Chapter 57: Rapidly Collecting, Quickly Using


A few days after resolving the rabbits’ problem, I was sitting in the garden with my chin in my hands.

「Hm, what’s wrong? It’s rare for, you to look, so preoccupied.」
「Well, the rabbits’ shop that I invested in is really popular. They’re doing fantastic business but…they said 『This is the rent!』 and brought this.」

At my feet was a big bag of silver coins.
There was probably about 1,000 of them.

I had finally found out that the standard currency in this world is gorudo (not gold).
1,000 silver coins equals 1,000,000 gorudo. Basically a million yen.

「…..well, that’s certainly, amazing.」

This seems to be the result of several days of sales.
An average fee of 10,000 gorudo…and a line of adventurers.
Those bunnies seem quite capable.

「Isn’t it, good, to earn more?」
「Well, yes…as a concept. But what am I gonna do with all this stuff I don’t need?」

Those rabbits had desperately passed it to me.

『This is the least we could do for our benefactor! If it’s not enough we will use our lives in exchange!!』

Or so they said, so I ended up accepting.
My principle is to accept the things I’m given…but I’d rather not accept their lives. But really, these guys give up their lives far too easily.

「n, and so, why do you have a bag of money, sitting here?」
「It won’t fit into the safe room.」

I had put the money I’d gotten up until now, into a safe room and left it there. The safe room has already taken up 2 rooms worth of space.

I gave some to Hesty and the wolf people, but it still increased. Pretty soon, if I don’t use it, it’s gonna be bad.

If I don’t, then my house is just going to become a bank tower.

「But, do you have, anything, you want to buy?」
「Nope. I even asked Sakura if she wanted something, and she said there wasn’t anything in particular…..」

She looks just like a human, but she really doesn’t have many worldly desires. But I’m the same in that I don’t have much I want to buy.

My hobbies would be enjoying the orchard and garden of my house, making golems for fun, making bullets from monster materials, and making armaments for my golems.
None of those require any money.

「……your golems are, getting stronger, day by day, and it turns out, it’s your hobby.」

Hesty seemed surprised, but I enjoy it so it can’t be helped.
It’s amazing, recently I succeeded in making a huge golem.

At any rate, that’s why the money has accumulated.
Before, I just pushed it on the wolf people, but they begged me not to do so anymore.

And so, I asked my last ray of hope Hesty…

「Does Hesty nee—-?」
「I, already have, enough.」
「—un, I understand.」

The funds are plentiful.
It seems like she doesn’t need more than I’ve given her.

「I could go use it at the rabbits’ place, but it’s not expensive enough.」
「……n~…n? You know the price?… went there?」
「Just a bit.」

I had persuaded Sakura so there’s no problem.
…though at times black magic power had come out…but that’s beside the point.

「In the end, can I do nothing but gather this?」

I have more space, and I can gather more, but I’d prefer to spend it.
As I was thinking, I lowered myself to the floor and laid down when,

「Daichi-sama! Aneue-sama—!!!」

Anne came running over. When Hesty saw her she had an obviously displeased expression on her face, and ran to hide behind me.

「Aneue-sama Aneue-sama Good morning!!」
「D-don’t h-hug me!」

She was caught and crushed between Anne’s huge breasts.
When Hesty’s together with her I get to enjoy her various expressions, but let’s leave that aside…

「What’s up Anne? Something up?」
「Ah, yes! Actually, just some time ago, my store was finished!」

Oh the item shop huh? I heard it was under construction, but it’s already finished?

「Yes. I was thinking of inviting Daichi-sama, Aneue-sama, and Sakura-sama to the grand opening.」
「and so you ran all the way here?」
「Yes! Plus I was redecorating the interior nonstop so I was thinking it was time for me to recharge my Aneue-sama tank…haa….haa…..if I received Daichi-sama’s scolding attack I may collapse, so I worked hard all morning!!」

Oh…I see.
If she had arrived too early then I wouldn’t have been pleased. I may have scolded her.
I’m glad my prediction was off.

「uu, it’s sad but, I can only refuel when I cuddle Aneue-sama.」

It’s their usual antics. Leaving that aside,

「Anne, your item shop is finished, so you have things to sell right?」
「Yes. I have things all stocked perfectly…..though my savings are all used up and I’m poor. Ahaha, I don’t even have enough for breakfast tomorrow!」

Anne said as if it was extremely trivial.
She’s a dragon king and she doesn’t think before or after she does things. Is this really alright for her to live like this?

「But as long as I have Aneue-sama, I can recover magic power and survive! So I’m fine!」
「Oh, ok…….」

Well, that’s right. As long as she has things to sell, this is perfect.

「Then I’ll go buy something.」
「Eh? Is that alright? If you ask Daichi-sama, I’d give it to you for free.」
「No, there is meaning in properly paying for things. So please guide me Anne.」
「Ah, wa- yes!」

And so we decided to head to Anne’s store.



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