Chapter 85.5: —Side Dianeia— Prussia Top Secret Report


Dianeia was observing the town as she returned to the castle.
It was the first day of the celebration but there were more people than usual.

……Although there was the big Dragon King falling incident, it seemed as though things were going smoothly……

The fact that the people were able to enjoy the festival safely was welcome.
She thought as she realized that it was thanks to that man who lived in the forest. Her line of thinking continued until she began to think on her lack of strength.
She remembered his face and her chest started to hurt a bit.

「I have to go…show my gratitude once more……」

She murmured as she entered her office and,

「OHH Princess! Thank goodness you’ve returned!」

The Knight Captain dashed towards her in a panic.

「What’s wrong Knight Captain? Why are you in such a tizzy?」
「No umm, the country has contacted us just now!」

He said and handed Dianeia the letter. She tilted her head in confusion and read what was written in the note.

「……a few days ago the First Princess snuck out of the Capital City and is heading to Prussia. Please TAKE CARE OF HER!?」
「Y-yes! She’s already set off and will be here by tomorrow at the latest!」
「What’s that little scamp thinking!?」

Dianeia thought back.
She was younger than Dianeia, but was closer to the King and a bright and energetic girl.

「W-well, she does have security attached to her, so she should be safe from bodily harm….」
「If she didn’t then this would be even more of a problem!」

『My soldiers are strong so I’ll be fine!』 or so the private message we’d received said.

「The private forces are strong and she herself is no weakling…so there shouldn’t be too much of a problem…I’m around as well.」

Dianeia herself was trained to be proficient in self-defense magic.
If the situation arose that required it, she could teleport them back to the castle in an emergency. But,

「Really, their timing is bad… can’t be helped. We’re going to have to revise the defences and patrols. Gather the knights and magic squad Knight Captain. Oh and bring me a report on the current status of the town.」
「Y-yes! As you wish!」

Haa, today was going to be another busy day.
She would have to take care of the matter quickly and efficiently so that she could guide Daichi around the town tonight.

「Darn, really…I’m only allowed to be just a normal old magic user in front of Daichi-dono……」

Well, though she said that now, it couldn’t be helped.
All she could do know was work as hard as she could so she would have enough time to spend with her most admired person.

As Dianeia thought that, she gazed at the report in her hand,

「Is Dianeia-sama here!?」

From the hallway she could see Anne running over.
Even after she became a normal citizen instead of a Fort City representative, her power gave her the right to come see her whenever,

「What’s wrong Anne? Why are you in such a rush?」
「No, I just forgot to communicate something to you that I’ve remembered.」

She wondered what it was. So even she has moments like this.

「Well, I’ve been pulling all-nighters almost every night so it completely slipped my mind. An acquaintance of mine…a Dragon king, told me via draconic telepathy that she was coming to Prussia.」
「They’re the 『Supreme』 Dragon King so they’re quite strong…as such they sometimes cause some problems and——tte, u-ummm Dianeia-sama? Your eyes are rolled in the back of your head…are you alright?」

Dianeia regained consciousness.

「Dr-Dragon King huh…? I see…they’re coming huh?」
「Yes. Well they shouldn’t be particularly hostile to people…but they’re stronger than me. So I came to tell you.」
「I see……」

Dianeia didn’t really understand how to quantify that Dragon King’s strength…but at the very least it was stronger than Anne…who was stronger than her.
That’s dangerous. Why is it dangerous? Because,

「This is a Dragon King that takes pride in their own power correct? Then if they challenged Daichi-dono…then it’d become a war between monsters.」
「Th-that probably won’t happen…I don’t think…well Daichi-sama would definitely win.」

She also didn’t want to think about the possibility, but right now there were a lot of people gathered in Prussia.
This would be the worst time for something like this to happen.

Furthermore, the First Princess was coming…the problems were just piling up.

…Her first task was to cope…she wondered if she’d be able to finish by tonight…

She almost fell into a pit of depression.
But, it couldn’t be helped. She’d have to deal with all of this so she could spend some time with him tonight.

「Anne, let me know about this Dragon King.」

It seemed like she’d be working herself to the bone until night fell.

End of Volume 3



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