Chapter 58: First Time Shopping


Hesty, Anne, and I all went to visit her new shop.
It was located between the forest and the city of Prussia, directly off of the Main Road.

From the outside it looked like a normal one-story building, but on the inside there were many colorful goods beautifully displayed.

「Eh, you just finished it, but it looks pretty.」
「I was taught that if it doesn’t look as good as it works, then it’s no good by Aneue-sama!」
「n….I did, say that, once.」

Ah is that so?
It’s true that all the wands Hesty makes are good-looking, so she has that kind of principle.

「Yes, I made it spacious so that it’s no problem if you want to drop by for tea! Besides for tea, as long as you schedule it, you can come and throw magic at me and I’ll be completely ok with it!!」

Leaving aside this shopkeeper whose face is turning red as she pants, this is a nice shop.
There are lots of items I’ve never seen so it’s interesting.

「Next time I’ll bring Sakura to look…there might be something she would want.」

We had invited Sakura, but she said she had to stay and clean the house, so Hesty and I ended up going.
Well, whenever she wants to go I’ll guide her, so let’s do some shopping.

「Hey Anne. It’s about time for you to come back to reality. I’m buying items for the first time so you need to explain them to me. Otherwise you can give me some recommendations.」
「Ah……th-that’s right. Shopping comes first. Umm, what would you like Daichi-sama?」

I don’t have anything I really want…but ok.
Let’s think about it differently. Just get something that I can use.

「I’d like something I can use on a regular basis.」
「Regular basis…..then how about this?」

Anne brought out an earthenware pot with confidence.

「The moment you put these in soil, they’ll grow rapidly. They’re golem seeds that will obey you! You can leave all your chores to them you know!?」
「Ah, sorry. I already have something like this.」

Actually, I create my own golems daily.
That’s why, I don’t need to use an item.

「Ah, th-that’s right isn’t it? Th-then this dragon crossbow that can shoot flying monsters out of the air…..」
「Sorry, I have something like that too.」

Her eyes looked like she was about to cry.
I wonder if this could be counted as me failing to go shopping on my own?

「Normally, people use items, to do things they can’t do. You have too, many things that, you can do, so it’s difficult.」
「I know Hesty, that’s what I’m discovering at this very moment.」

Is it possible that I’m going to somehow reach a state of having no wordly desires or needs?
Anyways, there’s no meaning to this trip if I don’t buy something.

「….that’s right. Do you have something like that potion you gave me recently? The most expensive one is best.」
「E-expensive? Then how about this magic recovery potion!? It’s something precious that I can only produce once a month!!」

Anne used her entire body to emphatically explain. Well, I am grateful but,

「….sorry. Instead of using that, I can eat an apple….」

I already have something that fulfills that role.

「Umm….is it possible that my items are useless….?」

Large tears started falling from Anne’s eyes. This is definitely not good.

「Ah, no, that’s definitely not true. Yeah, if it’s a recovery potion, even I’d use it!!」
「B-but it’s an ordinary recovery potion you know? Even if I made it, it’d only have a certain degree of effect, it’s not very interesting you know?」
「No, it’s good even if it’s not interesting.」

As long as I can use it, it’s fine.

「Umm, the potion has different grades. I do have the highest grade one, but how much would you want?」
「How much is the best one?」

When she heard my question, Anne went into the back of the shop and came back with a bottle of golden liquid and set it down.

「……uh umm, this is the potion made with my flesh and blood, so it costs 100,000 gorudo for one.」
「Then I’ll get 10.」

I dropped a bag of silver on the table with a thud.


I grabbed the potion from beside the surprised Anne.
The bag of silver had turned into 10 bottles.
Un, this is light and easily carried.

「Umm…..i-is this really ok!? This is a lot of money you know?」
「I still have money so I don’t mind.」
「I-I see….even in the fort city this potion was too expensive and ended up as dead stock…but to think I sold it…….」

Ahh, I see now. This was two birds with one stone. Both of us had gotten rid of some excess.

「Next, is there something I could use?」
「U-ummm…..other than this, something of this level…this wasn’t very popular but…….」

She said and brought out a scroll.
She held the glowing white scroll in her hands.

「This is?」
「A teleport scroll. If you undo the string that ties it, it will teleport you to a place you designate. Even without knowing teleportation magic you can use it.」
「Huh, that’s pretty useful, right?」

Basically, with this anyone can use Dianeia’s method of transportation, right?
This is a pretty good item.

「Well it’s a one use item. The teleportation magic requires extreme control and adjustment, and making a scroll like this takes a lot of work. That’s why it costs a lot, and it has poor cost effectiveness with distance travelled.」

Huh, I guess Dianeia was more amazing than I thought.

「So, how much is one of them?」
「Umm……one million gorudo.」

I see. Good price.

「I’ll take it.」

I had brought some reserves in case I didn’t have enough.


Bag after bag of silver thumped onto the table and Anne’s eyes went perfectly round.
Un, I’m happy that she made such a profit.

「And so I finally got rid of some of it…thank goodness.」
「n, but, the rabbits will, bring more next month, right?」

Because I told them it was a loan/rental they’ll certainly bring it monthly.

「Well, I can just come here to spend it again. Is that ok Anne?」

Anne seemed to have lost her spirit, but she still nodded slowly.

「Ah, wa, yes. I will be awaiting your next visit.」
「Thank you. Well, then, for now I’ll be heading back.」

When I thought about it, this was the first time I’d gone shopping since I came to this world.

….it was…kind of fun.

Thinking that I returned home with my single use magic and 10 potions.



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