Chapter 90.5: —Side Dianeia— A New Participant in the Festival


Dusk, as the sun was setting.
Dianeia was lying on her desk completely exhausted.

「S-somehow I finished the unit arrangements……」

From early in the morning till now, she had been staring at documents and giving orders.

Thanks to that she was exhausted, but even if another dragon fell they’d be able to quickly deploy the knights and mages.
Each unit had been furnished with defensive magics so the arrangements should be perfect.

Anne had been asked to be on the lookout for other Dragon Kings who would approach so measures for that have been put in place as well.

「Un, but I’m glad it’s over.」

She said as she straightened up and looked out the window at the lively festival. She heard happy voices and bright lights.

She was truly grateful that she’d be able to spend time with him in this fun celebration.
She was looking forward to when the sun fully set when…

「Princess! Emergency!」

When she heard the Knight Captain’s panicked voice she nearly fell flat on her face, but she managed to withstand the urge to hit her head against something and looked at him.

「……Again!? What is it this time?」
「Princess, as of now the princess-sama has arrived.」
「Wh-what? Already!?」

That was too fast. She’d only received the news today and was expecting her by the next day or after that.

「She wanted to enjoy the festival so she came as fast as she could.」
「Guu……doing these things without even telling me……」
「She also sent a verbal message {Onee-sama I’m sorry for coming so quickly. I’m sure it’ll take some time to ready the castle, and I want to watch the festivities so I’ll wait in front of the castle.} or so she says.」

Yeah, it sounded just like her.
It’d been a while since Dianeia had seen her, but those words caused her to remember.
She was an uninhibited child, but she had her manners and acknowledged Dianeia as her elder.

「Well then, first prepare the castle to receive her and call her in.

And so Dianeia left her office.
Two women were standing in front of the Prussian Castle.
The young lady was wearing a pretty dress and was smiling prettily while watching the festivities.

「Haa, it’s been so long, but Onee-sama’s town is so lively. It’s so pretty and there’s so many interesting things, it’s fun. How about you Karen?」

She called to the woman wearing lightweight clothing and a mantle, who nodded slowly.

「Indeed Princess Athena. It’s the first time I’ve been to a place like this, but there seems to be a lot of delicious things, my interest has been drawn.」
「Fufu, you’re a glutton as always Karen~」

They were familiarizing themselves with the sights as colorfully costumed people milled around causing the lights and music to ebb and flow.

Among everything she saw, Athena’s eye was drawn to a gigantic tree that stood in front of the castle.

It was a tree that stood as tall as the castle so it really stood out.

「But still, I wonder what this huge tree is? When I came here before it wasn’t here…」
「Is that so? I felt enormous magic power from it so I thought it was this town’s guardian deity.」
「You also feel magic from it too Karen…」

Athena murmured while looking at the tree and the store that had been taken inside of it.

「Yes, this huge magic power doesn’t seem to be a false front. But for such a huge thing to be made by human hands seems impossible, so I’d say it was made by an abnormal magic weather or cataclysm.」
「I see. As expected of Karen-sensei, you really know a lot.」

Athena said while giggling and Karen smiled back at her.

「I’m not your teacher, I’m your guard Princess Athena. Also, in matters of knowledge, I have elder sisters who are above me in such matters. Plus there are many things that exceed my imagination.」
「Ahaha, I’d like to see someone stronger than Karen. I always like to see strong people.」

She said as Athena turned her gaze from the tree. Karen continued to gaze at it with a serious look in her eyes.

「For this much magic to be in the tree…it’s definitely not natural. What kind of monster was here, to cause such a phenomenon……」

Karen murmured while looking from the bottom of the tree to its top when,

「Sorry for making you wait.」

A elegantly armored knight exited the castle.

「Dianeia-sama’s preparations are complete. Please, come with me Princess Athena-sama and Karen-sama.」
「Un, thank you Knight Captain-san! Let’s go Karen……we need to communicate the orders from the capital, let’s do our best!」
「Yes, let us go.」
「According to the rumors, a strong guy has been hanging around Onee-sama, I can’t wait to meet him!」

And so they entered the castle while chatting cheerfully.



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