Chapter 78: Washing the Dragon king


With a crashing sound I set the immobile dragon king on ground after I’d moved to the plains.

「Fuu, that was heavy.」
「Good job Master.」

It was so heavy that, even supported by my Wood Armor -Vajra+ I still got a little tired.
Well, after seeing how large its body was I had prepared myself so it wasn’t a problem.

As I was thinking Hesty and the rest looked on in amazement.

「Why are you making a face like that?」
「Uh, well, you, carried it well……..」
「Yeah how should I put it…I had help to carry that giant stone. I had called the knights to help but it turned out to be pointless…..」

Oh, I was wondering why there were knights following us, so Dianeia called them.

It seems like she asked for lots of people to cooperate. I’m really sorry for not realizing it beforehand.

「Well anyways, let’s confirm, the current situation. Even if she, struggles here, there won’t be any problems, Dianeia.」
「Y-yeah, this location is fine even if there’s a ruckus. The evacuation is also complete.」
「Got it. Well then, Hesty? I understand that this one’s sick, but can’t she turn into human form?」

She takes up way too much space like this. At the very least it’d be easier to talk to her if she was in human form.

「n….I spoke to her a bit, it seems like she got a slime stuck, to her. So until, it’s taken off, she can’t.」
「Slime huh…」

I’d heard a bit of the situation on the way over but, thanks to her scales being packed too closely together the slime was able to hide on her and stick on.

「Ramiyuros is the 「Hardest」 dragon king but her scales are just very hard. Underneath there is only skin. What’s more, she’s very carefree so she might not have noticed until the parasite started affecting her body.」

The scales of Ramiyuros the dragon king have fallen off here and there.
I could see that at the location where they had fallen off, there was jelly like fluids.

「So this is the cause?」
「I don’t, know. So, we should ask, the one in question. It looks, like she can, speak a bit」
『It’s not just a bit, I can talk~』

In response to Hesty’s words, Ramiyuros started talking in dragon speech.

『Ramiyuros huh? Can you speak?』
『Un, nice to meet you. I am Ramiyuros Estreya. You can call me Rami or Ramu Human-san that saved me.』
『I am Daichi. But I don’t really think I saved you…I just sort of caught you.』
『Even so, I have taken it as being helped. Thank you.』

She was speaking in a friendly manner and I didn’t feel any enmity.
It seems like this dragon king didn’t have any malicious intent when she fell.

I thought as I was about to continue the conversation, Dianeia poked me in the side timidly.

「U-umm Daichi-dono? You’re letting out groaning and roaring sounds so I think you’re conversing…but we can’t understand. Could you please ask her to speak in the human language?」
「Oh, I see. That’s right.」

I just got swept up and started talking in dragon speech. It must’ve been difficult to understand.

「…for him to be able to speak in the dragon tongue」
「How monstrous is this Earth Vein man….」

From behind me I heard the whispers of the knights, but I don’t feel like kicking up a fuss so I’ll ignore them.

「Can you speak in the human language?」
「Umm….it’s a bit difficult, but I can a bit I guess?」
「That’s more than enough. We’ve introduced ourselves so tell us why you got caught up with slimes and fell from the sky.」
「Uh…umm…about a year ago I flew into a sky dungeon, so I think it stuck to me around then. I was feeling overheated so when I felt a cool slimy sensation I just thought it felt good….but I never thought that it was a slime that had attached itself to me.」

Ramiyuros gave an embarrassed sounding ‘ehehe’.
So she was enjoying a one year long slimy play? How lazy is the dragon king really?

「It got into a place that I couldn’t reach with my hands so I thought ‘can’t be helped’ and just left it. But before I realized it I couldn’t feel my body….I couldn’t move of my own will. Actually it took all I had to stop my body from doing things I didn’t want it to.」

Then Ramiyuros’s tail hit the ground twice.
When I looked I saw some knights who had been approaching were blown away.

「That wasn’t by your own will?」
「Yeah, when things approach the slime on my body they seem to take control of my body to drive things away. I forcibly stop it but it’s hard.」

I looked closer at Ramiyuros’s neck and saw a purple colored slime attached to it.
It almost looked like a collar.

「Oh so it’s this? Can I tear it off forcibly?」

I asked Hesty and she tilted her head sideways.

「I wonder. If you touch, it there is the possibility, of being absorbed. Also, the slime’s core is inside its body, but deep within, so it might be a bit dangerous I think?」

So I can’t do it by force?
This seems pretty troublesome. Or so I thought when,

「Fumu fumu, then if I teleport the slime away this’ll be solved?」

Dianeia said as she approached.
At that moment.


The slime shot out a sharp needle-like tendril.

「Oioi, that’s dangerous. Go tree」

I grew a wooden shield out of Vajra’s arm and placed it in front of Dianeia who had stumbled to the ground.
The tendril made a dent in it so it was quite powerful.

「T-thank you Daichi-dono」
「Don’t approach carelessly. I’d rather you not make things more complicated.」

But now I’m sure that the slime has its own will.
It was obvious. If not then it wouldn’t act as a parasite or go wild when people approach.

「I see. If this slime has its own will then I’ve got an idea.」

I grasped Dianeia’s hand.

「D-Daichi-dono? I-I’m happy that you’re being more assertive, but I’ve lost power in my legs so I can’t stand…..」
「You don’t have to stand. But could you teleport me back home for a bit?」
「I have something I want to get.」
Then a minute later I’d grabbed what I needed and was standing in front of Ramiyuros once again.

「Eh? What’s, on your, back?」
「Well, this is something…I guess I’d call it a healing item.」
「Healing?……wait, is that, the onsen? Right?」

Indeed, just as Hesty said I had two wooden tubes filled with onsen water.
They were both filled with the liquid near the source.

I placed them inside of the firing mechanism in the wood armor’s arm and pointed it at Ramiyuros.
Normally I’d fire bullets out but this was different.

「Well then let’s start the giant dragon car wash. Water bullet fire!」


With a vigorous booming the onsen water was blasted out.
It was like a squirt gun but abnormally strong.

It needed to be at a level which could tear the slime off of the dragon’s scales.


The slime was scared by the impact and jumped up and started trying to run and dodge.

「Oh, it’s coming off, it’s coming off. As I thought this onsen water works on slimes.」
「Um…it’s not being, torn off, it’s being cut, you know?」

Umm, it seems like the firing strength was a bit too much. It was supposed to shave it off…instead it’s cutting it.
Well anyways, it’s all the same whether it gets shaved off or cut off.
With that kind of thought I continued to wash the dragon for about 10 seconds.

「Hmm, this should be all of it.」

The giant slime was lying unmoving next to Ramiyuros’s body.

「Alright. Now all that’s left is the brute force approach right Hesty?」
「n, I guess. If you can pierce through, the slime’s, core, that’ll be the end.」
「——then this is the end.」

I didn’t even wait a second before using my fist to punch straight through the slime’s core.



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