Chapter 91: Evening Gathering


We returned to the house on my golem along with our harvest. We had sorted the items when Sakura trotted over.

「Master, you’ve returned」
「Yep, I’m home.」

Oh yeah, it’s good that Sakura’s here.
I had the golem present the captured spirit.

「Hey Sakura? This guy was living downstairs, do you know anything about this?」
「It’s a spirit yes? No, I don’t know…what happened?」
「We were exploring and it jumped out at us. So we’ve captured it for now.」
「Is that so? But, as expected of Master. It’s very difficult to physically bind a spirit, but you did so with an arm filled with magic.」

Sakura said as she gently touched the golem’s arm.

「…..huh, it’s difficult to do?」

I’m glad that I used the golem then.

「Since I do not remember allowing it to live here and Master did not give it permission to live underground, then I believe it got lost here. I believe it jumped out at you because it took in too much magic power when creating its body and became magically intoxicated (drunk).」
「The spirit got drunk off of magic?」

I don’t know about the ecology of a spirit, but I’m happy to be taught.

「So, what do we do with this one?」
「From what I’ve seen, it doesn’t seem to be an enemy. But…we should at least scold it so it does not try to harm Master again.」

Sakura said then smiled sweetly and looked at the spirit.
Then, the spirit began to shiver.
In fact, it began to vigorously shake its head from side to side.

「Fumu, it may be declaring trying to declare its intentions…」
「Well, I did give it a punch earlier and it’s come along with us obediently…I can at least put it down on the ground」

The golem placed it on the ground and released it.


It bowed its head quickly then backed away rapidly.
It disappeared beneath the shadow of a tree.

「Oh…it ran away?」
「No, it is still there.」

Now that I look again…it was concealing itself with the tree and looking over here.
What is it doing?

「Well, it’s not a bad creature is it?」
「It doesn’t seem to be an enemy. It looks to be a peaceful type of spirit.」
「Then let’s just leave it. It’s almost time to go to town after all.」
「Ah! That’s right!」

The sun was pretty much set, so I thought it’d be a good time to head to town.

「I’ll get prepared to go at once…in fact I was just in the middle of doing so.」

Sakura said and turned showing off several boxes of apples that were ready to go.
They were the ones we’d use for the shop.

「Oh, you prepared beforehand? Thank you Sakura, that’s a big help.」
「No no, it is a blessing to be useful to Master. Furthermore, I’ve been looking forward to going out with Master…looking forward to it so much that I ended up preparing so early.」

Sakura said and smiled bashfully.

「Hmm, then let’s bring a bit more out to take to the store.」

All that was left to make the rest of the golems that would carry the boxes, then as I touched a tree…Hesty walked out from the trees carrying a box.
It was a box filled with magic stones.

「I chose, and brought, some magic stones. These are, the hardest magic, stones with the most, magic in them. They’re hard, to process, but if it’s you, then you can do it.」
「Oh, thank you.」

With this I can make smaller sized golems and an external golem arm attachment.
It might be possible to finish them before we leave.

「……oh, I forgot. Hesty-chan, are you coming with us to the festival?」
「n……can I come?」

Hesty asked with head tilted questioningly.
I was wondering why she even needed to ask when,

「I don’t want to, barge in on your, alone time.」

She said with a serious look on her face.
This Dragon King really pays attention to the needs of others.
Sakura and I unintentionally looked at each other. Then,

「No no, I like Hesty too, it’s fine with me you know?」
「Yeah. Just as Master said, you don’t need to hold back. You can come too ok? For me……I feel slightly disappointed that it won’t be just me and him, but even more so I want to see Master having fun with everyone…that would bring me great happiness.」

Sakura and I said, and Hesty seemed a bit troubled…

「n……then, I want to, go as well.」
「Ok, got it! Then before we go help carry some apples.」
「n, ok.」

And so, we prepared ourselves to leave for the festival.



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