Chapter 6: Tentative King of the Demon Magic Beasts


Before I noticed it, it had been a few days since the wolf people had attacked.

「It’s a pain in the ass to have to drive them out each time.」

It takes time and effort to go out the door or window and yell at them till they go away then to go back inside.
Therefore, I decided to make a trap.

「I guess this place is pretty good. Sakura, come here for a moment.」

What I’m going to use are the apple trees again.
Though there is other material that I could make a trap out of, at the moment the apple trees are the easiest thing to use.

「Around here, there’s an apple tree’s root, so make it grow rapidly with magic.」
「Yes. Well then, if you please.」

Touching Sakura’s body with my hand I pass magic into the ground.

—–Installation complete.

Later when I pour magic into it, the root and stump will become gigantic and burst out of the ground.
Like this any intruders that are on top of it will get blown into the sky.

「Nnuu……it is complete Master.」
「Ok ok, then the next one.」

Setting these traps makes it feel somehow like gardening and I start to enjoy myself. Just like that I continue on and enjoy myself. Then,

「Master, someone’s coming again.」

Once again some wolf people appear before us.
Will this be the first prey for my traps? I think but, this time there are only a few of them. If I were to use the trap now it’d be a waste.

…….actually they’re all dressed beautifully.
They’re wearing formal clothing,

「What’d you guys come here for?」

When they heard me, the wolf people all fell to their knees.

「We are kings…..we are the wolf clan that governs this demon forest.」

Then the wolf person in front started muttering and talking politely even though he was clearly not used to doing so.

「Haaa, and?」
「We acknowledge you as the rightful king and surrender……..please accept this as proof of our intentions.」

He offered me a collar with a silver bell attached to it with both hands.

Why are you giving me something like this? Is this like asking me to raise a pet or something?

「This is our wolf people’s treasured tool passed down from generation to generation. When we find a strong person who we can truly serve then we are to pass this to that extraordinary person as proof.」

No, I don’t really need it though….
I don’t remember wanting to be or becoming a king either….

「W-we are not hostile; we have come here with this intention. It is enough for us to leave it here with you. I beg of you, please find it within yourself to accept.」

And, saying that they place the collar on the ground.
Their hands are shaking and trembling, are they nervous or something?

Be that as it may, as I thought I don’t need this collar, in fact it’s just going to be trash so I really just want them to take it away.

「W-well then just hang it from a tree! If you ever need our strength, then don’t hesitate to ring the bell. We are not your enemies by any means!」

They’re panicking and being annoying, saying that ‘they’re not my enemies’ but I already understand ok?

「Fine, I get it so go away. Right now I’m busy with my gardening.」
「U-understood. But, before that, here! This is an offering from us!」

Then the wolf people bring out a mountain of bags and jars.
Inside of them are large amounts of frozen meats and lots of fruits.

「What’s this?」
「If…If it pleases you, please accept these. Please take these items as a representation of our loyalty to you, our king.」

Though I still don’t remember becoming a king, if they’re giving it to me then I’ll take it.

「However, that’s too much. Less is better.」

At most one bag and one jar is enough.
If it’s too much then I won’t be able to eat it all.
When I said so,

「Ar-are you…..taking us into consideration?!」

They were absurdly surprised. What?
There’s only two people here, there’s no way we can eat all this.
Properly take it home with you.

「We understand, Our King! Everyone, bow to this great man in thanks to his great generosity and leniency!!」

For some reason the Wolf people said words of thanks and bowed to me before leaving.
And from then on, they started to bring fruits, vegetables, and meat to my house regularly.

「Master, today’s dinner is stew with vegetables and plenty of meat.」
「Ahhh my favorite!」

Well, since my everyday meals have gotten richer, it all worked out right?



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