Chapter 93: Town’s Reaction and Dragon’s Reaction


The Knight Captain was standing near the Observation Squad on the highest terrace in the castle.

「Is there anything abnormal?」

He asked and one of the squad members responded.

「There are no problems Knight Captain.」
「That’s right. With such harsh defenses there aren’t any people who’d cause trouble.」
「If that’s so then good but……」

On the table there was a bottle of alcohol.
It was unopened of course, he couldn’t be drinking on the job.
He properly trained himself to have an on and off switch when he was on the job or in his free time but,

「Even though there’s a festival now, it’s only the first day, we can’t let our guard’s down.」
「Osu!」 (Roger!)

But then as the soldiers on the roof responded,

「!? Fr-from the west huge magical power is approaching! There are……three of them!」

A member of the scouts ran over filled with panic.
The soldiers who had been relaxing suddenly sat straight up and began to look around cautiously.
「Ah, everyone, it’s alright. Please calm yourselves.」

A kind voice said from the entrance of the room. The Knight Captain looked at the door and saw Anne standing there.

「A-Anne-dono? I thought you were looking out on the other side of town?」
「Yes. But after feeling such large magic power I came here……this magic power is definitely Aneue-sama. Un, and Daichi-sama is with her.」

Anne said while standing on the terrace and staring off into the distance.
When the soldiers heard the name Daichi, they started feeling tense in a different way.
It was a tension mixed with relief and maybe a bit of faith.

「Y-yeah, it’s the hero who protects he town?…..then that’s good.」
「For real, I thought my heart was gonna explode hahaha…」

They said with wry smiles.

「That being the case, you don’t need to do anything.」
「That’s right……that was a good drill. How to deal with a stressful situation, I’ll have to give Daichi-dono my thanks.」

The Scout Squad all looked at each other with strange looks on their faces. Then as the Knight Captain nodded to himself, they got back to work.

「Well then, I need to tell Dianeia that Daichi-dono has arrived. Someone send a messenger.」

Then as the Knight Captain was in the process of getting a messenger,

「……umm Anee-dono? What are you doing?」

Anne was standing on the edge of the terrace.

「Ahh, don’t worry about it. Recently I’ve been suffering from Aneue-sama deficiency and I was thinking of heading over for a bit. I’d be grateful if you tell Dianeia. I’ll be back soon.」
「Eh……? A-Alrig…ht?」
「Well then, see you later!」

And then in front of the panicking Knight Captain, Anne powerfully leapt from the floor of the castle.
Ramiyuros’s speed was pretty fast, it only took a few minutes before we reached Prussia.

「Well, let’s get off here.」

We were near the gate into Prussia.
If we got off here and went on foot, there shouldn’t be any problems.
Or so I thought…

「Master, there’s someone flying towards us from the front.」

I looked where Sakura was pointing and…


Anne was flying towards us with amazing speed and power.
Upon seeing that, Hesty quickly raised her hand.

「…..I wonder, if I can use magic to, counter attack. If I counter, then she’ll fall though…」
「Don’t. Ooii Anne! Get down here, then we can talk!」

She looked a bit strange but she came down easily.
However, in the process she grabbed hold of Hesty.

「Welcome Aneue-sama. Daichi-sama as well! Thank you for bringing Aneue-sama!」

Anne lowered her head while holding Hesty.

「I didn’t really bring her for you…but you noticed even though we put the coating on.」
「It’s Aneue-sama’s magic after all! I’ve been hit by it before, how could I not know it!」
「She’s, really, scary……」

Hesty feebly mumbled.
How should I say this…my condolences.

「Well, anyways Daichi-sama’s magic power is not something you can surpress even if you try. I could tell simply from the amount of power.」
「I put the coating on though?」

It doesn’t really feel like anything, but I do have it on.

「Yes, you do have it on. It’s just that when you approach, the power of an average Dragon King is leaking out.」
「I see…」

I’d gotten Hesty’s stamp of approval, but it looks like I’ve still got some ways to go.

「Anyways, let’s talk as we walk into town. There’s still some distance to the town and our store.」
「Ah, s-sorry. That’s right.」

And so we began to walk and talk.



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