Chapter 64: Going to the Town for the First Time in a While (Length of visit as you’d expect)


Late at night, Dianeia had finally calmed down.
Her face was red as she sat on the ground in seiza (kneeling with knees bent and feet under your butt)

「I’m sorry. I was confused…..please forget it.」
「Don’t worry about it. I won’t forget it though.」

She should’ve been calmed down by now, but she was banging her head against the tree that had tied her up now. It seems like she’s still emotionally unstable.

「What are you so embarrassed about? It’s fine isn’t it? Just think of it like a drunken frenzy. I don’t mind.」
「You might not care but I do…!! Such drunken foolishness in front of you……」

I feel like she’d shown me quite a few foolish actions, and they should’ve been more embarrassing than this.
Like leaking…and leaking…and leaking…and etc…

「Uu, a woman’s shame and a mage’s shame as a warrior are two different categories…..」
「Oh, I see. So, is your body alright?」
「Y-yes, I was collapsing from exhaustion, but I no longer feel a single bit of it. Thank you Daichi-dono.」

Certainly she’s blushing, but her complexion is much better.
Her legs and back are sturdy and straight. She seems to have recovered.

「But honestly, Daichi-dono is drinking such delicious apple juice every day?」
「Eh……no, this is the first time.」

I’ve had some when I caught a cold or was exhausted from working, but it was the first time I’d made any since I came to this world.

「That’s……..a shame. Leaving aside its amazing effects, it’s so delicious and strong.」
「It was strong?」

It was made from apples that I had harvested much earlier…did that change the taste?
I should probably try it out.

「Oh, that’s right Daichi-dono. I just remembered something good.」
「Hm? Something good?」
「Yeah, didn’t you tell me that you were troubled by the amount of apples you were growing?」

Hmm, I feel like I did say something to that effect. My apples are filled with magic and they take an extremely long time to rot…actually I don’t think a single one of them has rotted yet, I need a way to dispose of them.

「What would you think of selling them in the city? Of course not as the original product, but as juice. I’m sure there’ll be quite a few strong people coming into the town for the festival.」
「No, no matter how you put it this seems dangerous.」

Do you even remember how you were acting a little while ago?
This might cause some sort of weird rebellion in town.

「No, I feel that as long as you only use a single fruit and water it down, it should be fine. For a person with an ordinary amount of magic that should be fine.」
「Yes, with such a strong apple flavor even watering it down 10 to 20 times wouldn’t harm the flavor too much. It would recover people’s energy so I think it’d be good!」

Dianeia’s eyes were glittering with commercial spirit or something.

「Hmmm…trade huh」
「If it’s you Daichi-dono, you could make a simple shop and have a golem work there easily. You’d earn a periodic income so I think it’s a good idea.」

Periodic income huh? My Vault Room is already filled up…but I can’t say it’s a terrible idea.
There’s other places I can stuff the money if I need to.

It wouldn’t take me much effort to have the golems squeeze lots of apples and dilute them with water.
If I set them for independent activity I won’t even have to do anything. All that’s left is the store itself but…

「That’s right, I own property in town right?」
「Yes! It’s unused right now, so why don’t you use it? By the time the festival comes around, you can have a shop there.」

I see. Well it might be good to have a place in town where we can stay.

…….I basically stay at home, but if Hesty or Sakura went in to town they would have a place to stay.

I won’t be going very much. I enjoy fishing, digging my onsen, and customizing my golems more than going into town.

Even so, I can make a holiday house in town while having it also be a store which can dispose of my extra apples. I think this might be quite useful.

「Un, it isn’t bad at all. Ok Dianeia. Can I leave the teleportation to you?」
「N-now? It’s already night you know?」

Well it is around that time. If I go to town now it’ll be dark and no one will be around, it’s perfect.

「I want to strike while the iron’s hot. I want to get to making it quickly.」
「I-I Understand!」

And so I was taken to my land by Dianeia.

The result was that my store/holiday house was made that night.

This is how I ended up with the occupation of store owner.

Though…it was only manned by golems, open hours are on a whim, and I only sell apple juice.



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