Chapter 80: Dragon King Rotenburo


The two Dragon Kings and I stood in the backyard of my home.

Sakura had returned to the house before me and she seems to be preparing lunch.
I’d like to be able to finish my preparations so that I could complete the onsen so I’d like to hurry and hear about the pertinent information.

「Here I have two of your scales. I’d like to use them for this.」

I slapped the side of the scales that Ramiyuros had dropped and she looked apologetic.

「Ahh, they fell here too? I’m sorry Daichi-san~」
「It’s already over and done with so don’t mind it too much. So, I’d like to bend and break these scales to make my bath, are there any important things I need to be aware of?」

I asked and Ramiyuros made a puzzled face and tilted her head to one side.

「Important? Umm nothing much. My scales are hard…that’s their only attribute. They don’t have anything else special about them.」
「Wait wait. That hardness, is the problem. Ramiyuros, you speak too, vaguely.」

After hearing the casual reply from Ramiyuros, Hesty supplemented it all flustered.

「Ramiyuros…the Star Dragon King’s scales are the hardest. They are one of the hardest to process. If you’re not careful when trying to break them, you could be, injured, or waste time.」

I see. They’re that hard huh…
That’s right, Dianeia said something to that effect as well.
Something like, they needed many mages working together to break it.

「Wow amazing! As expected of Hesty. Knowing that about me when I didn’t even know! I never made anything using my scales so I had no idea.」
「……………well, it’s like this. She’s an easygoing, person, and doesn’t have a lot of, knowledge, so if you need to ask, ask me.」

Hesty looked a little fed up with Ramiyuros who was still clapping her hands.
How should I put it, these guys have an interesting affinity?

「Well then, if you’ve got a way to break them I’d like to know. How do you do it?」
「The trick is to use your power in a certain direction and pattern. If you do it correctly then it’ll be a bit easier.」

I looked closely at the scale and saw what appeared to be the grain of the scale.
I see so this is what she meant by pattern.

「n, but even then, it’s hard to break. Normally you’ll need to put, your magic in and, persevere. If there’s not enough power in it, then you can damage the scale’s hardness.」
「Fumu fumu, then maybe using 《Vajra’s》 arm」

I only equipped Vajra’s arm.
Then I grabbed the scale and did as I was told,


I used my strength with the grain of the scale and…


With a sound akin to metal snapping the scale cracked a little.

「Ohh, it broke but it really is hard.」

It appears I’ll have to use more power than I’ve ever used to manufacture a material.
It’ll take a bit of time to get the hang of it.

I thought but when I looked at Hesty her eyes were staring intensely as she quietly muttered.

「…..sorry. Let me revise, my previous statement. Breaking it is, difficult. Usually it takes, years of work, before the scale is ready for, tempering…or so it should’ve been……」

It seems like Hesty is holding her head and worrying about something…I wonder if she’s ok?

「Well, anyways it’s good it broke. This scale really is hard.」
「n, Ramiyuros’s scales are, top class defensive, items. They’re hard, strong, and don’t degrade much over, time. That’s why, when they appear on, the market, they sell for, a high price.」

「Ehehe~ if you praise me like that it’s a bit embarrassing~」
「….leaving aside the person herself, the materials are top class.」

Whenever Hesty gets entangled with other dragon kings, her expressions seem to become more abundant.
I thought as I turned to touch the top class material.

It wasn’t just hard…it’s cross section appearance was beautiful and it felt smooth.
When I tried to bend it horizontally it did so beautifully. It was hard but it was also flexible.
It seemed very useful, a very good material.

「un, this flexibility is, very hard to utilize. You need a lot of power…but it seems, you’re able to draw out the, characteristics, of dragon king, materials…..」

Hesty seemed to be looking at me with worn out eyes.
It took me a while to realize, but she had been trying to catch Ramiyuros before with all her might.

「Hesty, if you’re tired then go rest ok?」
「n. Right now, I’m just tired of, reacting. So don’t worry.」

I see. Then if Hesty says so I won’t worry and get back to work.
I broke Ramiyuros’s scales into pieces and made them into a rectangular tub.

For now, I’d like a tub that can fit 10 people comfortably.
Also, I didn’t want the tub to be rough on bare skin so I shaved down what needed to be shaved down, and bent what needed to be bent. Then,

「Alright! With this the tub is finished.」

I’d made an oval shaped tub.
All that was left was to properly bring the pipe over and fill the tub with water.

—then put together a small roof and changing area,

「Now I can go in the onsen anytime.」

And thus my house gained a rotenburo made of dragon king scales completing my open air bath. I look forward to going in and enjoying.



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