Chapter 85: Further Growth and Future Plans


The next morning we stood in front of our house which had grown even larger.

「It really got quite a bit bigger in only a single day…」
「Yes, it got much bigger after entering the onsen with you Master……」

Sakura murmured while blushing.
Last night we’d entered the onsen while having some normal skinship…and this morning we found the house had gotten 10 more floors.

It was a surprising amount of growth.
In fact I think it grows much too easily.

For now I need to bury the extra floors to maintain the top floor’s stability…I’d like to build some separate facilities but…

「That onsen…rather than saying it improves the chances of making kids, it increases the chances of making houses.」
「I believe you’re right. Let’s enter again another time Master!」

Sakura said happily. Her skin looked smooth and glossy.
It seems she really liked the onsen.

「When I need more floors then I suppose we should enter once more…」
「Yes! In preparation I will keep the onsen nice and clean!」

Sakura said and ran towards the onsen.

…I guess it’d be alright to leave the onsen under her supervision.

As I thought that…


Dianeia walked in from the garden and looked at my house in surprise.

「I-it’s gotten bigger again. What happened?」
「Well…this and that…anyways, isn’t today the day of the festival Dianeia? Is it alright that you’re not there?」

Yes indeed, for the next four days Prussia would be celebrating their forefathers with a grand festival.
Various stores and their branches should need supervising and opening or so Dianeia had said.
So I was thinking that she’d be very busy.

I was wondering if it was really alright for her to be here when,

「Yeah, it’d fine. After the initial preparations the rest is left for the Merchant Leader to take care of. I need to guide around guests of honor on the third day, but today and tomorrow I’m free to do as I please…I won’t be able to completely relax, but compared to those all-nighters this is easy.」

Dianeia said with a wry smile.
If she says that’s taking it easy then I have nothing else to say…but,

「I never found out, what exactly is going on in this festival?」

I’d received a basic outline but nothing specific.

「Oh, that’s right…I never explained to you Daichi-dono. Magic is very popular in my city. So, there are many who take the opportunity to present and sell their magical research and sell magic things. For this purpose there are many people who patronize them. There are adventurers, magic knights, soldiers, and other scholars who desire the knowledge and items.」
「Huh…how’s the security at the festival?」

From what I’ve heard it seems like a gathering of dangerous people.

「As for that there’s no problems. Over the years the adventurers who attend have dealt with problems as a courtesy, also there are guards for the bigshots who come from far away.」
「Huh, so there are lots of big shots then…sounds difficult.」

I said and nodded when I noticed Dianeia staring at me with wide eyes.

「No…ummm…in my opinion Daichi-dono is in a high position…..」
「Huh? No I’m just a regular guy.」

I don’t have any kind of position.
I’m just a regular dude who’s trying to live peacefully in the forest.

「…w-well…let’s leave that aside for now. A-are you coming today Daichi-dono?」

Yeah I thought I would but,

「Today’s the first day…will there be a lot of people during the day?」
「Yes, there will be a lot of people」
「I see…then I won’t go during the day.」
「n? why?」

I had two reasons. First off was purely because I didn’t want to have to push my way through crowds of people. I don’t want to wear myself out mentally like that. And the other reason was,

「I can use the magic suppressing coating, but I’m not sure how good it is」

Plus assuming it went well, if I needed to remove it for some reason, or if it got removed for any reason…it might cause a disaster.
It might turn from carnival into carnage.

「……ahhh, oh. I think that I’d be fine…but there’s the possibility that the soldiers’ hearts might not be able to handle it…and the women would all need to change their underpants.」

Dianeia slowly nodded….then after a few more seconds of thinking, she nodded again.

「However, I think it should be fine. The people who have arrived in Prussia all possess magic resistance to some degree, so I think you’ll be fine anytime you’d like to come.」
「Is that so? Then I’ll just go like normal…」
「Ok, go ahead. But I’d like to tell you, if you’d prefer a less hectic time then you should come in the evening.」

I see, then I’ll be going tonight then.
As usual.

「Then I’ll be imposing on you this evening.」
「Ok. Then I’ll have to adjust my plans.」

Why? What are you doing?

「No…umm——I just wanted to guide you around town Daichi-dono.」

That’s right, I haven’t been to Prussia much and I’m pretty unfamiliar. If she could take the time to guide me it’d make things much easier. Though I don’t think I’ll be moving from my shop much…

「I see, then I’ll be in your care Dianeia」
「Ok! Then I’ll see you tonight!」

And so my schedule for tonight was set.

For now, I’ll do what I need to until the sun sets.



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