Chapter 82: Lunch Preparations


Using the hot water of the onsen my body was warmed for several minutes when…

「Daichi-dono~. Are you here—Wait…Wahiyaaa!?」

It seems like Dianeia came calling with a large basket.
Apparently she had teleported to the outer area of my garden and walked over.

I hadn’t made a wall around the onsen, so everything within was visible.
I had thought there wouldn’t be anyone who would come peek so I made it without any such defenses…but I suppose that I do have guests from time to time.

I thought that I could make a wall out of a tree pretty easily.

「It’s Dianeia huh? What’s up? Has the reopening of the festival been decided?」

I leaned out of the onsen and asked…but her face was bright red and she averted her eyes.

「D-Daichi-dono! I-I think it’s bad to be nude at this time, un!」
「It can’t be helped. I’m in an onsen.」

My towel is hanging on a nearby tree, but if I were to try to get it, I’d have to stand up fully naked.

「….well you shouldn’t be able to see much below my chest…」

Since it didn’t seem like we’d be able to continue our conversation like this, I submerged myself once more into the onsen.
The hot water was pretty opaque so I thought it’d be useful for hiding my body.
Dianeia seemed to sigh in relief.

「So? Something about the festival?」
「Y-Yeah, that’s right. I wanted to tell you that we were thinking of resuming the festival tomorrow.」

She still looked away but sent furtive glances towards me as she said that.

「There wasn’t a lot of damage, but there was a lot of chaos. After handling all the important matters and other things today, we can start it for real tomorrow.」
「I see. Well I’ve used up my supply of apples so the extra day is quite welcome.」

Once there were less people out at night I had a couple of boxes I wanted to carry in.

「I-I see. Then that’s great!」
「——so, what’s in the basket?」

She seemed pretty careful with it so I wonder what’s in it…

「Ahh, this is alcohol and food.」

She said as she put it down. She took several clay pots from within the basket.

「These were made in conjunction with the start of the festival today, but it was put off till tomorrow. They’d be wasted if they weren’t consumed fresh so they are being given to the people of the castle and town.」
「and…why did you bring it here?」
「….Everyone agreed to give the best things to Daichi-dono. I agreed as well, and brought it for you.」

I see…I’m grateful but,

「I didn’t really do that much work…is it alright?」
「T-that’s ridiculous. If that counts as nothing much then I really can’t say what would be!」

Well…if I had to say…I wasn’t the one who worked hard, it was Hesty and Dianeia.
I basically only played a gigantic game of catch.

「W-well anyways, please accept. These haven’t been opened, so it’d be nice if you drank some. Something like ‘celebrating the eve of the festival’」

Dianeia said and took a bottle of sake from inside of the basket.

「Sure…it’d be good to have a nice drink with my lunch…I was thinking that there was a little something missing with my onsen. Having a drink while relaxing in my onsen would complete the experience.」

It seems like I’m in for quite a pleasant time, or so I murmured when,

「O,Oooh, that’s right! W-would you mind if, I entered as well!?」

Dianeia said with a strange amount of force and tension in her voice.
Fumu fumu, it seems like she likes onsens as well. (TN:Dude are you kidding me?)

「That’s fine. Come in and give me your feedback. Over there is the dressing room.」
「U,umu! Th-then I’ll be entering!」

Dianeia happily headed towards the changing room. As I watched her retreating figure, I rose from the bath and grabbed my towel before wrapping it around my body.

「Mm, then I’m going up to help prepare lunch, use the onsen as you please」
「Eh…..?」 (TN: Daichi you SoB…why you break her heart?)

Sakura should know that Dianeia is here.
But she probably doesn’t know what she came her for, so I’ll tell her.

「You’re here so the number of people eating lunch increased. I need to let Sakura know」
「Well then, enjoy it at your leisure.」

And so I left the onsen and went to prepare for the lunch party.



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