Chapter 96.5: —Side Dianeia— Unlimited Power


A short while after Princess Athena had been teleported.

Dianeia finished explaining the teleportation to Karen.
She was trying to calm Karen, who was frowning, by telling her that she’d sent Athena to an acquaintance’s house so it’s alright, but…

「Fumu, then this teleportation hasn’t put Princess Athena in danger?」
「Y-yeah. I trust Daichi-dono, furthermore he’s the strongest person I’ve ever met. Plus, this town is friendly with him so I don’t think anything bad will happen.」

He may be a bit angry because of the sudden teleportation.
That’s why Dianeia was preparing an apology for Daichi and preparing the knights to help him to appease any anger he might have…just in case.

……plus she had asked Anne and Ramiyuros to go ahead to help mediate.

After that, there wouldn’t be time for them to report back so she wouldn’t know the situation.
If he was truly angry, then she was prepared to apologize with a dogeza.

……after all, the fault lay completely with their side this time……

She’d feel grateful if only an apology was needed. But she kept the dogeza in mind just in case as she prepared. At that moment,


Karen’s head snapped to the side and looked out the empty window.

「Wh-what is it Karen-dono?」
「Just now I felt a colossal magic power. I felt it from a building in town….what was that……it’s an impossible amount of magic power….!?」
「O-ohhh……I see.」

Karen’s body was shaking.
For a Dragon King to have such a reaction, there was only one person qualified for such a reaction.
Actually, it was the person they were about to go meet.

「Karen-dono, the owner of that magic power is my acquaintance…actually he’s my benefactor. Please don’t worry about it.」
「Even if you say so……」

Karen’s eyes suddenly changed in the middle of that sentence.

They suddenly became cold and sharp.
The magic power flowing from her body suddenly changed.

「……just now the magic defenses on Princess Athena’s dress have been released. Were they forcefully erased? They shouldn’t deactivate unless she takes her clothes off……」

Karen said with a serious look on her face as she nervously observed the town.

「Does Prussia have any highway robbery?」
「W-well almost none. This city prides itself on good public order.」
「Even though that may be so, the dress’s magical defenses were cancelled……Did something happen to her body?」

Karen nodded and looked even more seriously out at the town.
Then after a few seconds she focused on a singular location.

The lower part of the window…where Daichi’s shop was…

「So the location of the Princess’s reaction and the colossal magic power are there huh?…..For it to be so close…just wait for me Princess Athena…!」

Karen yelled out in agitation and jumped onto the windowsill.

「U-ummm Karen-dono?」

Dianeia said as she approached to pull her back…

「I’m sorry Princess Dianeia. I’ll be going first. If I’m destroyed by the huge magic power, I’ll leave the aftermath to you……UOOOOOOOOOOO!!」
「W-wait please! K-Karen-dono!?」

Without even hesitating, Karen cried out as she leapt from the window.
Then with incredible speed she crashed to the ground and charged towards Daichi’s store.

「……T-this is really bad!」

A chill went down Dianeia’s back.

There was no time to prepare.
Dianeia immediately chased after her towards Daichi’s shop.



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