Chapter 97: The Many People Who Come Across You


「Kn-Knight Captain! I-I’m prepared to stop them with my life on the line! I-I’ll leave the aftermath to you!」

Leaving that sentence behind, Dianeia teleported from the castle to the area near Daichi’s store.
But she didn’t see Karen there. However, she did feel a lot of magic power coming from inside the shop.

Daichi’s store was surrounded by a giant tree filled with magic power so it had quite a bit of sound-proofing and defensive power. So, when you looked from the outside you wouldn’t be able to hear there was anything wrong except for a small commotion.

「This is bad!」
She could feel both Daichi and Karen’s presence inside of the store.

The worst case scenario would be a clash between Karen and Daichi.
She could already predict who’d win, but she hoped Karen wouldn’t challenge him…
…however she knew that Karen was attached to Athena.

So, if Athena acknowledged Daichi as an enemy…a fight might break out.
……even if a fight didn’t break out, her greeting was to hit each other with magic power.

To Daichi that might appear to be a hostile act.
This situation was really bad.

The town might be destroyed.

Daichi was considerate of people who were amiable…but he was merciless to his enemies.
She knew that best of all.

……How could she…stop them?

Would she be able to mediate?
If she were to get between a Dragon King and Daichi while they were fighting, all that’d be left for her was to wait for death.

Though she had met and interacted with many Dragon Kings by now, those women were originally incomparably stronger than humans. Even though Dianeia was training herself so she wouldn’t lose out to them, right now she was still too weak.

「Still……I can’t just stand by the sidelines and watch as a full on war starts.」

And above all, while a Dragon King’s anger was scary…she was much more frightened of Daichi’s anger.
She wanted to run away right now, but she was reaping what she’d sown. She couldn’t just abandon everything like this.

「Let’s go……」

She forced her shaking legs forward as she put her hand on the door to the store.

「Sorry Daichi-dono! I’m coming in!」

Then she looked in and saw——

「Thank you very much for taking care of our Princess. Furthermore, I’d like to thank you for the wonderful refreshments.」
「Don’t mind it. I couldn’t just leave her like that.」
「No, even so, thank you very much. I’m thankful for happening across such a strong person like yourself.」

Karen was politely conversing and bowing to Daichi.

「Daichi-oniisan, this juice is good. Can I have another?」
「Drink as much as you let out.」
「Uuu, you’re teasing me Daichi-oniisan……」
「Haha sorry sorry.」

Furthermore, Daichi and Athena were strangely friendly and intimate.


Dianeia looked on in blank astonishment.
「Oh! You’re finally here Dianeia?」

A few minutes after Athena was teleported here, Dianeia finally arrived.

「Th-this…what happened?」
「What happened? You sent Athena here and her guardian came…so I’m handing her over…that’s all.」

The woman named Karen, had politely knocked on the door and called out.
I was surprised that a person I didn’t know was knocking on my front door. However, she was very polite and didn’t seem like a bad sort.

She was Athena’s friend and protector, plus Hesty knew her, so I invited her inside.

「Really, thank you very much. If Daichi wasn’t here I would’ve despaired……」

I just went with the flow when I decided to care for Athena. I’ve been thanked so much that I feel a bit embarrassed.

Well anyways, I’m glad I could hand the girl over to her guardian.

「I heard that the teleportation was an emergency. I suppose it couldn’t be helped, but try not to be so rash next time ok?」

I had heard from them that Dianeia had teleported Athena when she thought a fight was breaking out.
I understand it couldn’t be helped because it was an emergency, but I’d like to be told beforehand if you set my store as a teleportation point.

So I lightly admonished the woman who stood frozen at the front door but,

「N? Oi, are you listening?」

Her face looked as if she had lost her spirit and she collapsed onto the floor. Then,

「Thank goodness……」
She said as tears started to fall from her eyes.

「Oioi, what’s wrong?」
「N-nothing. I just fired myself up for no reason.」

She said and wiped her eyes and stood up. But she was abnormally pidgeon-toed.

「Oi, did you……」
「Th-this time it’s alright! A bit came out, but my underwear stopped it! I didn’t dirty the floor!」

That’s not the issue here.
Why does this Witch Princess relax everything including her bladder?
I really didn’t expect my store to be watered twice on the first day. Though the second time was only an attempt.

「……well, I guess it can’t be helped. Go get changed.」
「O-ok. Thank you for your concern Daichi-dono……I will apologize and guide you around town, so could you give me some of your time tonight?」
「Ok fine, but you’re wasting time, so go change and come back.」

Thank you! And Dianeia teleported back.

「But still, we’ve got a lot of guests tonight……」

I’d made the living space quite large, but it was almost full.
Hesty, her acquaintance Karen, her charge Athena, Dianeia, then us.

It looks as though the festival tonight will be lively.



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