Chapter 60: Teleport


Evening. I was tampering with a golem in the garden when Dianeia came to visit.

「Fuu, it’s been a while, but Daichi-dono’s place is really calming.」

And so she passed me a bag of money as usual and relaxed while drinking the tea that Sakura served her.

「My house isn’t a café you know…」
「I…..sorry. It’s just that I’m a simple mage when I sit in front of you so I end up feeling relieved…—O-oh that’s right! Speaking of a café, the rabbits’ house is quite popular. We need to thank Daichi-dono for that as well.」
「Yeah, I know that already.」

I knew that because the rabbits had come to visit just a day or two ago. It was becoming a bit troublesome that they kept bringing me money over and over and over and over…I really wish I could politely turn it down.

「Actually, you know what? It should be fine if you stop bringing money over sometime soon okay Dianeia?」
「Well…that’s the thing you see…I don’t have anything that I can give you except for money. I considered equipment, items, etc. but there’s practically nothing I can provide. If there’s another way I can demonstrate my feelings then that’d be good…」

I…don’t particularly need a lot of money or items. However, I’m happy to receive things. I thought as I cleaned up my toolkit that I used to tamper with the golems when,

「Hm…? Daichi-dono? What is that scroll inside of your toolbox? It’s rare to see you with something like that.」
「N? Oh, this? It’s something I bought from Anne’s store. It’s a teleport scroll.」

I was just talking normally, don’t surprise me by shouting like that. What’s wrong with you?

「Well, I was just thinking that pairing that scroll with your golems would make some kind of incredible tactic…like teleporting them into the middle of an enemy and having them rampage…」
「Wow…you have quite an imagination, don’t you? But I’m not gonna do something like that.」
「I-I see. Thank goodness. It’s just that your strategic power is so high…I end up imagining some things…」

I see, but I haven’t thought of using my things for such militaristic purposes.

「Oh, that’s right. Is there any precautions I need to make when using this? I have no idea how to use this…」

If I used it and ended up buried underground it wouldn’t be funny. I’d like to know what to do.

「It’s pretty simple to use ok? When you open the scroll you will be teleported to the location written on the scroll’s cord. However, there is one condition you need to pay attention to.」
「Yes. You need to have visited the place you are teleporting to at least once. It’s necessary to understand the space that you’d like to teleport to.」

Ehh was there such a condition?

「So…it’s no good if I haven’t visited it at least once?」
「Yes. That’s absolute.」

So that means it’s probably that…I think I’ve got bad compatibility with this magic…

「If you don’t check the place that you want to teleport to regularly, you could end up stuck inside of a wall. It’s quite important.」
「….I don’t really get out much…teleporting might be useless to me.」

I may be able to do almost anything by imagining it…but to think that my weak point would be this…

「I never thought that there’d be a magic that requires me to go out…」

In that way, Dianeia is unexpectedly amazing. It seems like she has quite a few places she can teleport to.

「Well, in your case you have Hesty-dono or you can use your golems to move around, so there’s no problem. This method allows you to save time and physical effort, but you have other things that can do the same. You’re in an enviable position.」

Even if you say that…I don’t get that feeling.

Anyways, I’d already bought the scroll.
Well, instead of practicing, I’ll just use it when I have to.

「—-ah, ahh, that’s right. Speaking of moving I just remembered. Daichi-dono would you come visit Prussia for a festival?」
「Yes, it’s the hundred-year celebration, it’s sure to be quite lively. There should be food stalls and stands… so I just thought that you guys might want to come…of course I would accompany and guide you!」

A festival huh? I don’t like mixing with the crowd that much. However, I do enjoy relaxing and fishing in a dragon-boat.


If it’s just some sightseeing…it might be good.
When I can’t stand the crowd anymore, I can just teleport away.

My path of retreat is perfect. All that’s left is,

「Sakura would you like to come?」

I asked Sakura as she returned with more tea.

「If Master wants to go, then I will of course accompany you.」

Sakura seems like she at least has a little interest.
In that case, it might be fun.

「When is it held?」
「It will occur after two weeks.」
「Then I guess I’ll show myself a bit when the time comes.」

I said, and Dianeia’s face suddenly lit up,

「Y-yeah! Then I’ll work hard on the preparations! I’ll tell you about the rest so please wait a bit!」

She said in excitement and promptly returned to town.

「She looks quite happy.」
「I think that she is happy to be going around with Master.」

Sakura giggled and said.
I don’t really understand it well…but I think I’m looking forward to this a bit.



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