Chapter 72: Remodeling Home Facilities before the Festival


I returned home and slept. It wasn’t until after noon that I awoke.

It seems that there were monsters in the area but I let the golems take care of it as usual as I ate the lunch that Sakura made for me.
Then I went outside with Sakura.

「What will we be doing today Master?」
「Uhh, I was thinking about making that onsen that we’ve been putting off.」

Before the festival began I wanted to finish it.
After I went there and bought some sake, I wanted to come back home and enjoy the onsen while slowly sipping my drink.

「Onsen….you mean that thing we found underground?」
「That’s right. That dangerous magic source thing.」

As we spoke we arrived at the entrance of the underground ‘dungeon’.
Our goal was the magic source.

「I’m getting used to coming here…」
「Master has come here several times to make the water pipe after all…」

The backyard of my house is right above the source.
I had already made an area for the onsen. The pipe exit was also there.

「All that’s left is how I’m going to dilute this…Sakura can we find an underground stream if we synch?」
「Underground stream? If it was by myself it’d be difficult, if we use Master’s magic power then I think we can」
「Ok, then let’s synch.」

Then we synched and searched deep under my house.
Though the dungeon was quite large, it was all within our perception.

Of course, this includes deeper under the ground.
Just like that I was able to see the dungeon meandering about like an ant farm within my mind.

Somehow I started searching around the dungeon while making a kind of map in my head.

「….seriously, this dungeon is not only wide but full of resources.」

The more I looked the more I found. There were magic stones and things with magic stored in them lying around.
I was searching for water, but those were the only things that I could find so far.

「Fufu, it’s a dragon vein dungeon after all. It can’t be helped that resources like that will be birthed one after another.」
「That’s right…Hesty did seem happy. She said that this dungeon was a treasure mountain…」
「Hesty-chan seems like she’d enjoy gathering the materials after all…」

As we talked I searched deeper and deeper into the dungeon until…

「Hm, there it is.」
「Oh, congratulations Master!」

At a place a bit far from the magic source, there was flowing water.
It was inside a dome-shaped area with a river-like source of running water.

「But Master, you did it really quickly…your perception speed and range is…」
「Well, I’m used to it after all.」

I’ve been living here for a while and I’ve synched with her quite a few times.
I might be grasping the trick to this.

「Anyways, it’s pretty close so I’d like to connect them…but can we do that block construction thing down here too?」
「We can probably do so if we focus.」
「Alright then, let’s get it done.」

We pierced through the walls between the source and the water by moving them as block units, it didn’t take too long.

After a few minutes I’d completed the route that would mix the source and the water.
There I could put the water pipe that I’d made from wood.

「With this the addition of water to my onsen is complete.」
「All that’s left is bringing it up to the surface!」

Sakura said happily.

「I was wondering this when we first found it but…do you like onsens Sakura?」
「Uhhhhhmmm…uh…yes. I’m a bit embarrassed, do you think it makes me seem elderly?」

Sakura nodded while blushing.
How should I put this…I haven’t really had the opportunity to figure out her likes and dislikes…it’s more like she didn’t show them.

「Well, there’s no need to be embarrassed you know? I like them too.」

I love lazing about and enjoying a hot springs bath…it’s my favorite.

「Th-that’s right…! I’d be glad to go in with you Master…….」
「Well it’s good that we found something in common that we enjoy.—before we finish the onsen there’s one more thing we need Sakura. We need a device to bring up the water and adjust it.」

And so we finished the necessary preparations for our above ground onsen.
When the water reached the surface it…should be safe for other people to use…I think.



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