Chapter 96: Custody of a Person


My store’s intruder had panicked at first, but seemed calm now and was sitting on a chair.
She had changed from her wet clothes as well.

「Umm, thank you for the change of underwear……」
「It’s good that Hesty’s fit you. If you want to thank someone, thank her.」
「Don’t worry. I know, you had coating, but I forgot to tell you, not to touch people.」

Hesty said as she carried boxes of apples inside.

「Umm, and I’m sorry for dirtying the store. Umm……Daichi onii-san.」

Seems like I’ve naturally become an onii-san.
It’s a bit embarrassing, but age-wise it fits so it can’t be helped. Well, setting that aside,

「It’s alright. I just had to manipulate the floorboards a bit to clean it. ——Uh, Athena right? You came here from Dianeia’s place right?」
「Y-yes. That’s right.」

I already had a tentative grip on the situation.
Apparently there was some sort of a fight at the castle and she was sent here. In that case, they’ll be here soon enough.

I’m next to the castle after all.
I’m not especially busy so I suppose I can look after her for a little while.
I can’t go kicking people out into the cold of the night now can I?

……though I do have a problem with people randomly teleporting into my place.

Furthermore, it was sudden for Athena as well, she’s still jumpy.

「Hey Athena.」
「Hya Yeas! W-what is it!?」

This happens whenever I call out to her. She freezes up.

「Haa, you know, you don’t have to be so wound up ok?」
「Y-yes ok!」

This isn’t working. She’s completely wooden.
If she continues with this level of mental stress there’s a definite possibility for another leak.

Her replacement underwear would become useless and the floor would be dirty again.

……It’d be good if there was something that could reduce her nervousness.

As I thought on that problem…


I heard a gulping sound from Athena.
I was wondering what was up when I saw she was looking at the golem making juice behind the counter.

「Umm, Athena…are you thirsty?」
「Eh? Ah, umm……I am…a little bit.」

That was reasonable given both how much she leaked and how much nervous sweat she had produced.
She was probably suffering from a lack of fluids.


It was a small sized golem I’d made using the materials I’d brought.

「Bring the test product.」

I said and the golem moved briskly behind the counter.

「Eh……you can use such a complex golem without using a wand or staff?」
「Use…I only use them because it’s convenient.」

It’s not like it has any particular will, consciousness, or instructions.

「It can move that well without any will or consciousness……that’s amazing.」

As she watched the golem, Athena became slightly less nervous.
I noticed it when I got into town…but golems might be popular with kids.

I should ask Dianeia, I thought as the mini golem came back.
It was carrying two steaming cups on a tray.

I picked them up and handed one to Athena.

「Here, drink it. It should give you a bit more pep.」
「Ah……it’s warm desu. But what is it……?」
「Hot apple cider(juice)」

The golems with magic stones in them could heat those stones as they squeezed the juice creating this drink.
Then you need to dilute it with water so people can drink it…that’s the trial product.

「Yep, the apples have been watered down quite a bit, but it should taste fine.」

From a single sip it tasted just like normal apple juice. It’d be good if we lightly seasoned it as well.
I think we could sell this.

As she watched me drink it normally, Athena tentatively tasted the juice. Then,


Then she lightly breathed in and out through her mouth.
It seems like she needed to cool off a bit.

「Well, Dianeia will be here soon, so just relax here. When they get here I’ll take you out to meet them.」
「O-ok. Thank you……!」

And so I continued readying the shop as I looked after Dianeia’s acquaintance.



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