Chapter 94.5: —Side Dianeia— Critical Situation x2


Dianeia was in her office making preparations for her teleportation.

「After I talk to the Princess I’ll return there. I need to set it……」

Since it’s that Princess she’ll go around wherever she wants during the festival, she could be left to her own devices. With that in mind Dianeia set her teleportation to Daichi’s shop.
And as she finished that…

「Princess. I have brought the First Princess.」

The Knight Captain said as he opened the door. Then,

「Onee-sama~ Good evening~~」

The Princess brushed past the Knight Captain and jumped into the office.
Her pretty dress swayed as she latched onto Dianeia.

「Yes, good evening Athena. However, you should keep your manners in mind when entering a room. Manners are important for a Princess.」
「Ah, ok! I’ll remember next time.」

Athena nodded obediently.

「Then ok. Have you been well?」
「Yep! I’ve been really well! I sped up my schedule so I could come to the festival and see the strong people~」

Athena said as she puffed up her chest with pride.
As Dianeia patted her head,

「That’s improper, Princess Athena.」

Another woman stepped into the room.
She was a slim and proper woman.

「Umm, you are?」
「Ahh, please excuse me Princess Dianeia (TN:she’s using oujo for Athena and hime for Dianeia…it’s hard to get this nuance) I am called Karen. Princess Athena was the one who found me.」

She said and bowed politely.
Dianeia could feel strong power from her body.
So this woman was the ‘private army’ Athena had talked about.
Dianeia thought she was indeed strong.

「Yes, best regards, Karen.」

Dianeia lightly responded.

「Y’know Onee-sama, Karen is amazing! She’s my combat teacher too!」
「Oh, is that so?」
「No no, I’m just teaching her the basics of the basics.」

Fufu, Karen lightly laughed. You could feel her composure from that simple laugh.
The Princess’s guard huh…she must be quite strong or she would’ve never been acknowledged by the king…
……she must be a strong warrior.

I wonder where she picked her up from.
Dianeia was about to ask Karen when someone spoke up.

「I’m sorry to interrupt you while you’re talking Dianeia-sama. Do you have a moment? There is a new Dragon King that’s come…」

Anne said as she walked into the room with a full-figured woman…

「……Dragon King?」

At that instant, Karen’s atmosphere completely changed.
Magic power exploded out from her body causing the very air around her to shake.
It was enough to cause fear for your life.

「You are……the Sky Dragon King Ramiyuros and Earth Dragon King Anne huh?」

With one glance Karen had seen through them.
But that didn’t cause Anne or Ramiyuros any surprise.

「And you are the Dragon King of Power, Karen…」
「Yes indeed. Are you coming or leaving?」

And so Anne and Ramiyuros released their magic power as well.
The enormous magic power clashed and caused the atmosphere within the room to warp.

「A, Ahh……」

The Knight Captain had backed away from the main source of the power, unable to approach, and the soldiers outside the room were already unable to move.
But, Dianeia was different.

……this isn’t good……Athena…at least Athena……

Among the people who had been rendered immobile, Dianeia alone stepped forward.
Feeling such a crisis, she took action to ensure Athena’s safety.

「Hya, Onee-sama……?」

Anywhere would be fine. For now she needed to get her away from here.
With that thought, she teleported without thinking of the consequences.

……with this, at least Athena would be safe.

Even if this room was destroyed instantly, she would be safe.
Dianeia thought as she once again looked at the situation in the room.

Ramiyuros, Anne, and Karen all approached each other and…


With a loud sound clasped their hands in a handshake.

「It’s been a while Ramiyuros! You doing alright!?」
「Yep I’ve been well Karen~」

From there they began shaking their clasped hands.
From their appearance, they seemed to get along well.

「And you too Anne! I’m happy to see you doing so well!」
「Yes, thank you very much Karen ane-sama.」
「……what’s going on?」

Dianeia was unable to understand what had just occurred.
The situation had been touch and go just a few seconds ago…what had happened?
She looked on in mute amazement as Anne bowed her head apologetically.

「I’m sorry. Karen ane-sama insists that when we of the same race greet each other, it be through clashing our magic power. She’s a bit of a muscle-head……」
「……I see…」

Dianeia realized she’d misunderstood what was going on.
She was so embarrassed…her cheeks turned red.

「I’m really sorry. I was about to tell you…but you moved very well.」
「Eh? Moved well?」
「Well, when Karen ane-sama emits her magic most people end up like that.」

Anne said and indicated the soldiers outside the room who couldn’t stand.

「W-well I suppose. Compared to Daichi-dono, this much is fine.」

She’d seen more powerful magic many times, and had experienced it well.

……thanks to that, she’d developed some resistance.

She would no longer leak with only a dragon king’s power.
She couldn’t be any more thankful to Daichi.

「Hey, Karen ane-sama apologize as well. The room is all cracked.」
「Umm…uhh…I’m sorry. I caused such a misunderstanding. I’ll reimburse you so please forgive me.」

Karen politely bowed her head.
Now she seemed like a well-mannered Dragon King.

「W-well, it’s alright even without the reimbursement.」
「I am thankful……by the way, where is Princess Athena? I took my eyes off of her during the greeting, and somehow, she disappeared.」

Dianeia just remembered.
She had teleported Athena.
Then she remembered where she’d set the teleportation.

「I-I sent her to Daichi-dono’s p-place…without permission…?」

The thought sent shivers down her spine and caused her to break out in a cold sweat.

「I-I may have really done it this time……」




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