Chapter 66: Tidying Up Your Home


After coming home from making the shop and falling fast asleep, I took apples out of the storehouse and took them to the shop.

There would be a festival in a few days so I wanted to stockpile some apple juice.

I had Sakura and the golems help and made what I thought would be a suitable amount when,

「I never thought about it but…how many levels are taken up by apples…」
「Th-there’s quite a few aren’t there.」

I never imagined that my house would be filled with 5 stories worth of apples.
I did notice that apples fell out of my windows every now and then though.

The golems had harvested way too many.

「Having the golems autonomously gather them was a mistake huh…」
「It’s good that they won’t rot, but it’s too much for even preserved foods…」

I have plenty of space so there’s no need to worry…
However, seeing such an amount gave me a light shock.

「I wonder…I feel like I’m wasting the space of Sakura and my home…」
「No no, being a storage area is also one of the duties of a house, so it’s perfectly alright.」

Including the underground area we had several tens of rooms so I was glad to hear her reassurance…but I feel like it was about time to properly give this house shape.

「I was thinking of having a castle shaped portion on/under the ground…then having a tall tower rise into the sky.」
「Wow, that’s sounds pretty good.」
Sakura said seeming happy, but unfortunately I don’t think something like that was possible yet.

「I guess my architectural abilities and building power just isn’t enough yet. I can’t seem to make the proper castle shape…..」
「W-well…it’s that. It’ll be just like with the golems, you’ll eventually get the hang of it.」

Certainly, I need more experience in this field. I was able to imagine what I wanted mostly…all that was left was making it a reality.
Recently I was busy with my golems, garden, and basement changes so I didn’t have time to turn my attention to my house.

「I think I’ll start again, it’d be good if I could do this.」
「It’s most important that Master makes it as he likes. When the time comes to decide the shape, please allow me to help.」
「Ok, I’ll be counting on you at that time.」

But my first priority is to take care of this apple paradise I have going on.
I do think that if I turn it into juice it’ll get used up fast enough though..

I don’t know how it’ll affect the townspeople so I’ll keep it in moderation. I thought and picked up the case of apples.

「Master. Something is falling from high altitude. What shall we do?」
「High altitude?」

I looked and saw a black spot quickly falling to the ground.

「Fumu….well it’s dangerous so let’s send it away.—Grow and Extend—」

I extended several trees up into the sky.
I arranged them to grow into a shield shape and then,


I caught the thing that had been falling with a great grinding sound.

「As expected of Master. The defenses were fast.」
「It was Sakura who noticed though….hmm I wonder what this is.」

Looking at it from below it looked quite large.
For now I’ll lower the trees and bring it down to the garden.

「A rock huh?」

It was a smooth grey rock about 3 meters in diameter.
It had a strange geometric pattern on its surface.

「Hmm, I wonder. Even I have little knowledge about something like this.」
「It seems almost metallic, why did something like this fall from the sky?」

Was this some dragon’s favorite shiny thing? Did it drop it by accident? I looked up at the sky but didn’t see any dragons.

「Does it have some dangerous feeling to it?」
「No, nothing really. It seems like a husk…or like an inorganic substance. I don’t think it’s dangerous.」

Fumu fumu, it’s not dangerous huh?

「Oh wait, it might be…that thing that fell from the sky that destroyed the rabbits’ store?」
「That’s a possibility.」
「What? They still haven’t caught the one who’s been doing this?」

I should ask Dianeia about this.
It would’ve taken just a bit more and it would’ve harmed my apple orchard.

「That’s right, when you go to take the apples why don’t you ask?」
「……Yeah…but then I’d have to go out in the town when it’s busy.」

There’ll be a lot of people and I can’t really work up the motivation to do this.
I feel like it’ll be very lively…too lively, it’ll be hard to get around. (TN: STOP BEING A LITTLE WIMP AND GOOO!!!!!!!!)

「Should we wait till night?」
「Hmmm… go to the store at night and if I can catch Dianeia then talk to her…or something like that?」

There hasn’t been any real harm so far.
When I have more free time I’ll speak to her.

「Alright, then first we need to carry these out!」
「Yep, let’s take it slow.」

And so we left the fallen object alone for now and continued our transport operation.



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