Chapter 73: The Onsen’s Effect and Bathtub Making


The sun had already set but I was still making my onsen.

My backyard had a pit dug for the hot springs to be located.

There the hot water was welling out.

「Ohh~, it’s coming out pretty fast.」

The steaming hot water was gathering inside the pit.

「I wonder how dense the magic is in it…」

「Ummm…I think it’s been diluted enough. I think that even normal people could get in.」

「Ohh, that’s good.」

With the experience I had watering down the juice, I had a pretty good grasp on how to do it. It seems that I’d succeded.

「Yeah, watering it down also cooled it to almost the perfect temperature.」

「Oh, you’re right.」

The two of us swished our fingers around in the hot springs water.

It was the right temperature for a long soak.

My backyard is wide and the view isn’t bad at all.

I hadn’t made the other things for it…but the view of the moon and the stars was beautiful.

「Yep, if we make this right then we might be able to enjoy a moonlit bath.」

「Ah, that sounds good. Allow me to accompany you.」


As I was praising myself for making a pretty nice outdoor bath…

「Umm, Sakura?」

「Yes, what is it?」

「Is it just me or did the monster that’s been watching us suddenly back off?」

「Ummm….I don’t think it’s your imagination.」

That’s right, the monster that had been repelled constantly by my golems, the slime, was slowly retreating.


It was acting unnaturally so I grabbed a wooden bucket that I’d made and filled it with water from the onsen. Then I faced the slime and tossed the water at it.


The monster started to try and escape desperately.

It was a wild monster so I think it has some good sense for danger so…

「So entering it is bad…it’s dangerous?」

I didn’t think that it’d run away so desperately.

Did I mess up the dilution?

「No, I don’t think that’s the case. Master has done a very good job of diluting it so that even a normal person would be able to endure it.」

If that’s the case then it’s good, but why did it run away?

「Well, it might be a monster that is weak to water with magic in it. Slime’s can dissolve in water after all. This onsen may present a very real danger to it.」

「Fumu…a slime repelling onsen huh…」

I’m a bit worried but as long as it’s not harmful to the human body I don’t care.

「Hmm, all that’s left is to make a stone tub like a real onsen. We can’t just leave it bare like this.」

「Yes. Where will we be getting the stone from?」

I had thought about that, for this onsen I had one thing in mind.

「That big dragon scale that fell from the sky…we can use that.」

It had fallen down a few days ago and was an eyesore in my garden. I had been wondering if there was some way I could use it.

「I see. In that case it’ll be harder than rock, lighter, and the processing shouldn’t be too difficult.」

「Yeah, but I only have one shot. I don’t want to mess up, so I’ll have to call a specialist.」

「Specialist…you mean Hesty-chan?」

「Yeah, she was sleeping during the day but she should be up about now.」

It’d best to consult a Dragon about Dragon matters.

So with that thought in mind, I had the golems carry the Star Dragon King scale and headed to Hesty’s cabin.


When we reached the cabin, Hesty was already awake.

She spoke to me with an apologetic look on her face.

「I, fell asleep, in town, and you had to, carry me home…..I’m sorry….」

「Hey, don’t apologize. I don’t mind it at all.」

Hesty was the one who carried me to town so I just called it even.

「n……but, falling asleep, was my own, carelessness……」

「Don’t worry. If I get tired then you can carry me too Hesty, that’s fine right?」

「I understand……..thank you…」


This Dragon King has a habit of shouldering responsibility…it’s a bit troublesome. Leaving that aside…

「Hesty I have a few manufacturing questions to ask you. I wanted to use this Star Dragon King scale as the stone for my onsen, is there anything I need to be aware of?」

I said and revealed the giant scale that was sitting outside of her cabin. Hesty tilted her head in confusion.

「n………..what’s this?」

「This is the dragon scale that fell?」

「This big thing fell?」

「Yeah…that’s right.」

That’s right…Hesty had never seen it before.

「n, I haven’t seen it before…but this thing fell?」

Hesty scratched at her cheek.

「Is there something wrong?」

「Yeah, if it was shedding, then something of such mass wouldn’t have fallen…I wonder.——Can I, inspect it? I’ll finish by the end of tonight…」

「Yeah, you don’t have to hurry too much, I don’t mind.」

If there’s something wrong I’d like to have my resident expert investigate.

「n, then, I’ll look it over tonight.」

「Ok, when you’re done just tell me. I’ll be sleeping.」

「n, okay.」

And so, I left the scale with Hesty and returned to my home to sleep.



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