Chapter 81: Dragon’s Hot Bath


After the onsen was completed Ramiyuros suddenly approached a tree in my orchard.

「n? What’s wrong?」
「…..I’m at my…limit…sorry.」

Ramiyuros’s eyelids were fluttering open and shut.

「I exhausted myself, resisting…so…sleepy…」

She said and collapsed completely asleep.


It seems like she’s the type to recover magic power through sleeping as well.

Leaving her like that isn’t good…but it seems like Hesty is dragging her back to her own cabin.
Though I must say her method of dragging is a bit…rough.

「Well, if I leave it to her then it’ll be fine…lots of things have happened so I might as well have a bath.」

There was still time before lunch would be ready so I decided to give this bath a try before anyone else.

In the dressing room I undressed and lightly rinsed my body, then immersed myself in the bath.
The onsen was shrouded in white steam as it slowly warmed my body.

「Ahhhh, as I thought this is wonderful……..」

I relaxed in the tub as my body slowly began to unwind.


Hesty had returned from her cabin and was looking at me.

「What’s up? Did you want to come in Hesty?」
「n……? I can, come in too?」
「Yeah, use it as you please. I made it to be used.」

Also, this onsen has magic power in it. It’d be good for Hesty who has some wounds here and there on her body.

「n, this will, probably…work on my injuries.」
「Then come on in and get better. It’s a…hot-spring cure!」

I said and Hesty’s gaze seemed to waver.
She looked at her body, then at mine.

「I’m, pretty dirty right now, is it ok? When I entered, a human bath house, covered in dirt, they got angry.」
「Well, if you wash a bit it’s alright. The drainage area has a vent so it won’t be blocked. Also dirty water will be drawn away by the drainage.」

There’s a lot of onsen water coming from the dungeon below so water supply shouldn’t be an issue.

「n……then, I’ll come in.」

She said and removed her clothes. She then tottered over to the changing (bathroom) room.

There she washed off the worst of the mud, then entered the bath tub. Then,


She let out a voice I’d never heard from her before.

「Ou, it feels good as I thought.」
「n….it’s not often, I get to take a bath, in such a big tub. Also, it’s always with, cold water.」

I see. She’s a dragon so she usually doesn’t get to submerge herself in hot water like this.

「Fundamentally, dragons are tidy, so we bathe ourselves. The water is, usually cold though….Ramiyuros is an exception though.」
「As I thought…」
「Normally, a dragon won’t have, a slime stuck to them, for 100 years. If they bathed during, that time, it’d come off.」

Oh, so that’s how it is. Would that slime that was on her come off?
「…..well, that slime, had sucked a lot of, strength and magic from her so, probably not. It’s core was also, abnormally large….oh…what did you do, with the slime’s magic core?」

As Hesty said, I had indeed taken the slime’s magic stone but,

「Um, I buried it like usual.」

While Hesty was away for a bit I had buried it under my house like usual.

I thought that it was pretty much the same as the dungeon master’s core so…I dealt with it the same way.

「…..a while ago, I felt like the dragon vein’s, magic had been, strengthened a little bit, but that’s why.」
「Hee, I thought it’d strengthen it a bit. But I honestly couldn’t feel it at all.」
「Don’t worry about it. For you, it’d probably be like, noticing there were a few more, grains of sand in, a desert.」

I don’t know what to think of that comparison. I’d like to be able to sense things too. Later I’ll ask Sakura and Hesty the trick to it. Well, at any rate…

「Relaxing and soaking in the onsen like this is great. I’m glad everything ended well.」

Hesty gave a small nod and looked at my face.
Then she gave a little embarrassed laugh and said,

「Also, I waited a bit, but thank you. You really saved, me….I was happy you came.」
「Ou, It was my pleasure.」

We continued to converse as we slowly enjoyed the warmth of the onsen.



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