Chapter 88: Power Up and Expansion


We returned from the dungeon with magic stones.
Hesty and I started putting them into the Golems.
I experimented with placing them in the arms, legs, and bodies of the golems and,

「Alright, for now it seems the small golems are ready.」

It seems like I somehow completed the small and slim golems.
Normally when I make them, they’d end up 3 meters tall, but these ones are 1 meter tall. Their physiques are also quite thin.
I’m putting their appearances off till later so they look a little uncool, but for now they’re done.

「I can adjust the appearance later…but I think they’re pretty good? Golem pick up the rocks.」

After hearing my order, the golem went and started picking up rocks until it found it difficult to move.

「n, the golems became, about 3/10ths, magic stone.」
「Yep, this is the best ratio.」

The wood golem’s movements are pretty smooth, but once you add too many magic stones they become stiff.

「……if I put too many in the golems got way too hard, it seemed like you’d get injured just by touching them, once they started moving it’d be dangerous.」

That’s why 3/10ths is the optimum for now.
This ratio is where the flexibility of the wood and power of the stones mix well together.
It makes it so they are able to lift the garden stones while jogging.」

「——oh, stop Golem」

The golem was just about to run over…


Ramiyuros who was lying on the ground.
She was dead asleep and drooling.

「……why is Ramiyuros sleeping here?」

She should’ve been carried to Hesty’s cabin last night…

「She has bad, sleeping posture. I think, she rolled all the way, out here.」

Uhh, her sleeping posture took her all the way out of the cabin…
If she sleeps here then she’s just getting in the way.

「Golem, put down the stone and carry that sleeping person to the bench.」

The golem obeyed and lifted up Ramiyuros.
At that moment the ground beneath the golem’s feet sunk in.

「Umm…Hesty? It looks like she’s heavier than the rock…why?」

It looks like her mass is not the same as her appearance.

「She’s, inexperienced with transformation……but a golem, that can easily lift, a dragon king, is abnormal」
「Oh? But if it can lift something that heavy then it definitely passes the test in the power department.」

Even if it’s smaller, it’ll be able to do manual labor easily.
AS I thought that…

「…n, Ahhh, I’m spinning~~」
「Oh, you’re up Ramiyuros?」

As the golem was putting her on the bench, Ramiyuros woke up and looked at me.

「It’s warm here. Thanks Daichi-san~」
「No…that’s fine too…but how long are you going to sleep here?」

Here magic deficiency should mostly be fixed, but shouldn’t she be returning to the sky.

「Un, Hesty’s house is comfy~. Also, unless my scales all recover, I won’t be able to handle the atmosphere up there.」

I don’t particularly mind if you make yourself at home.
However, Hesty is the one I rented the place out to, so let’s ask her opinion.

「How about it Hesty?」
「For now……I’m going to, kick her out. I’ll stuff her, in Anne’s house. That’s should be, fine.」
「Th-that’s cruel~」
「It’s not. I’m giving you a, little extension. Also, if you want to talk, then sit up.」

The two dragon kings faced each other as they spoke. I wonder if they’ll reach an agreement.

I wondered as the little golem returned to my side.
I looked at it and saw that it hadn’t cracked, even after carrying Ramiyuros.

……I understood at that moment how useful the magic stones were in this process.

Just inserting one raises the power.
I bet if I made an arm completely out of magic stone, it’d have quite a lot of power.

「If I equipped my wood armor with that, I think I’d be able to punch through tough bedrock…」

In that case my gardening and dungeon exploration would be easy.
Speaking of synching, I’ve become able to do it by myself.

……but right now I don’t have enough magic stone to make that arm.

After making the small golem, I didn’t have much left.
I needed much more to make more golems and new items.

「Alright, I’ll go again after I eat lunch.」

And so, after I filled my stomach I went to the dungeon to stock up on materials.



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