Chapter 69: Spring of Knowledge


After I teleported to the store, I adjusted the cane sitting on the chair and went out to meet Hesty.

「Nn, Welcome home. It kind of feels like, the number of people are increasing」
「Yo, I had something I wanted to discuss with you」

Because the living area in the store was created to be spacious, even with the four of us inside we still had enough room.

「Well, please take a seat. I don’t have any tea though…..」

All I’ve got are apples.
I was thinking of making the golems create the juice, but should I really do that?

「You said that you, had something to discuss right? In that case, I will try making it」

Hesty replied to me, while facing towards the kitchen area filled with apple based ingredients.

「Oh, thank you. I’ll count on you」
「Mn, count on me」

I entrusted the preparation of the tea to Hesty and I sat down at the table with Dianeia and Anne.

「Alright then, now that we’re in a calmer place I want to ask you guys something, do you guys know anything about the falling stones around the rabbits’ store?」
「Mu? Are you perhaps referring stones that have been falling around their shop?」
「Ahh, to tell you the truth, those type of stones started to drop around my house as well」
「W-what did you say!?」

After I said this, Dianeia became shocked and stood up.
She leaned forward and stared at me intensely.

「A-are you alright? Daichi-dono?! Are you perhaps injured anywhere……?」
「Nope, I’m completely fine」
「What about the impact it has had on your home…..?」
「There weren’t that many…」

If there was a lot of them it’d only increase the number of large rocks that were buried underneath my garden.
Even if they were to become a hindrance, I can just destroy them easily, it’s no big deal.

「I-is that so? I’m glad then…..」
「But, why are you acting so surprised?」

After I asked, Dianeia fumbled around in her breast pocket and pulled out a single stone.
I’ve seen this the other day, it was the stone with the strange patterns across it.

「…..Umm, could these possibly be the stones that have been dropping around? 」
「Ah, that’s right. This is the one」
「If that is true….. Then, indeed I am surprised. This object is very hard」
「When you say hard…you mean it’s more solid than a normal rock?」

Indeed, when I felt it for myself I understood that it was quite tough like a certain type of metal but…

「Yes, even if I used my full strength flame type magic, I wouldn’t be able to melt it, also when the fragment of this stone was obtained from the rabbit’s shop there was at least 20 wizards. ――And when they tried to slice this fragment with wind magic, it boasted a toughness that could rival a castles walls. Although this type of stone has been falling down from the skies…… It doesn’t seem to have any effect you」

Ohh, I really didn’t think that it was all that tough though.

「Using the trees as shield it was able to catch the falling stones quite easily」
「……Your house, and your personal defensive capabilities, are truly beyond the norm」

Well after all, this house was forged to withstand Hesty’s Dragon Form attacks and or a Servant Demon’s fireballs.
As long as I can see it coming when it falls down from the sky, I can even play around with it, stopping it is of course an easy feat.

「That is really amazing. I…..I really admire you…..」

Dianeia looks at me with sparkling eyes as if she was really excited.
I didn’t really plan for this to happen though.
At any rate…

「What exactly is this stone? Neither me or Sakura knew what it was, isn’t it just some normal stone?」

After asking her this, Dianeia looked towards the stone with a complicated expression.

「….When I investigated it, I found that it was similar in structure to a dragon’s scale. My deduction is that it may perhaps be related to the dragons」
「Saying that this is your deduction, does this mean that you also don’t really know what it is?」
「Even when we investigated using magic, it was difficult to find anything that matched it. The research group has said that they will look into further in their records but…」

I see. It seems that Dianeia also doesn’t know.
Then it will be necessary for me to consult another person who may know.
If she says that it may have a relation with the dragons, then I just need to ask the dragons.

「Anne, do you know anything about this stone?」
「No, this is the first time I’ve seen it as well. Even in the Fort City, I have never seen such a thing」

Anne also doesn’t know.
Uumu, in this case, I wonder what it is…

「Mn? …… Isn’t that, a fragment of the scale of the Star Dragon King? You’re holding, something quite rare, aren’t you?」

Hesty-sensei who toddled her way out of the kitchen, just blurted out the correct answer in one go!



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