Chapter 58.5: —Side Dianeia— Favorable Expansion, Omen


Office, Daytime.

Dianeia had been in a staring competition with her documents since last night.
She was checking the documents regarding the damage that had happened to the town in the previous incident, the repairs, and their growth. She checked each and every one.

……I don’t have much talent for state affairs, but I at least need to check the current state of affairs.

It’s too late to think of a solution after a problem occurs. I’ll be unable to fight against these problems even being an Arch mage. Or so she thought while reading about the city’s development but,


Dianeia let out a sound and the knight captain who was organizing paperwork nearby, turned and asked,

「What’s wrong princess?」
「The western district is doing very well. Compared to the other districts, its financial condition is very good.」

Compared to the other districts, the repairs were 20% faster and it was currently expanding. I wonder if something good happened to improve business?

「That’s right. According to reports, a few locations are receiving huge amounts of cash flow which seems to be stimulating the economy.」
「What’s the origin?」
「Umm, Anne Taidra-sama’s store and the combat rabbits’ shop are the influential points I’ve been told.」

Leaving the rabbits’ store aside, I don’t think Anne’s store should be that popular, or so Dianeia thought.
I went to the store’s opening and the sight of it having no customers is fresh in my mind.

….what she’s selling are high quality things, but they all high priced commodities.

Well, she’s a dragon king so those prices can’t really be helped. Maybe she met a guest of honor who would buy her things…or so she thought when,

「Furthermore she said 『This was the money I received from that man, so I should circulate it.』, and so she went around to the surrounding stores and spent a lot of money. This could be considered manipulation, but it is overall beneficial to improve the financial status of the city.」
「Ah, mm… I see.」

I somehow understood everything from the knight captain’s words.

「Princess? Did you figure out something?」
「Figured out?….I already have a decisive conclusion.」

The main culprit…is definitely,

「….it’s Daichi-dono.」
「….I see. If it’s that man, then it’s definitely possible.」

The knight captain nodded as well.
Actually, this is practically already decided.
There is almost no one else in this area that can move such huge amounts of money easily.

「This is another thing we need to express our thanks for. Knight Captain, I’ll leave it to you to prepare something good.」
「Wa……but, we still have things we have yet to give him you know?」
「Well, we’ll let them build up and give them to him in order.」

We don’t even know how many times he’s saved our lives and defended the town.

So, even though we were thinking of giving our thanks, we have limits on our time, so I cannot go easily.

「Today I have to inspect the city, tomorrow I can move around freely. I’ll give you til tomorrow to prepare.」
「I understand.」
「Well then……..let’s continue with today’s business. I’m off to inspect the city. After all, I need to go see how Daichi-dono’s movements have affected us.」

And so, Dianeia put on her equipment and headed into town.
Anne’s store had the odd guest or two, but you could not honestly say it was flourishing.
She seemed free enough, that if you asked for some tea, she would happily serve you.

…….well she had just opened after all.

As time passes, anything can change. Dianeia thought as she went to go look at the other new shop.

「This place has another line today.」

The rabbits’ shop had a line form out front almost every day.

It was extremely popular with both the adventurers and citizens.

「The more the revenue increases, the greater our taxes…I’m quite thankful.」

Though the male citizens may be deprived of their night fighting power, after this shop was made, public order slightly improved. It’s a good method to let off steam.

「Above all, it’s a healthy shop. It’d be difficult for problems to occur.」

The environment of the town improved and the citizens can enjoy.
The economy is stimulated and the city expands.

More than half of these changes can be attributed to that man who lives on the magic spot. I’m quite thankful.
As I thought of him, my own heart began to burn and filled me with motivation. I should properly thank him.

Or so she thought, when Dianeia realized something.

「……..oh, that’s right. Speaking of the forest, I need to check up on the thing that caused the rabbits to run.」

I definitely need to investigate rocks falling randomly from the sky.
Dianeia decided to move to the rabbits’ village.
Dianeia teleported to the rabbits’ village.

She casually received their greetings and asked to be guided to the fallen rocks but,

「So this is the rabbits’ shop and the rock?….it’s huge.」

It was bigger than she could have imagined.

The big store was crushed by an even bigger boulder.
However, the boulder did not look like a standard stone.

Even if it was a rock, it had an awfully smooth surface and a grid-like pattern on it.
When you knocked on it, it gave off a light sound.

「It’s not…..metal. What kind of material is this?」

Dianeia had no idea what this was. But what was certain, was that it was a threat.

「Even if it isn’t a stone…to send something of such monumental size flying…it’s dangerous.」

Furthermore, just by touching it, she received a dangerous feeling.

She had no proof, just her gut instinct…but that was what her body was telling her, who had been in many life-threatening situations. So,

「Just to check, I should take it and have our research team study it.」

Our research team is excellent. They should be able to produce quick results.

…….though I hope nothing troublesome comes of this.

Hoping that her own bad premonition was a needless fear, Dianeia returned to the castle.



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