Chapter 89: Steadily Taking and Steadily Advancing


Once again, I delved into the dungeon
Next to me was Hesty who’d finished her talk with Ramiyuros…but…

「I saw that Ramiyuros seemed to be hanging her head after…is she ok?」
「Yes. She’s too easy, going, so going that far is, just right. She has the power, of a dragon king. She should, do some work.」

As expected of a childhood friend, she really knows her well.

「n, well, I’ve known her a long, time. —–oh, there’s some ore over there.」
「Oh thanks」

I’m quite grateful that Hesty took the time to come down here with me. She’s very knowledgeable about materials so it makes this much easier.

It seems there’s a lot I don’t know about items and materials.

「n, this dungeon, has a lot of things, this is, kind of fun.」

It seems like Hesty’s having a good time so it’s alright.
I thought as we continued through the dungeon.

「Ah, that’s a rare metal. If you, put it in a wand, it increases the performance…… normally there’s not enough of it, but here seems to be quite a bit.」
「Hm then I’ll take it. Maybe I’ll give it to Dianeia as a gift.」

We picked up a purple colored metal along the way,

「This, is a magical item, material. It appears, buried underground. It’s about, twice as big as the ones, I’ve seen before.」
「This is a present for Anne then.」

We gathered a white colored bulb of vegetation,

「This……I wonder what it is. I’ve never seen it. It has, a good scent, it probably, has quite a bit of magic in it……」
「We’ll take it to look into it later.」

We grabbed strange and rare things as we proceeded.
As we continued to grab things one after another, Hesty’s face started to look strangely grim.

「Huh? What’s wrong Hesty? Why are you making such a face?」
「……In my opinion, there are way too many, rare things in this, dungeon. It’s abnormal. It’s much too, abundant.」
「Isn’t that a good thing?」
「n, I suppose…..after looking at this, dungeon I have to, try and keep my common sense from, using this dungeon as a measuring, stick for others……」

It seems like her thoughts are going in a bit of a strange direction…but whatever.
And so we continued on, gathering rare materials until we were deep in the cave, but then

「Huh? Uhhh…where is this?」
「n~……we’re lost.」

Before we realized it we’d gone in too deep.
We didn’t know the way back.

「Hmmm….we went too deep all at once.」

The scenery doesn’t change much down here…I suppose that might be the reason we got lost.

「n……but, you don’t look, too worried? I think that being, lost down here, is a pretty big, crisis.」
「Well…if we really can’t figure a way out, I’ll make a golem, synch with it, and dig straight up.」

I said and Hesty seemed dumbfounded.

「……I really didn’t expect, such a heavy duty, escape plan.」

Well that’s how it is.
I’d brought along an apple for lunch, so I should be able to manipulate it like I do back home.

「Well anyways, don’t worry and let’s go collect some more.」
「n, ok……oh wait a moment.」

As Hesty was speaking she suddenly stopped.
I wonder if she found something like the onsen?

「There is a, magical response.」

She said and pointed towards a large hole.

「What’s with this hole?」

It looked like something trying to expand my dungeon.
I wonder if a mole started living here?

「What should we do?」
「Well, we’ve still got time before it gets dark…….」

We’ve already gone so far, let’s go in a bit further.
There’s no telling if we’d ever come back this deep.

「Well, if it doesn’t look like there’s any materials, we can just head back.」

And so we walked further in.



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