Chapter 67: Dragon King of the Night


Around midnight I headed into town on Hesty’s back.
Since there was barely any people out and about there wasn’t much ruckus when we touched down.

「I’m uh…kinda sorry about using you as transportation.」
「There’s, no problem. This kind of rehabilitation as a dragon is important.」

Hesty had returned to her human appearance and carried the big box of apples into the store.

「That’s right, has your body healed up alright?」

I was the one who beat her…and let her deal with the monsters…but I’m a bit worried because of how much I saw her sleeping.

「n, I’m all, better. I can fight, with my full, power you know?」
「No, you don’t have to. In fact I don’t think you’ll have the opportunity either.」

If she fought with all her strength the fight location would be reduced to ash.

「n~, just in case, I’ll save my strength.」
「Please do so.」

If there came a time to use it then it’ll be fine.
But I really hope we won’t need to.

「…still Hesty’s coating makes moving around easy.」
「Is that so?」

When I was doing my work in town I coincidentally met some townspeople and they were terrified.
So this time the magic suppressing coating was put on both of us.

「Well, there are people who’d, jump out of bed, if they felt, strong magic. So this doesn’t happen, coating is important. I also think this is true so I, cover myself.」

Hesty is really a worrier.
But thanks to that there’s no trouble when we go into town, so it’s a good thing.

But even this girl has a problem she can’t possibly avoid…

「I saw that white appearance and came! It’s Aneue-sama right~~!!!」
「Something, troublesome, has come.」

From within the darkness Anne came running towards us carrying a large bag and drooling.

「…it’s scary, so can I fire, a full power flame, at it?」
「We’re in town so you can’t.」

Though I think it’s scary too. Anne is beautiful but this facial expression makes her seem like a monster.

「ehehe…..Aneue-sama it’s been so long~~~」

Hesty had completely given up on avoiding the hug and continued to carry the apples with dead eyes while ignoring her.

「Ahh, you’re so cold Aneue-sama! But that…neglect play is also…….good…!!」
「Oi Hey Anne. Keep it down it’s late at night.」
「Ah…th-that’s right Daichi-sama. I just couldn’t hold in my excitement…….eh what? Somehow I smell the scent of Aneue-sama’s magic on you……」

Anne said while holding Hesty and slowly approached me.

「……is there a smell to magic?」
「No it’s tasteless and odorless. However, Aneue-sama’s magic has a certain sensation to it.」
「Hm, I don’t get it, but your eyes are scary so keep your distance.」

Her face was getting way too close so I pushed it away with my hand.

「Ahh, your hand also smells like Aneue-sama——this is her magic coating right?」
「If you know that then…..hey stop licking my hand!」

This has definitely gotten into a dangerously weird place, I grabbed Hesty and took my distance.

「Ahhh, you’re so terrible~」
「What’s terrible is your character!」
「Uu….thank you….」

Hesty seemed exhausted.

「Well, my exhaustion from the all-nighter has been blown away by Aneue-sama, I’m happy.」
「All-nighter?…oh that’s right you came from the shadows…」

Looking more closely know I could see the signs of fatigue on Anne’s face quite clearly.

「Well, the festival is only a few days away so I got fired up and stayed awake for three days making new items to sell.」
「Hmm, I understand, the feeling. It’s a certain, feeling, when you’re making, items, that you don’t feel sleepy.」

Hesty and Anne nodded together in agreement.
Why did they hit it off on that point alone? Is it because they’re dragon kings?

「So, what are you selling in this store Daichi-sama?」
「Uh, well, apple juice. From the trees in my garden.」
「If you gave that to regular people would they still be alright? I feel like they’re filled with magic….」
「I’m watering it down so it should be fine. I tried it on Hesty and some adventurers….here try some.」

It was fine when Dianeia and Sakura had some so I gave it to Anne.
She looked at it for a bit and tasted it.

「I see….it’s like a…hangover and recovery potion. If it’s like this then it should be fine.」

She said with a normal face.
Good it looks like the super energy (aphrodisiac) effect went away.
Since Anne didn’t attack Hesty that effect should’ve disappeared.

「….Hm? You’re looking at me strangely, was there something?」
「Nope, nothing…I’m glad.」
「Well, leave that aside Anne. What’s in the big bag?」

I had been curious about the big bag on her back for a while now.

「Oh, this? It’s medicines and items that I need to deliver to Dianeia-sama」
「Are you heading to the castle now?」
「Yes….Well, I was going to wait at the entrance. It’s not easy to enter the castle at night so I was just going to have Dianeia-sama teleport it.」

Fumu, I see, this is convenient.

「Mm then can I come with?」
「Yes, I don’t mind, but did you have something you needed?」
「There’s just something I’d like to ask」
「I understand. Then let us go together…..Aneue-sama will….?」
「I’m, not going.」

Anne’s collapsed to her knees in disappointment and I turned to Hesty.

「I’ll, wait here. If you need me, call.」
「Ok, then let’s go Anne」
「Uu, Aneue-sama….let me, hug you again…….」

And so I headed with Anne to the castle.



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