Chapter 61: Collaboration with the Fire Dragon King


I was making golems as usual, forming the body and face in detail when,


I heard an explosion coming from Hesty’s cabin.


It was so sudden I didn’t even have time to be surprised, I turned quickly to face Hesty’s cabin a cloud of smoke rolled out of the doorway.
Then from within the smoke,

A soot covered Hesty emerged.

「…..What happened?」
「n, development, mistake.」
「I’m sorry, I got, the cabin, dirty.」
「No, that’s alright.」

It’s not like you blew it away.
In fact, I think that it shouldn’t break with that level of explosion, it’s quite sturdy.

「Your house, has been strengthened by your magic, so it’s alright. If it was, a normal house, it might’ve been, blown to pieces……….」
「What kind of dangerous thing have you been developing? What exploded?」
「n, this.」

Hesty showed me a cylinder made out of tree wood.
It looked kind of like a wand, but it was a bit too fat.
I wonder what it is, it looks like there’s quite a few black magic stones inside of it.

「This is?」
「It’s magic stone propellant. The thing that lets you fly in the sky.」

Oh, the reverse-bungee thing we were talking about before.
Looking at it now, it looks like a rocket. So, this exploded?

「I was experimenting, and it happened. I attached, it to my feet, and tried to fly for a bit. But, I made a mistake, in the combination.」
「—–hey, that’s dangerous. Do it outside at least.」

Her pure white hair was so dirty that it was now jet black.
I think it’d be better if this was done in an open space.

「n, is that ok? It’ll be, a bit messy, you know?」
「It’s better than having the inside of the house explode. Also, stop using yourself as an experimental subject.」
「But, I’m fine?」

Okokok…I understand that you’re quite tough, being a dragon king and all but…

「You might be fine, but seeing someone I know well getting blown up is really bad for my heart.」
「….are you, worrying about me?」
「Well…of course I am.」

I approached her and looked at her face closely and seriously.
I’m not budging on this one.

When she heard that, Hesty’s eyebrows moved as if she was troubled/embarrassed, and her cheeks blushed as she nodded slightly.

「n, I understand. If you say so, I will not use myself, as the subject. I’ll use something else.」
「Good. Please do.」
「Hmm, in that case, what can I send flying…..?」

Oh right, the whole premise of the thing was to make something fly.
There’s not a lot around here that could be used.

Of course…it’s impossible for me to fly, honestly I don’t want to be made the subject of these experiments.
I’m not willing to wish this evil upon the Wolf People either.
Then what should we do…I thought and looked around when,

I saw the golem that I’d been working on.

「Hey Hesty. Could you use the golems as your experimental subjects?」
「I can, I think. But, is it alright, for me to use them?」
「Of course, I welcome anything that makes them stronger. Even more so if you can make them fly! That’d be the best!」

No matter what I say otherwise…Rockets are a man’s romance.
I feel like having my golems fly would be the coolest.

「…..f-for some reason, you’re unusually passionate…」
「Well, since you can fly I don’t think you understand. But, flying is a man’s romance…」 (man’s romance=spirit of adventure)

I can make most anything using my imagination, but up until now I have not been able to fly.

I can freely manipulate and extend the trees into any shape I please, so you could say I really have no reason for wanting to fly…but I yearn to freely maneuver about in midair.

「O-ok. Then I’ll put these in it…could you, help?」
「Ok, I’ll give it my best!」

And so Hesty and I began developing a golem that could fly in the sky.
Well, honestly it was simply adding equipment. It only took a few days to find the optimal design. When I have some free time, it’d be best to test it out.



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