Chapter 75: The Dragon King’s Stardust


Translated by Nefarian

Both Sakura and I were running at a considerable speed as we ran between the forest and the town.

「T-this, is pretty amazing isn’t it, Master? The scenery is flowing past us extremely fast」
「Ou, I was a little worried that I wouldn’t be able to control it that well but, it seems like it’s not that difficult」

Every single step I took left marks on the ground, I was running along the ground like I was flying. I still felt the impact whenever I land on the ground but because the Wood Armor is assisting me, there is little to no resistance on my feet.
Skanda uses Magical Stones for its fuel and spring, it also seems to increase the rate of acceleration allowing for high-speed movement. Because I made it considerably firm, even if I were to collide with rocks or monsters I wouldn’t be scared. What I’m actually scared of is if I collide into a good person. Well in order to avoid that I was expanding my field of vision wider and confirming it.

「There doesn’t seem to be anyone in this prairie」
「It seems so. There isn’t even a single adventurer」

Normally there would be more people than this but unusually the place was deserted today. Or more like there have only been a few monsters as well.

「Well, at least we got to find out that it’s easy to travel. Thanks to this I think we will be able to arrive quite early to the town」

While continuing to accelerate I was looking towards the sky.
When I did the sky looked like it was taking the shape of a dragon, there was a big shadow above me.

「If we can arrive before that thing falls, that would save me some trouble」
「Then, let’s continue to accelerate at this pace」

And just like that I ran towards the town without stopping.

The light from the morning sun shines in. Hesty and Dianeia was in the terrace of Prussia Castle and was looking towards the sky. A huge shadow loomed over them. The shadow of a dragon.

「It’s coming already…..!!」
「Kuu……. To think that it would be coming in such a short time. The best we could do was to recommend everyone evacuate, but we really didn’t have much time」

Even though Hesty took part in the meeting and imparted what information she had, it did not provide enough time for the Magician’s Emergency department to react.

「Order of the Chivalric Knights, hurry up and protect the citizens!」

The order of the knights and other magicians were trying to help the citizens evacuate whilst sheltering them from any falling objects. There was no way or time for them to stop that huge dragon from falling, and to begin with they didn’t have sufficient power.

「―― That’s why we must hold our ground here」
「Yeah, it is as you say, Hesty-dono. Therefore, we’ve tried to empty out the prairie」

At the meeting there was one strategy that was decided on. Or more like, other than this idea there was nothing else they could think of.

「……. I well set up a barrier. Using my barrier to weaken the force, we need to somehow drop that gigantic figure into the prairie. Is this the correct plan?」

Hesty had memories that spanned over 100 years ago. Back then the Star Dragon King was half-asleep as it dropped down, and at that time she stopped it using a similar method.

「Dianeia. Although I forgot to ask you, in terms of your barrier, how many layers can you put up?」
「……..I can go up to 25 layers」

Even if you could put up to 5 layers, you were considered an advanced practitioner of magic, and yet she could do 25 layers. That was extremely amazing. Amongst human beings, she would be considered a top class magician but…

「Do you think you can try harder and make up to 40 layers? 100 years ago, we needed 40 barrier layers to stop it」
「Uuu….. F-forty……I-I don’t think I can. B-but, I think if I try my best I can make up to 30!」

Cold sweat dripping down her forehead, Hesty was making preliminary calculations while smiling a little. When the flying dragons were worried, they would also act like this.
No, they were much more straight-forward fellows, so lumping them together with Hesty was a little rude but it still made her think about them.

「Then I will be responsible for the last 10 layers. After that, I will use all my magical power to accelerate myself and ram into it to move it」

Afterwards, as the power of the barrier weakens she was planning to push the body and drop it towards the prairie.

「Are you planning on hurling yourself towards the body?」
「Nn, 100 years ago I also hurled myself and it worked to some degree. I’ll try it again」
「Fumu, even though there is such a large difference in mass, will it still be alright? Well, I think the best I can do is to put up the barrier but I will try to back you up somehow if I can」

While saying that Dianeia was preparing her staff.
It was already possible to see the reddish-brown scale of the Star Dragon King. If it approaches a little more, they would need commence the operations.

「If it was possible, I would of wanted to contact that person….」
「You are referring to Daichi-dono? That reminds me I forgot to tell him」
「Nn, but it can’t be helped. This time my information was flawed and there was not enough time」

Last night when she didn’t tell him about this, it was also another mistake.
I will need make up for my own mistakes. Thinking in this way, Hesty looks upwards.

The time was nigh.

「It’s coming soon. I’m going to fly in about 5 seconds, so be careful」

Hesty puts power into her legs. The surrounding air trembles.

「Yea, then I will also ―― deploy the barrier. Multiple Barrier 30 layers 《Shield・Toriakontsua》!」

Dianeia raised her staff over her head. In an instant 30 barriers of light appeared right under the Star Dragon King.

「I will also prepare Multiple Barriers!」

In coordination, Hesty also sets up her barriers. Altogether, there was 40 layers of barrier lifting up the Star Dragon King’s body.
Zushiri! a large amount of weight was being placed on the barriers.

「Guu….. It’s so heavy…….!」

Dianeia’s face was frowning and cold sweat was flowing down. But thanks to her efforts, the Star Dragon King’s body stopped falling.

「Now’s the time….!!」

In that moment, Hesty flew towards the sky. Breaking the floor of the terrace she launched herself directly towards the body of the Star Dragon King.

「I will push it back just like this」

Hesty discharged her Dragon King’s breath. Along with the impact it received the body of the Star Dragon King was being pushed back.


There is no helping the fact that she would get hit by the aftereffects of shooting her breath at such a close distance. But rather than thinking about the pain, it was more important to push the body. Therefore, she used everything in her power, but…

「It’s not budging….? This is…. the weight is different from before!?」

The resistance she was feeling on her arms was different from her previous memory.
Hesty’s figure as a dragon has not changed for the past 100 years. The other Dragon Kings were the same, when they reached adulthood, their bodies would not grow any larger. That’s why there shouldn’t be any sort of weight changes, but perhaps…

「This fellow has grown fat!」

Because it’s been wandering around leisurely in the high altitudes, it seems to have grown fat. If you looked closely you would be able to see that on the scales that had fallen, there was flabby and excess amounts of fat stuck to the scale.

「This is, outside of my calculations….!」

If things continue on like this, she wouldn’t be able to push the body back and instead it would start falling again.
Therefore, Hesty hit the dragon’s stomach whilst shouting in a loud voice.

「If you still have any consciousness, you need to wake up! ……………Ramyuros Esteria!」

And the moment when she called out the name of the Dragon King,

『The feeling of this magical energy…… is it my childhood friend, Hesty…..I wonder?』

A high pitched voice of a female dragon answered back to Hesty’s question.
And the Huge Dragon opened her eyes.



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