Chapter 92: Way to Get to Town


I had taken about 3 floors worth of apples out and it turned out to be more than I’d imagined.

「Fuu~, 20 boxes huh…quite a lot.」
「Well it’s about half of our stock after all.」

The amount that the golems had been harvesting had decreased, but be that as it may, if time passed it’d still pile up.

After replacing the trees that I’d used, using other types of materials, and eating them…I hadn’t used too many, so it can’t be helped that the amount hadn’t decreased by much.

「Well, all that’s left is to make some golems to carry them.」

To carry everything we needed into town we needed to have 20 or so large golems.

……the sight of a group of golems marching along might be overly showy, but I think it’ll be fine.

So I thought when…

「Umm, Daichi-san. Do you have a moment?」

Ramiyuros walked outside while rubbing the sleep from her eyes.

「What’s up?」
「Well…umm…I’d like to go to the festival with everyone…is that…ok?」
「Go to town…I don’t really mind, but is your body alright to do so?」

It was just yesterday that she’d fallen, she should be pretty damaged.
Her scales hadn’t even had time to regrow.
Ramiyuros responded by hitting her chest with her hand,

「I’ve slept a lot on this land full of magic and stayed near Daichi-san who’s filled with magic, so I’ve already recovered a bit…it’s fine!」
「That’s some amazing recovery power…」
「It’s thanks to Daichi-san and everyone…and since I’m being a bother, I wanted to hurry and get better.」

Ramiyuros said with a wry smile and scratched at her cheek.

「Since I’ve recovered to this point, I can help Daichi-san and the humans. {Transform!}」

Ramiyuros shouted and was engulfed in smoke. When it cleared she had changed into a tawny scaled dragon.
However, see wasn’t the humongous size she was yesterday, she was 80 meters large. Even so, she was still big.

「Look, in this form I can carry your things, ok? I can also carry Daichi-san to leap and soar for a while.」

I was thinking of taking my time and letting the golems take the luggage and us, but riding her would be faster and easier. However,

「If the dragon that fell into town yesterday, jumped into town again today…it might not be great…just take us near the town.」

It’d be bothersome to cause a ruckus.
I thought when Hesty patted Ramiyuros’s body and said,

「…just in case, I will put my magic, coating on you. If we use this, they won’t see you, as a threat.」
「Oh, thank you Hesty.」

Let’s make use of anything that we can.

「Oh, that’s right. I need to put the coating on myself as well….hm」

It’d been a while but I remembered how.
I put it on and it felt like wearing armor made of air again, but it suppressed the overflowing magic from my body.

「Or so it should…can you tell Hesty?」
「n, it’s very good. It’s suppressing it, much better, than last time. Did you, practice?」
「Yep, I practiced a bit when I had time.」

I’m glad that I got Hesty’s seal of approval.

「With this, my prep is finished.」
「Well then, get on my back with the luggage.」

And so we carried the boxes onto Ramiyuros’s back when,


Ramiyuros suddenly shook.

「Huh, what’s wrong?」
「Ah, umm, sorry. That’s where a new scale is growing, so it’s sensitive and my voice came out.」

When I looked again I could see that the scale was colored differently.

「Oh, sorry. I’ll put it down slowly.」
「Un, I’ll be in your care.」

And so we continued to carry things onto her.

「I’ll be setting off, so find a place to cling onto. Just in case, things can be moved and fixed onto my scales with magic.」

Ramiyuros said then flapped her wings and began to hover.
Her scales were hard yet flexible and they fixed us and our luggage firmly to her.

All that’s left was to relax and wait while we flew to the city.

「I’m looking forward to the festival Master.」
「Me too.」

This would be the first time I’d seen the streets lively like this.
I’m looking forward to that a bit.

「Well then let’s go」
「Yeah Ramiyuros, I’m counting on you」

And so two dragon kings, a spirit, and I headed to the city of Prussia at night.



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