Chapter 63: Natural Recovery Medicine (Occasional Side-effects)


Daytime, I went out into the garden because I had detected a living creature, when I looked,

「Oi, you alive?」

Dianeia was collapsed in front of Hesty’s cabin.

「Why is she lying here?」
「I don’t know, when I came out, she was like this. Did she get, attacked by monsters?」

I wasn’t going to do anything today.
I didn’t want to get caught up in a monster subjugation.

「I can see, her life force, waning.」
「I can see that, but she doesn’t have any wounds.」

「Dianeia’s face was turning blue but I couldn’t see any blood anywhere.

「This is probably, overwork. If I do, too much wand making, sometimes I’ll, be like this.」
「You should rest properly ok? But I see…overwork huh.」

She’s completely collapsed.

「I-I’m sorry. Once I got close to this house, I relaxed and the exhaustion caught up…」
「Oh you’re up?」

However, she didn’t get up.

「uuu…..the festival preparations, the town repairs, the magic usage, the physical strain…I exhausted too much…..」

It seems like you’ve been through a lot, but it’s troublesome if you stay collapsed in front of Hesty’s door.
You should try not to collapse until you get back in your own home.
Falling asleep in the comfort and safety of your own home is much better.


I didn’t get any response.

「Should, she just sleep, here?」
「No, if we leave her, then she’ll catch a cold.」

I was wondering if I should bring her to my house or put her in Hesty’s cabin when,

「What if, we give her an, apple?」

I was reminded by Hesty’s words.
That’s right. My apples have a recovery ability.

「That’s right, I gave you an apple before and you were fine after eating it. Even if I gave another it should be fine.」

The ones I pluck straight off the tree are too dangerous, but the ones I have in storage should be fine. So, I went to get one, cut it up, and presented it to Dianeia.

「Here, eat.」

Ahh, this isn’t going anywhere.
It doesn’t even look like she has the energy to open her mouth to chew it.

「You really, overdid it didn’t, you?」
「Yeah, it looks like she can’t eat it like this…oh right. I should make it easier. —Golem!」

I called for a golem and put the apple in its hand.
One wasn’t enough so I grabbed about twenty more and put those in its hand as well, then

「Crush and squeezed it.」

I had it squeeze the fruit juice into a wooden container.
The twenty apples’ juices filled up the container.

「Quite a, forceful, way of making, juice.」
「It’s all the same as long as the juice comes out.」

I thought of making a press or mixer for this…but I felt that it wasn’t worth it for a one-time thing.

「Here, you can drink it like this right?」

I brought the cup to Dianeia’s mouth and she started drinking.
Fumu, I finally got her to have some, one way or another.
She should recover a bit now. or so I thought when,

「Haa!? What is this!?」
「Oh, you got lively all of a sudden.」

Dianeia suddenly jumped up and grabbed me.

「Hm? What’s wrong?」
「N-nothing, it’s…my body is really hot Daichi-dono! That wasn’t an aphrodisiac was it!? If it was then I’d be glad to accept anytime!!」
「Wait a sec. Calm yourself.」

She had grabbed me with power I wouldn’t expect from such thin arms.

Her eyes looked ecstatic and bloodshot, what happened?

「Over, recovered?」
「Something like that I think.」

Somehow it gives off the impression of someone who had just drunk a lot of energy drinks at the same time.
Did my apples have such an effect?

「You put, twenty of them, in it.」
「Yeah, put in too many….」

She seems to have been energized too much.

「D-Daichi-dono! I’ll undress and prepare to receive you, please wait a moment!!」
「Ahh……umm, Dianeia」
「Calm down for a second. You’re a princess aren’t you?」

It seemed like she might pounce on me at any moment so I had her tied up with a rope made out of my trees.

「Uo~ Uo~ Let me go~」

It wasn’t too tight, but I don’t think she’ll be able to move for the time being.
There wouldn’t be an accident due to this occurrence.
Even though she’s like this, she’s a Princess. Her virtue should be quite important. I can’t just do this on a whim.

「Fumu, man, she became way too energetic.」
「You should, dilute it, maybe?」

I had not expected Dianeia to become like this.
I thought it’d be fine for those with a lot of magic to eat these apples.

「When Hesty ate the apple then, did you become like this?」
「Well, I was very tired, and I needed a lot of magic, recovery, but I might have, become like this, a bit. I am, a woman.」


「Did I start growing vitality(energy) medicine without knowing it…?」

It seems like I made light of my apples’ effects.

「Well, if you’re not totally exhausted, you won’t be like this, this is from too much. Normally, I’d think of it as, a nutritional supplement.」

Hesty said while looking at the apples.
Ummm, I think I’ll be careful from now on.

When I have people try it, I’ll use less or dilute it.



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