Chapter 90: Bringing Rare Things Home


The hole in the wall was very large…but it wasn’t deep.
The magic stones’ light illuminated the interior and we very quickly reached the end.

「Is there anything here Hesty?」
「n, there’s magic stones. There’s still that, strange reaction, but I can’t find it.」
「I see…then I’ll check the other side.」

For this search I’d made a golem.
Even if the materials were buried deep, the golem was powerful enough to dig them up.
Plus, once it was time to head back we could use it as transportation, so this is two birds with one stone.

I thought and looked around the cave.


Suddenly Hesty groaned.

「What’s wrong?」

I looked over at Hesty and,


A weird thing jumped at Hesty.

「n, an enemy? It has a magical, reaction, so for now…I guess I’ll counter attack.」

Hesty tilted her head in confusion and swung her arm at the semi-transparent creature.

「——huh, it didn’t’ break? This thing, is a bit, strong?」

Then, the semi-transparent thing came towards me.
Is it a monster? I don’t really know what it is…but for now it’s an enemy.

「Fumu, well then, Golem pin it down.」

*Boom* the golem slammed down on the semi-transparent enemy and,


With a weak cry the creature stopped moving.
Using the golem’s body, I held down the strange creature and Hesty ran over.

「That was, pretty strong, but you captured it, so easily. Amazing, but are you, ok?」
「Yeah I’m alright. Are you ok Hesty?」
「I’m, fine.」
「That’s good. Anyways, I captured it…but what is it?」

The creature was trapped under the golem, but was wrapping around its arm.


What we’d caught was a 50 centimeter human shaped creature.

It had some tawny horns and was strangely transparent, so it was obviously not a human.
However, it clearly wasn’t a regular monster.

「Do you know anything about this Hesty?」
「……it’s probably, a spirit? It may have been, hiding inside of a, magic stone.」

Hesty murmured seeming perplexed.
I see…a spirit huh?
This was the first time I’d seen another spirit aside from Sakura.

「Well, it’s rare to see a spirit powerful, enough to create a body. Your house’s spirit, is the exception among exceptions.」
「I see. But why was did this guy infiltrate my house’s basement?」
「I don’t know. It settled in, but the ground around here, is not suitable for, normal spirits. Even if it has, created a body, it shouldn’t be able to handle the, magic in this earth. The oversaturation, might have made it, aggressive.」

I don’t know much about this, but I don’t think it’d be a good idea to leave it alone in this case.

「Then how about we take it out with us?」

It attacked us and we had to subdue it…but maybe it was just lost and scared.

「n, alright. —–by the way…how do we get out?」
「Well, I synched a bit and looked up the way out. We can set it to automatically take us out.」

Before I made the golem I made sure to check the way out of this place.

「You’re, really amazing.」
「Well, this is my house after all. Plus, this place isn’t that far in.」

WE had walked for quite a while, but unexpectedly we weren’t that far in.

「This is, not far in? Even, though we found all that precious, material?」
「Hm? Is it weird?」
「n~……normally you’d need, to go in further, to get precious things. So…things are fine. I’m just adjusting, my common sense.」

I’m a little worried about Hesty…she said she was ok, but her eyes were vacant…is she really alright?

「——Well let’s go home Hesty. We can relax on the golem.」
「n, then, I’ll ride with you.」

And so we got on the golem and returned home with the spirit.



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