Chapter 8: NO: Lying Down I’m Strong. YES: Lying Down I’m Merciless


Despite the sun shining high in the skies, my eyes were dull.


I can’t get myself out of bed. My eyelids start to close once again.

「It’s because we used magic too much yesterday.」
「Is that so……」

After eating that apple yesterday, not only did I begin to understand the dragons, my body was also overflowing with energy.
And just like that I acted silly and got carried away with setting all those traps.

「This sleepiness is pretty bad *Fuaaaa*….」

It’s just like the feeling I got after pulling an all-nighter at work after downing some energy drinks.
That golden apple seems to have some kind of energy medicine effect.

「I think it would be good for you to sleep a little more Master. With your recovery abilities, I think that if you sleep for another hour then you’ll feel better Master.」
「Uhuh…..this magic power shortage…’ll probably go away if I satisfy some of my physical needs….」

The other day, Sakura explained this to me.
If I practice magic I will get tired or hungry.
That is because sleeping and eating are related to the recovery of magic power.

If I use a large amount of magic in a short amount of time when I’m not used to doing so, I will almost immediately become tired, hungry, or both. It seems like it’s sleep this time though,

「Though I really want to go to sleep, I can see something weird outside my window.」

In the deepest part of the apple orchard,
There are blue and green water polo ball things.

「Those are just propagation type slimes. They have very little intelligence and they move slowly, but as you may expect they are aiming for this house’s magic power.」
「I see…’s the usual….」

Good grief, don’t come over at a time like this.

「Should I take care of these for you?」

Sakura is this house’s spirit so she probably has considerable fighting power.
So I understand that if I leave it to her she can take care of them in one shot, but

「Nn, that’s fine too but…..I’d like to check out the traps.」

After all I went to so much trouble setting those traps.
I want to see them at work.
They move slowly, so this is a good chance to do so.

「U,ummmm…….well then, come over here and sit Sakura.」
「? Ok? I understand—-」

With a face that seemed to be wondering what I was doing, Sakura knelt down.
Then I placed my head on her lap.

「Ahhh, it’s been a while but, as I thought it’s so comfortable~」
「Yes since we’ve met…but, why now?」
「In this position I can synchronize with Sakura and at the same time stay lying down while I check the traps.」
「Aa, is that so?」

In order to synchronize with her, I need to be touching her body. Anywhere is fine as long as I’m touching her.

「Hm, then let’s do it just like this, when It’s over I’m going to sleep so I entrust you with everything afterwards.」
「I understand Master.」

When I heard her reply, I activated all the traps.
The next instant,

*Booom!* and a big cloud of dust exploded into the air and all the trees in the orchard moved at once.

Then, the invaders were completely annihilated.

……it’s so easy I don’t even have to give any orders.

It looks like all the traps are working just fine. Since it’s like this I don’t have to worry too much about defense, I think that it’s good that I’ve set these traps.

「Kyaaaaa!? What’s up with this!?」

In the middle of all this I somehow think I hear a voice that sounds like the Witch Princess. It sounds like she got blown away though….
AHHHH it’s impossible, I can’t stay awake any longer!

「Good night Sakura, I’m going to sleep for another hour.」
「Yes, Sweet dreams~」

And just like that I fell asleep without a care in the world.



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