Chapter 70: Sharing Knowledge before the Festival


Hesty’s small voice echoed in the silent room.

「Eh? Did I say something strange?」
「No, it’s not that it’s strange, in fact I’m glad that you said it」

Rather, I should have just asked Hesty to begin with.
Even just taking a glance at the stone she was able to recognize it.

「Oh, Hesty-dono do you know what this is?」
「Mn, The Star Dragon King, is the same as me, a flying type Dragon King. I know of, it’s existence. It’s the manager of a, sky dungeon」

I see, so it was a Dragon King’s scale…
Information that I wasn’t aware of continued to flow out steadily.

「Ah……What are those guys in my research team doing…..」

Dianeia was acting all depressed by herself.

「Well, Un, thank you for the hard work」

Pom pon, I tapped her shoulder.

「It’s natural for you not to know. It’s been at least 130 years since it last flew around these parts. If you continue searching the documents, I’m sure your team will be able to find something on it. Therefore, please don’t feel too depressed over it」
「U, Umu….」

Hesty, nice follow!

「I see, so Star Dragon King-sama is an existence that has already lived before I was even born. 」

Anne has never met him either?
Then I guess it makes sense for her not to know about it.

「So what kind of fellow is he? this Star Dragon King」
「How should I say it, he’s got a very, big body and is a very gentle soul」
「I see that makes sense」

The scale that dropped was really large so the main body would be even bigger.

「I think that, it is at least ten times the size of my current dragon form. 」
「Ten times or more……? Doesn’t that mean he’s at least 300 meters tall?」

Did that kind of thing really fly across the skies?
I didn’t notice it at all.

「Mn, even if it is the sky, it is extremely high up. Floating around way beyond the clouds, so it’s natural that we don’t even notice it」
「Haa, did the scale really drop from such a high place?」
「Even……..if it manages to create a crater on the ground, it wouldn’t be strange. Although Daichi-dono who is able to defend against it without any difficulty is the weird one」

Do you have go to that extent?
Well, I guess to them it’s like a meteorite falling.

「But why are the scales falling down in the first place?」
「Perhaps it’s shedding or something?」
「Eh? Hesty do dragon’s even shed off their scales?」
「When we take our humans forms, we don’t. But in our dragon forms, sometimes we, do」
「When I was in a dragon’s body I was also shedding from time to time~」

Anne earnestly spoke out with nostalgia.
Is it a normal thing among these girls?
Well, I guess that’s also fine though.

「Who would have thought that a dragon shedding would invite such a state of affairs」
「Yeah, even buildings can be broken down by the waste material, it’s no joking matter….. Just before our festival we actually ran into a problem like this….! I need to think of countermeasures….!!」

Dianeia was at wits end as she worriedly thought for a solution.
It seems that every day is very difficult for her, this Princess Witch.

「As long as I adjust my sleeping schedule, I think I should be able to make it in time….. For the time being I have to return and hold an emergency meeting. ――Thank you, Hesty-dono! And also Daichi-dono! You’ve saved me by providing this information」
「I haven’t really done anything though」

Rather I was the one being taught, I was just sitting on the side….

「Then although it may be selfish of me to say this, but I would like to be excused and leave this area at once. I need to hurry and tell this information to the Leader of the Knights」
「Ou, do your best~」
「Thank you! Then, I will see you next time!」

Saying this Dianeia flew out of the shop.

「As usual she seems really busy doesn’t she, that Dianeia」
「Well, she is one of the important people of this town after all」

Anne was the one who talked.

「Mn, I’ve just made the juice, but now we’re down one person….」

Hesty was carrying four cups.

「If there is still one remaining, shall I drink it myself? In any case, here you go」
「Ou, thanks」

I received the cup from Hesty.
Because it was freshly made, it smelled really good.

「Nn then, I’m digging in~」

I drank the contents of the cup. And when I did.


There was this really strange texture.
Or more like, is this even juice?!
It feels like I’m just slurping on a raw apple, it’s like one of those liquid food diets.

「…….Hesty. How did you make this? Did you put something weird in it?」
「I only used, apples?」
「But, I feel like there are these really tough bits」
「I just fully crushed it using my magic? So the wick and the seed may be a little hard」
「Ahh, I see…….」

Normally you would remove the bitter seeds and the core of the apple, wouldn’t you? But there doesn’t seem to be such a common sense around here.
Hesty was just gulping it down quite easily.

I quietly asked Anne who was sitting next to me.

「……Anne, by any chance, is Hesty bad at cooking?」
「Eh, ummm, Aneue-sama is very indifferent when it comes to food? Or is it better to say that she will eat anything…….? There was even this one time where she eat raw materials, or even eating grass……」 1

I completely understand now.
That reminds me, the first time I met her, her stomach was rumbling, but her expression was completely deadpan.
She had such an abundance of knowledge in her mind, but she’s inattentive when it comes to things like this huh.

「Hesty, from now on when you cook something in the future, do you mind if you give me a call?」
「? ――Mn, I understand. I don’t really know why, but if you say so, I will do it」

For the time being, I’m glad I was able to get to know Hesty a little better.
Also, it’s probably better if I don’t request her help in watching out for the shop, right?


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