Chapter 87: My Dungeon Expedition (Safety)


As we entered the basement of my home, we were greeted by the sight of a large cavern.

「Hmm, it’s been quite a while since I came here without Sakura」
「Yeah, this place is big. When I’m here with Sakura I can synch and check that I’m going the right way. I’m able to go straight to my destination.」

But this time I don’t really have a destination in mind.
I’m just here to gather up the magic stones that this place is made of.

「So I guess we can just go in for a bit and get what we need.」
「n, I suppose. Actually, this entrance has already turned, into high quality magic, stones.」

Hesty said and looked at the wall next to the stairs.

It had a bit of a green glow…I wonder if that proves its high quality.

「Yeah. When enough magic is, contained within it, it will begin, to shine. So that is, proof that enough magic, has gathered.」

Hesty really knows her stuff. I’m glad I brought her with me. I don’t know which soil or which stones are actually any good.

「So I should just gather the things that shine?」
「n, basically, that’s the rule.」
「Got it……Uh, but the dungeon walls are all shining…I wonder where I should gather them from…」

Indeed, my dungeon’s walls were practically all shining.
This made it so we could walk without a light…that’s how bright it was.

「Ahh, un……this, even I don’t know where we, should start. This was, unexpected.」

Woah, it seems like Hesty gave up.
She won’t look at me and she seems to be sulking.

「Well, I’ve never seen, a dungeon like this. I’ve seen other, dungeons that other, dragon kings made, but they were never, this incredible. I’ve never seen a dungeon with, this much material, so I don’t have anything, to compare it to.」
「Is that so?」

Going back, you said Dragon Kings could make dungeons too huh…
I thought that only Dungeon Masters could do that.

「Un. The dragon king, can employ monsters, in place of a dungeon master, and construct the dungeon. A dragon king can also depend on a spirit to, create a spirit dungeon as well.」
「Depend on a spirit…you’re saying some crazy stuff.」
「Well, that’s just an example. In my case, I won’t use one. There are those who take it, too easy.」

Well…there was a dragon king who just left a slime on her body, so I can definitely see them leaving everything to the spirit. I don’t really understand the concept though.

「Huh, I guess there are lots of different types of dungeons.」
「n, quite a few. There are, different categories. Spirit dungeons, don’t have monsters. Only spirits and ghosts live there, so it’s easy to remember.」

You say it’s easy, but I’ve never seen another dungeon except for the one under my house, so I have no frame for comparison.

「Hmn, I wonder how my dungeon would be classified.」

Monsters haven’t appeared…I’ve gotten magic stones and an onsen from it…it had an underground water source and a large open space…

「It might, not be identifiable, as of yet. Also that, onsen…I think you mean the magic source…it’d be a pretty, horrible trap for, most people you, know? …for me, if I got some on me, I wouldn’t be able to move, and might die.」

That’s right, Hesty had never approached the place where the onsen welled up from.

「Well I think this dungeon, is really, high in difficulty. The materials, are really high quality…and you live above it.」
「High difficulty…why am I part of this?」
「Well, this dungeon, is under your home, and is part of your property.」

To be used as an indicator for how difficult this is…it’s a strange feeling.
Well setting the difficulty aside, I don’t intend on letting unknown people into my dungeon. Although, up till now there hasn’t been any intruders.

「Well, for now I’ll just be fine with grabbing some materials.」
「n, I guess. I think, this place should be fine.」
「Alright. I’ll dig a bit~」

And so Hesty and I filled our bags with magic stones.
We gathered quite a bit. Even if I don’t use them all in the golems there are other uses, so it’s fine.
We brought back whatever we could carry.



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