Chapter 79: The Two Dragon Kings Returning Home for a Bit


A couple dozen seconds after subjugating the slime.

I had removed Vajra and was looking at the Dragon King that was lying in the field.

「U-Ummm… it really alright now….? I wonder if I can transform….?」

Ramiyuros said sounding anxious then she was covered in white smoke. Then,

「Fuwaaa, Thank goodness. I’m saved.」

A human form was revealed soaked in onsen water.

It was a woman with light brown hair and a voluptuous body.

「Finally I’m small again. Sorry~ Daichi-san, Hesty, and you humans.」
「Small….? Ah, well…I guess.」

I suppose she is small in comparison to a dragon’s size, but how should I put it…her chest and butt were large.
Anne was the same, I thought that maybe Dragon Kings have naturally good style (shape) but then I looked at Hesty.

「…What’s wrong? Why are you, looking, at me?」
「This Ramiyuros is your childhood friend right?」
「n, yeah.」

I see. So, then it isn’t due to age that their bodies developed like this.
As I was comparing their bodies, Hesty started being a bit sullen.

「I can, feel your gaze, looking everywhere, so I’ll tell you this. I am just, very good at compressing, my body size. These guys, are bad at it, that’s all. Their physique, is the natural result, of that.」

Hesty said and turned away in a huff.
It might bother her but, I’ve got my doubts so it can’t be helped.

Well later I can give her some nice wand materials to improve her mood.

「So, Ramiyuros. Can you move your body alright?」
「Yep, thanks to you. I can move all over~」

Ramiyuros happily moved her hands and feet around.

She appeared almost like a large dog wagging her tail.
From her I could sense something kind of animalistic.
As I was thinking, Ramiyuros looked at my face and bowed.

「Once again, thank you. I’ve caused you a lot of trouble, I’d like to do something to thank you. I don’t know what to do. What should I do to thank humans?」
「Huh? I don’t really need anything though…」

I still had apples, trees, and shrubs in stock and I hadn’t received any wounds and nothing of mine was damaged.
So I turned to look at the still seated Dianeia beside me.

「Dianeia is there anything you need?」
「M-me? Th-that’s right……I’d like reparation money for the work we had to do and people we needed to hire. Also the cash reward for Daichi-dono needs to be paid.」

You’ve already given me more than enough cash, I don’t need any more.
Well for now I’ll ignore it because the festival needs restoring…

「Ramiyuros. Do you have any money?」
「Un, I don’t have any money but can you sell my scales?」

She said and pointed at the light brown scales scattered around the plains.

「E-eh….? Y-you’re giving us Dragon King scales?」
「I haven’t been down on the ground for about a hundred years so I don’t know much…I don’t know how much these are worth. How about it? At any rate the scales have already been removed from my body so I’d like to use them as compensation.」
「U-umm, it’s more than compensation, in fact we’d make a large profit…..U-ummm one scale is about….and then you carry the one….」

Dianeia was flustered as she started to calculate the trade. Fumu, it seems like the compensation amount won’t be a problem.

「Well then Dianeia, I’ll leave the disposal of the scales to you. I’m going home.」
「E…!? That’s alright but…are you alright without receiving anything Daichi-dono?」

Alright or not…there’s nothing I want to take.

「—–Ah wait…that’s right. Ramiyuros, I have something I want to make out of your scales so could you come over to my home?」
「Something you want to make with my scales?」
「Yeah, I want to make a bath out of it. It’s your own scales so you know their characteristics, right? I need to process them so help me out with your knowledge.」
「Ok, I understand. If there’s anything I can do to help, I will.」

Alright, with this my onsen will be one step closer to completion.
It seems I’ll be able to complete my goal of having my onsen finished before the festival starts properly.

「Well then, Dianeia, we’ll be returning to my house for some stuff.」
「O-ok. I understand. We’ll return and set the town to rights. When the festival is ready to start up I’ll notify you.」

And so, I returned to my home with the two Dragon Kings before the festival.



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