Chapter 76: The Savior Appears before the Festival


Translated by Nefarian

The Star Dragon awoke.
Hesty’s ears heard a high pitched voice.

「Yo! It’s been quite a long time. The one under my stomach, is my childhood friend, Hesty right…..?」
「Enough with the greetings! Wake up and move your body right now!」

Hesty was screaming her lungs out, but there is no reaction from the Dragon’s body at all.

「I can’t….. my body won’t listen to what I want it to do」
「I think the other day, when I went into this empty dungeon? A weird slime creature coiled itself around me and has had this strange influence over me. I can’t really use my magical powers. If I could move, I’d just transform into my human form before falling」
「Did you get some type of disease or something…..?」

Is that the reason she fell?
She understood the reason now. But still,

「Ramyurosu, this situation occurred because you got so much more fatter!」
「You’re such a meaniee~!」

Being mean or whatever, it was the cold hard truth.
Flying at such a high altitude living a carefree life where there wasn’t much reason to move around, that’s why she’s become like this.
She’s nearly twice heavier than she was 100 years ago.


Hesty was starting to yield to the weight and both her physical strength and her magical energy was gradually being reduced.
Because her arm was jammed into the scale in order to support the weight, her arms were already in a worn out state.

「Hesty…. I think it’s better if you get away from me. Although the force of my fall has become slower, but from the way things are going, you will also….」

That kind of thing is something that she understood clearly.
However, underneath her was a whole town.
Willing to pay any price, she didn’t want to move until the last minute.

………I need to do everything in my power.

Hesty concentrates the remaining magical power into her mouth. And then,

「Ballistic White Flame!」

If only I can weaken the impact even a little bit more…. thinking along these lines, Hesty did her best to release a breath with all her remaining strength.
From the heat and the crash of the flames a white smoke appears. And ――

「Is it really…. no use….?」

Covered in the white smoke, Hesty was beginning to fall down.
Although she managed to slow down the speed of Ramyurosu’s body, she was unable to stop it from falling down.

There was still a black shadow in the sky.
The white barrier holding them in place cracks and breaks.

At this rate it is likely that she will smash into the town. Including me.

….. This is all my big mistake….

If I paid attention, I could also tell that Dianeia was kneeling on her knee in the terrace.
Recovery was not working anymore.

………. in order to recover, I put out everything but it wasn’t enough.

Thinking about these things, Hesty was continuing to look at the black shadow covering the sky. At this point in time.

「Woops! It’s dangerous if you fall like that」

Hesty felt the sensation of someone supporting her back.
And when she turned around, there was…

「Why are you, over here?」
「You told me that you were going to tell me once you’ve finished your investigations right? But you weren’t there so I decided to come to you」

It was the first man to have ever defeated me, and then saved me.

Carrying Hesty in my arms, I descended towards the ground.
Because I was wearing my Wood Armor with Skanda mode activated, the impact of the landing was firmly nullified.
I was just in front of my own shop so, I sat her down in the chair near the counter.

「I have quite a few things I want to talk to you about, but, well you’ve done well. Just sit over here and have a rest」

After saying that I enter the shop.

「W-wait! It’s still up there……!」
「Yeah, if that big one is still up there we can’t talk properly can we. That’s why I will stop it right now」

I took out ten boxes from inside of my shop and Hesty was still trying to catch her breath.
These were the apples before being processed.
I started throwing a bunch of them towards the ground around the shop.

「Can we manage with this, Sakura?」
「I think so. The ground around here has a reasonable amount of magic, so if Master uses his magic, it should be more than enough to grow them」
「Is that so? Well, although this isn’t really what it’s supposed to be used for but, I can always bring more of these apples here so. Let’s just use them up」

Saying this I cancelled my Skanda mode, and I rearranged the composition of my Wood Armor to the constitution of a tree.

「That’s the ability you used to defeat me at that time…. I know that it’s strong but I don’t think it will be enough with just that…..!」
「Don’t panic. That’s not all I’ve got up my sleeve」

This was merely the beginning preparations. I turned my attention towards the seeds which had been planted in the area surround my shop.

「This is going to be the first time I’m going to do this outside of my house so… Sakura, I’m going to rely on your support. If it’s still not enough, let’s also use the Golems which are in this shop」
「Yes. ……..But in saying that, with Master’s power, I think that it will be more than enough」
「Ou, then let’s do this, shall we?」

I started imagining the trees and shrubberies which were growing back at home.
After coming into this world, it was the first thing I used my magical power on.

Back then, if I didn’t have the support of Sakura at home, I would not have been able to imagine it, but right now I have changed.
I’ve already done this so many times that I’ve become accustomed to it.
Therefore, I used my magical power.

「――Absorb all of the magical energy and grow up into a gigantic tree!」

In that moment, the seeds which surrounded my shop had absorbed my magical energy and simultaneously they started to bud.
1000 roots of the apple trees started to intertwine and overlap with each other as it stood upwards.

「Become buried and deep-rooted! Repeat this process and lengthen!」

The root of the tree was becoming as thick as its own trunk, and it slipped into the underground area below the shop which had been dug out.
The height of the tree which had a very solid foundation exceeded the height of many houses, it exceeded the height of castles, it was approaching the skies.
The trees were twisting against each other, compressing and becoming very compact.

「This is my shop. Accordingly, any fellow who wants to shut down my peace and enjoyment, will be stopped with my power」

After a few seconds, a long and large tree sprouted up from the center of the town.
And at the top of the tree something extremely thick and lushes was growing, the leaves were expanding outwards like some sort of umbrella.

「It’s heavier than I expected but, thanks to both Hesty and Dianeia’s efforts the force has weakened considerably and it’s manageable」

The Star Dragon King’s body was able to be firmly held in place.
The branches and the tree was creaking but it wasn’t breaking or bending.

「――Amazing. This isn’t where the dragon vein is location but…. You are still able to do this….?!」
「It’s cause I’ve become used to it. Even if I am not at my home, I have become able to do something like this」

In reality I was only making a tree grow, it was a basic technique.
It wasn’t really anything difficult.

…….Well, still if I did this at my house, it would be much easier and I wouldn’t get tired.

But it is what it is. Right now this is fine. After all,

「I’ve managed to completely stop the fall, for the time being, we can now start our conversation, right?」

In this manner the fall of the Star Dragon King was stopped.



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