Chapter 74: Kicking up a little fuss before the Festival


Translated by Nefarian

Because I went to bed quite early yesterday, I got up with the sunrise and I was able to eat Sakura’s breakfast which I haven’t had in a while.
「Yeah, if I eat Sakura’s breakfast first thing in the morning, it somehow becomes even more delicious」
「Fufu, thank you very much. There seems to be a festival in town and I haven’t made much, will it be enough?」
「Ou, it’s enough. More importantly, is the festival starting from today?」
「If I am not mistaken, I think so」
I forgot to hear the exact time and date, but well, it’s not a big deal. The festival of Prussia apparently continues for more than three days.

「Then if you want, shall we head towards town?」
「Yes. Shall I open the shop as well?」

What should I do? I’ve only moved the apples here, I haven’t processed them yet.

「Should we just make preparations for today?」

The festival is going to continue for several days, so I’m sure 1,000 of them will be enough.

If I can fit a hundred apples in each box and have ten boxes, I should be able to transport it easily, though it will still take some time to process it all.

「We’ve managed to transport one hierarchy’s worth after all」
「Well, the one who is going to be doing the transporting and the processing are the golems so we can just relax」

The one who had to squeeze the apples by hand are the golems, and the one who has to filter the liquids are also the golems so… All I have to pay attention to is diluting the concentration with water, so I really have an easy job.
Both in this forest and in Prussia there is a large amount of drinkable water so there isn’t much effort required. While thinking about these kinds of things, I finished my breakfast.

「Thank you for the meal. It was delicious」
「Yes, Thank you very much!」
「Hmm, then shall we make preparations to head to town?」
「I think we should….. Eh, Master, I’ve detected a strange magical power moving in the skies above」

Saying that Sakura was looking outside of the window.

「A strange magical power?」
「If I had to guess―――― I think that it’s coming from the direction of the town」

Sakura’s range of detection is very wide. That’s why even if there is a strange magical movement in the town, it would have been possible for her to notice it.

「Umu, because there is a lot of people that is going to the festival, maybe it’s just some guy shooting some strange magic into the sky?」
「I guess… Ah, ―― a falling object is coming. I sense that it’s the same thing as before」

Ahh, is that what she meant by a strange magical power. This time around I was at the top floor of the house, so it was possible to see it. From the direction of the town, there was an object coming towards my house diagonally falling from the sky.

「It seems to be flying with a great amount of force. ――Grow and defend us, Trees」

Just like before, the trees extended to form a wall and caught the object. Making use of the trees and blocking the impact, the scale of the Star Dragon King loses its force.

「Even so, this scale is really big isn’t it?」

Or more like if scales this big are dropping down, isn’t all the scales on its body going to come off soon? Well, I guess for me the number of construction materials increases so I’m quite happy about it.

…… After all, using one of the scales, I was able to create a small bathhouse. If I have two of these, it may become possible to create a large communal bathhouse.

「―― Oh, by the way, have we heard from Hesty? I fell asleep so I couldn’t get the answer, but has she responded?」

Or perhaps it was still early in the morning, so maybe she was still examining it?

「No not yet, last night there was a reaction from the town but she hasn’t returned yet」
「From the town? Did she go to grab an investigation tool?」
「It seemed like she was in a hurry…」
「Well, it’s fine. I’m about to go to town right now, so I’ll look for her while I’m at it」

I might just meet her on the way… Whilst thinking about this, I controlled the trees and carried the scale to the backyard.
And now that I was looking at the town from the top floor. It wasn’t far away, but it wasn’t close either, it was that kind of town.

「…..Hmm, it will take time to go on foot, so should I test out the Wood Armor that I developed last time?」
「That reminds me, Master did make something didn’t he?」
「Well it’s still in its trial period」

Considering the distance to the town, it may actually be a good opportunity for a test run. In any case, I started to use the nearby trees to make the Wood Armor.

「Nn? Master. The state of the town seems somewhat weird?」

Sakura tilts her neck looking puzzled.

「Weird? Whereabouts?」
「Look at the sky, isn’t there some kind of shadow over it?」
「You’re right. What is that?」

The clouds were broken, and it had a strange shape, and it made the sky look weird.

「Well let me put on the Armor, and I’ll run over to see what it is. Sakura do you want to come as well?」
「Ah, yes. Please let me accompany you」

After saying that both Sakura and I left the garden, and I assimilated the Wood Armor with my body. I implemented this Armor with an acceleration device and a spring type device on its feet, this was a movement facilitating type Armor.

「Un, then lets go. ――Mode《Skanda》」1

Together with Sakura, I ran towards the town.


  1. Skanda is a swift-footed guardian deity, the alternative translation for this is “Great Runner Mode”


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