Chapter 77: A story within a story


Translated by Nefarian

Hesty who was worn out was sitting on the chair of the shop and was stunned.

「Oii, are you alright, Hesty?」
「Hah….. yes, I’m fine」
「Then, let’s talk shall we? Hesty. Yesterday, why did you leave without waking me up?」

If she didn’t leave so abruptly, I could have come to help her before she became this tattered. I was interested in why she didn’t say anything.

「……ahh, this is just for my curiosity. I’m not angry or anything. I only want to know the reason that’s all」

After waiting for several seconds, Hesty started to speak.

「……..Waking you up while you were asleep, felt troublesome and I thought it wasn’t something I should do」

Ahh, I see.
Hearing those words, I understood it.

I guess so. This Hesty, was willing to sacrifice herself for the dragons, she’s the type of person who would be considerate of others.

However, she was a little mistaken about something. Therefore, I will correct it.

「Well the thing is, if you have a good reason it’s alright to wake me up you know? Especially because this time I was the one who requested it」

If I was unreasonably woken up, or if someone continuously pestered me waking me up, it’s natural for anyone to feel bad but.
Or more like, if someone was drunk when they got woken up they would probably feel ill but…
Even if she did wake me up, I wouldn’t particular get angry or anything.

「Therefore, well, how do I say this? I’ve told you a long time ago but, you don’t have to act so tense around me, you can relax and speak your mind, you know?」

Hesty made a small nod.
She grasps things quite quickly. I don’t think this kind of incident will occur again.

「Alright, then that’s the end of the conversation. Before doing something for this shop ―― We probably need to do something about that Star Dragon King up there」

The moment I looked up towards the sky,

「Haa………. Haa…….. Was it you after all, Daichi-dono?」

Dianeia teleported in front of my shop.

「Ou, Dianeia. How should I say this… I feel bad for destroying the nice scenery in this town」
「No, that’s alright. Rather I want to thank you for saving the town. ――Really, thank you so much, Daichi-dono!」

Dianeia greatly lowers her head.

「Don’t worry about it. The only thing I did was protect my own shop」
「Is that so? If you put it like that I’m very grateful…..」

And then Dianeia looks up into the sky.

「It was a really huge amount of power. If Daichi-dono did not grow the tree, the central part of the town would have been annihilated」
「No even now, isn’t t in ruins because of the roots of the tree?」

Because I made it grow so forcefully, the pavement was dug up by the roots.

「N-no, it was a necessary sacrifice. …….Well, I will need to discuss with the people in the castle as to what we will do about this tree but….」
「Ah, you don’t have to worry about this. After lowering this dragon, I will shorten this tree so」
「Eh!? …………This tree can shrink!?」

Incipiently, I don’t think I’ve ever shown the growing of my trees to Dianeia before.

「I can’t return it to being an apple again but, it is possible for me to compress the tree. Well, I can still use it as a defense mechanism for the shop so I think I’ll make it into the size of a large tree」

The shop will probably be covered and wrapped around in this tree but, that will also have a charm of its own right?

「Ah, umm, b-because it’s such an unexpected thing, p-please let me calm down for a minute. That method of using magic, is normally impossible to achieve…..」

When I talked to Dianeia about fixing up my shop, she was holding her chest and trying to take in deep breaths.
I don’t think it was something to be that surprised about?
When I was thinking such things…

「Thank you, thank you….」
「Ahh, not only am I alive, but I’ve manager to see the legendary spirit lord, I am in luck…..」

An elderly person with a well-dressed attire was giving their respects to me.
The only thing in front of their eyes right now was my grown up tree and me.

「Hmm? Why are you worshipping me?」
「…..Ah, Ahh, back in the olden days, this town had a saying. When the town has a crisis the spirits will protect us in the form of a huge tree―― The Yggdrasil world tree would come out and defend us, there was this kind of legend」
「Huh, the legend of the world tree?」

Well I suppose that’s good? The situation this time around suited this town I suppose?

「It’s almost like a nursery-tale but. … I never would have expected for it to become true」

Well I also don’t think that I made it happen, but well, at least everything ended safely?

「Ok well, first off let’s carry that huge dragon and place her in a wide spacious area, then we can talk more afterwards」
「Ahh…… That will be good. But how are you planning on carrying her down? Considering her weight, I don’t think it will be possible to use teleport either」
「No, well I can just use this body of mine to do it. What do you think is the reason that I’m wearing 《Vajra》over my body?」

After that I operated the shrubbery and made a path, then using the power given to me by my 《Vajra》mode I carried the Star Dragon King on my back and placed her on the prairie field.
All the elderly people seeing me pass by, they thought I was some kind of reincarnation of a guardian spirit or something, to be honest I was a little embarrassed.



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