Chapter 61.5: —Side Shining Head—Prussia Reconstruction Battle and Flight Experiment


Plain to the West of Prussia.
There the bald group of adventurers was fighting against a giant wild boar.

「Hyahha! …..we shouldn’t have come here while we were still recovering ze!」

The shining head members were all cutting at the giant boar, Fafnir, and running around.
Because of that, they were all out of breath while the Fafnir was still full of energy.


The Fafnir continued to rush along at full speed.
It had been cut over and over again and was bleeding but it still wouldn’t fall.

「Hyahha. This Fafnir is too big, we can’t beat it…!」
「Even if you say that now it’s too late! Actually Leader, I know you’re putting in effort but be a bit more quiet about it.」

A member poked the leader’s arm while saying.

「Hyahha, my bones are still stuck together with the recovery potion. Don’t poke it.」
「It’s only sticking together!? You’re supposed to rest until it returns to normal right?」

Though a recovery potion will heal you, it won’t return your wounds to their original states.
Also your physical strength won’t return either.

Originally the Leader should’ve been resting after getting beat up by the Dungeon Master, but…

「Why did you come!?」
「Hyahha….it couldn’t be helped. I saw that such a huge monster came out.」
「This is a legitimate emergency quest after all…」

This is a job that concerns monsters that suddenly appeared.

Similar to them, the town was in the midst of being fixed.
People were working diligently to recover from the damage of the dungeon activation.
So, if such a big monster came around, there would be further damage.

「Hyahha…that wouldn’t be good.」

They took a day to leave the festival. They didn’t want this to throw cold water on the mood.

They couldn’t let this be, so the shining heads all took up their weapons once more.
The giant Fafnir was still filled with spirit.

It stopped moving and pawed at the ground in preparation to charge.

「Hyahha…he’s not a full member and this is tough but….compared to Boss Daichi this is easy ok guys!?」

After seeing his fight with the dungeon master, there wasn’t a single one of them that hadn’t gotten fired up.
They wanted to be strong like that.
Even if they can’t match up to him, they want to aim for such strength.

「Hyahha, after that fight we talked instead of drank. We said we would become stronger right!?」

And so, the shining heads faced the beast without stepping back.

「Let’s go!」

The Fafnir started to charge with rage, but the Leader charged forward to face it.
Then at the moment they were about to collide,

「Leader! There’s another hiding in it’s shadow!」

Something else came charging out from behind the gigantic boar.

This guy was so big that he created a blind spot and didn’t see it.

… this guy its follower?….

It was already at full speed. If he kept going there’d be a direct collision.

…..this is gonna hurt.

At worst I’ll be skewered by the tusks, at best I’ll be run over or sent flying.


He couldn’t do anything even if he tried.
He braced himself for impact and clenched his teeth. At that moment,

「Leader above!」

The Leader looked above the two fafnirs and saw something huge falling from the sky.


And before the eyes of the Leader,


A violent sound exploded out.
Something crashed violently into the ground making a crater and sent the leader flying from the fallout.

「L-leader are you okay!?」

He was sent flying, but it was much better than getting run over or being skewered.

「H-hya-ha…w-what happened…?」

The Leader raised his head and looked at the cloud of smoke. There he saw something standing up.
It was a single, huge…golem.

「Hmmm…I fell as I was flying…I really haven’t gotten the hang of this flying thing…」

It was the man who they set as their goal.



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