Chapter 95: A Sight I Haven’t Seen in Quite Some Time


After I’d made the giant tree above the shop smaller so that it wouldn’t be a hindrance, I started cleaning up the shop.

Since I’d forcefully cultivated that giant apple tree, the store was a bit warped.
After fixing that, the interior was a bit ruined, so I had a bit to fix.

「At this rate it looks like we’ll only be able to open up tomorrow.」
「I suppose so. But I had been wanting to give this place a good cleaning, so this is the perfect opportunity.」

Sakura said with a smile as she continued to pile up the boxes of apples.

「Upsy daisy…well for now I’ll leave them like this.」
「Ok, thank you.」

After carrying a few more boxes in from the outside, all I’d have to do was get the mini-golems to begin the operation and we’d be set.
As I was thinking that things were going to plan, Sakura suddenly looked at an empty space.

「Ah, there’s a magic response. Something is arriving in the middle of the room Master.」
「Hm? What is it?」
「Ummm, the type of magical reaction indicates that it is from teleportation magic.」
「Huh, so you can tell that kind of stuff…if it’s teleporting then maybe it’s Dianeia?」
「I wonder. I don’t know for sure.」

She had told us that she’d guide us around town tonight…I wonder if she came for that?
I thought and looked at the center of the room. Then,

「Th-this is……?」

Against my expectations, what appeared was a small girl in a pretty dress.
Athena remembered her elder sister teleporting her.

……for her to be able to move to save her amidst the powerful magical maelstrom…she felt her sister was amazing.

As she thought that she looked around at where she’d been teleported to.
It was a spacious wooden room.

There were two people looking at her.

……maybe she’d accidentally entered some unknown person’s home.

She thought and was about to open her mouth when,


She could barely move her lips.
That wasn’t all, her body wouldn’t stop shaking.

After realizing the condition of her body she suddenly had a flash of understanding.

……wh-what is with this p-person’s magic power??

The magic that was overflowing from the woman’s body as he looked at her, completely overwhelmed and crushed her own.
Furthermore, the man next to her was even more powerful. A monstrously powerful magic gushed from his body causing her body to freeze.

……I-I’m going to die……

That thought exploded through Athena’s mind as she frantically began casting.
It was an emergency escape magic that her elder sister had taught her long ago.

「E-emergen-Emergency Telepo—……」

But her teeth wouldn’t stop chattering and her tongue was twisted.
She couldn’t speak out and use the magic.
At that moment,

「Oi, what’s wrong?」

She was scared out of her immobility when he called out.
At any rate she couldn’t stay here a second longer.
She needed to leave, now. She looked around and spotted the door to the room behind her and began to move towards it.

——at that moment the door opened.

「n, I’ve brought more, boxes. I’ll leave them,——huh? Who’s this girl?」

A white haired girl bumped into Athena as she was carrying a box inside, but the feeling didn’t stop at a simple bump, Athena could feel explosively powerful magic inside of the other girl.


Athena leapt backward and almost fell. But,

「Oioi, you’re staggering around…are you alright?」

The man with the monstrous magic power gently reached out and supported her with his hand.


This was Athena’s limit.
She collapsed to the ground on her butt.

「Fueee……」(crying sound)

And just like that, she spectacularly wet herself.



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