Chapter 65: Staying Out All Night and Coming Home in the Morning and the Morning Meeting


As I was finishing up my new store and thinking about heading home, the morning sun started to climb above the horizon.

「Crap…! I was fussing over how it looked and it’s already morning!」

I had finished counter-type store (where there’s one counter with the goods behind it).
Rather than a shop, it was more like a cabin, based on the amount of space used for the counter. There was much more living space than business space.
But that’s fine, I was only going to sell one product here so it’s fine. If I wanted to expand and remodel I could but the counter space would basically only be used by golems.

「Yeah, but it really became a nice-looking store! How should I put it, the detailed design looks cool!」
「Hey…Dianeia. I’m thankful that you accompanied me through the night…but didn’t you have to go back to the castle?」

She helped me in various ways with her teleportation. But, I thought she was busy?

「Please don’t mind it. I told them already because I wanted to be with you until you left.」

She’s really quite the conscientious girl, she worked herself almost to collapse.

「Keep it all in moderation.」
「Ok. But still, I was so tired and I helped you out all night, but I’m still energetic…that juice is amazing.」

She said while looking at the stock of apples and the golem with glittering eyes.

I feel like it might’ve been a bad idea to give her that stuff.

「….I’m just letting you know, I’m not letting you have any more today ok?」
「Eh!? B-but wouldn’t just one more mouthful be alright?」

This witch princess’ eyes look kind of dangerous.
I was thinking that such a dependence on this juice would be dangerous and was about to rethink this entire operation when,

「Hyahha? Could this be Big Boss Daichi?」

I turned to look and saw the morning sun shining off the heads of the bald adventurers.

「Oh, it’s the adventurer group’s leader?」
「Hyahha…stop calling me Leader. I’d like you to call me by my name, Ash.」 (TN: finally a proper name for him.)

This baldy was called Ash?
I’d seen this guy many times before, but this was the first time I’d heard his name.

「Hyahha. Anyways, it’s pretty rare to see Boss in town. Actually, wasn’t this land an open lot yesterday?」
「Yeah, this was my land and I wanted to make a shop on it.」
「Hyahha, you made an entire shop in one night!?」
「Holy crap, this guy’s definitely on a different scale from us……」

The shining head guys stared at the shop in dumb amazement.
It was only a single cabin tall though…

「No Daichi-dono. Normally you can’t build this in a night you know? Though your home has expanded before I even noticed.」

I guess you’re right. If I touch Sakura I can usually expand my home that way, the ease of this was making me underestimate the difficulties of construction.

「Well setting that aside, what are you guys doing Ash? It’s early.」
「Hyahha. We are patrolling as usual.」
「Looking for a good monster to hunt for cash.」

I see. I didn’t know about the adventurer’s lives…a good monster huh?

「Well, the Shining Head Group is first class among adventurers. They’ve given a lot of care to our city.」
「Ohh, is that so?」

They look like they’d be troublemakers…I guess appearances are deceiving.

「Hyahha, afterwards if we’re in good shape I was thinking of visiting the Combat Rabbits’ shop. It’s pretty empty around morning.」
「Mm, well it’s good that you’re so energetic so early in the morning.」
「Well, recently Leader’s been exhausted at night and in the morning he’s barely able to get up.」
「Hyahha, you don’t need to say that much you little…!」

Ash said in a panic and grabbed that guy by the scruff of his neck.

「Huh, are you really that tired?」

That reminds me of how beaten up he got by that Fafnir incident.

「It’s because he’s pushing himself without recovering.」
「That’s right. His sexual desires are overriding his need for rest and recovery. So the leader goes to those shops while in this condition….」
「Hya- Hyahha! It can’t be helped!」

Somehow, they seem lively. But still…
I have a model case on my hands so let’s take this opportunity.

「Well this is the opening of my shop. Why don’t you have a cup?」

I took the wooden cups full of apple juice and handed it to them.

「Hyahha? This is… juice?」
「Yeah, I think it tastes good…but just in case. I want to test it before it goes on sale….oh you don’t need to pay, just give me your opinions.」

They were taking their wallets out of their bags when I stopped them, I waited for their opinions.
Ash and the rest checked the contents of their cups, leaned back, and drained them in one gulp. Then,

「Uooooooo!? What’s this!?」

Ash’s head immediately flushed bright red.
All the members behind him had their hair stand on end and seemed to be almost shining.

「This is amazing. This feeling! It’s delicious of course, but my power is overflowing!」
「YEAH, my exhaustion’s blown away Leader!!」
「This is awesome! It’s an amazing body enhancement drink Boss!」
「S-so it seems……」

Somehow, they seem as if they’re floating…both physically and mentally.

「Hyahha, if we have this much power we can go anywhere! Right you guys!?」
「So we’ll be off Boss!」
「Uh…Ummm…be careful.」

YOSHAAA, they yelled and the shining head group dashed out of town.
It’s nice that they’ve become more energetic but,

「As I thought…I shouldn’t sell this.」
「W-well, you might need to…water it down a bit more.」
「Something else is bothering me…if they’re like this, then won’t they stir up some trouble at the rabbits’ shop?」
「U-uhh, wouldn’t that be good in its own way?」

For the time being, this is how I’ll use up the extra apples.
Though I definitely need to think more about how much to dilute it by.

That’s what I thought as I saw the Shining Heads disappear from the town in a huge cloud of dust.



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