually is.
It’s a bit of a noisy atmosphere, but not to the level where I can’t relax.

「Dianeia’s food, Sakura’s food, and the sake are all delicious…this doesn’t feel bad at all.」
「Fufu, when I hear you say that, it makes it all worth it Master.」

Having a lively dinner party isn’t bad once in a while.



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