Chapter 84: Sometimes it’s Just the Two of Them at Home


Right after the lunchtime feast, I got sleepy.
Thanks to the slightly intense usage of magic power I wanted to take a nap but,

「…..Hmmm…I slept till midnight huh?」

I looked out my window and saw the full moon glowing in the night sky.
It was already late at night but,

「I’ll go back to sleep……or I would if I was still sleepy.」

I’d already slept for almost 10 hours so I guess that’s natural.
I was thirsty so I got a drink of water…but that only served to make me even more awake.

Even so, it would be quite a while before it was morning.

……I wonder what I should do.

I guess I could use Skanda and the golems to carry apples into town but…

「It’s not really something that needs to be rushed either…」

It wasn’t like I was going there first thing in the morning to make a living…I was doing it more as a hobby.
It was something I did when I felt like it, and if I had extra apples. So if I took them in the morning or afternoon when I went to the festival…it’d all work out.

Furthermore, it was a quiet and peaceful night. I didn’t want to break that calm with such excessive movement. So,

「I guess I could just get in the bath.」

I went to the trouble of making it, so it wouldn’t be a bad thing to take my time and enjoy it.
With that in mind I set off to take a bath.


As I relaxed in the onsen, I started to feel a little sleepy as my body warmed up.
And just like that, I gazed up at the beautiful night sky as the water warmed me. Then,

「So this is where you were Master.」

Sakura said as she walked over from the changing room.

「Oh Sakura, I was wondering where you were when I saw you weren’t in the room. So this is where you were.」
「Ahh, no. I was finishing up my patrol around the house and was heading back to gaze upon your sleeping face when I sensed you were here.——Would it be alright if I joined you?」
「Oh, that’s fine.」
「Then, please excuse me.」

She said as she removed her clothes and entered the bath.
Then she slowly approached my side and sat down.

「Ha~fuu~……Master’s onsen feels so good.」
「I’m glad you like it. It was worth making it this large.」

It was wide enough that even if ten people got in…it wouldn’t feel confined.

「Yes. I’m also thankful that I can enter around this time while I’m doing my rounds.」

That’s right…she did say she was patrolling before.
I never realized what Sakura had been doing for the few months that we’ve been here.

「No no, it’s nothing much. I just do make a lap around the house, look at your sleeping face, sense the state of your health, and make breakfast.」
「That’s already quite a lot…ummm…thanks.」
「No, it’s as it should be.」

Sakura said with a small giggle.
I’ve received so much from her…I want to pay her back…even if it’s just a bit.

…oh that’s right.

There’s one thing I have at the very least.
When I remembered it I got up and headed to the dressing room.

「I have a little reward for your hard work, drink this.」

I retrieved a pot of liquor and a set of small cups for sake from the dressing room and brought it back.

「This is…?」
「It’s the best alcohol they have…Dianeia brought it.」

According to her, it doesn’t cause a hangover or nausea even if you have a lot.
I think it’s the perfect thing for right now.

「Didn’t you drink it for lunch yesterday?」
「No, I set it aside because I wanted to drink it with you. So I thought now was a good time and it can serve as a bit of my thanks to you.」

I said and poured Sakura a cup of liquor.

「Th-thank you very much. Then I will accompany you.」

I poured some into my cup as well and we both quietly drank.
It was delicious and refreshing.
It gently began warming my insides in a different way than the onsen.

「Is it good Sakura?」
「Yes, but having you do such a thing for me makes me feel almost guilty.」
「No no no, don’t let it bother you. In fact I’ve received so much from you……also things have been busy so I haven’t had the opportunity to relax with you like this Sakura.」

Sometimes it’s good to relax together like this.
I thought to myself, when Sakura cuddled up to me


「Passing time peacefully with you makes me so happy.」
「I see.」

Although it’s nice when people come over and it gets lively…

「…I also like it when it’s just the two of us.」
「Me too.」

And so, Sakura and I cuddled in the onsen while enjoying good sake and good company.



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