Chapter 98: Information Before Enjoying the Festival


Dianeia had changed and returned. Then Athena, Karen, and Dianeia once again bowed.

「Well then once again let’s introduce ourselves. I am one of the Dragon Kings, Karen. I have come here as Princess Athena’s protector.」
「I am Athena. I am a Princess who lives in the Capitol with father…I mean the King.」

A princess and her private forces huh?
First time I’m hearing it.
Why are people of such social status gathering in my store?

My store had been empty till now, but all of a sudden it’s gotten full.
Though it is busy right now,

「There aren’t any customers here for the grand opening…….」
「I-I’m really sorry. I’ll be more careful with my teleportation.」
「Yeah, please do.」

As long as you understand then it’s alright.
But I’m just wondering how long these princesses are planning on staying in my store.

「It’s already pretty late, is it alright if you don’t go back?」

I asked and Athena looked a bit troubled as she looked at me.

「Daichi-oniisan I have something to ask, would you listen?」
「I don’t mind listening, what is it?」
「Un, it’s about what our objective was in coming to this town……Karen can I tell him?」
「I think it should be fine. There would be no way for our movements to go unnoticed by such a strong man. Plus, Hesty is one of the most experienced Dragon Kings.」

After obtaining Karen’s support, Athena began to speak.
(TN: The Elemental Spirit is vague as to whether there is one or many so keep that in mind)
「…….actually The Four Elemental Spirit(s) (Earth, Water, Fire, Wind) ran away from the Royal Capital’s treasury.」
「What? The Four Elemental Spirit(s) should be the country’s defensive trump card….they ran away?」
「Un, for some reason they drilled a hole through the treasury and ran. So we came here to capture the run away spirit. This is the order of the country and my father.」

Athena said and gazed out the window.

「The spirit has a nature that seeks the most magically rich area. So we came to Prussia with the most magically inclined people. Plus the festival was happening which improved the chances further.」
「I see, so things are stacked in your favor? …….I would’ve been happy if you’d told me so in the first place.」

Dianeia said while frowning and Athena bowed her head.

「I’m sorry Onee-sama. We were in such a rush that we only sent news that we were coming and I was going to tell you in person.」
「I see. I teleported you before you were able to tell me. So now I’m getting this information.」
「Un, and Daichi-oniisan is here as well. I’m glad I could tell him.」
「Hm? Why does this matter to me?」

According to this conversation, this really doesn’t have anything to do with me.

「Umm well, it’s because Daichi-oniisan has such huge magic power. The spirits should be drawn to you.」
「Oh…I see. But would drawing them to me cause anything bad?」

I asked and Athena shook her head.

「With Daichi-oniisan’s power, there should be no harm. However, there will be trouble if we try to catch it during the height of the festival. I am apologizing in advance if we interrupt your fun. that’s why I thought of telling you now.」

Fumu fumu, so she might end up putting a damper on the festivities.
Well, I can tolerate that much.

「If it doesn’t cause me any real harm, then I don’t really mind.」

I’ll just enjoy myself moderately. It’d be good if no one interferes with everyone’s fun.
It’s good that I can prepare myself for any trouble this time.

「Thank goodness. Then we can collect the spirit without worrying right Karen?」
「Yes. We will begin tonight…….it’s almost time so shall we depart?」
「Un, thank you for tonight Daichi-oniisan. I’m glad I could meet an Onii-san-like person on my first night here.」

Athena said as she smiled.
I don’t really remember doing much of anything, but it’s good as long as she’s happy.

「You really saved me. I will show my gratitude on another day.」
「Ok, see ya」
「Thanks Daichi-oniisan. I’ll see you tomorrow~」

They said as they left for the castle.
Only Dianeia was left in my store.

「So…why are you the only one left?」

I asked and she answered while blushing.

「W-well, I was going to guide you around. I showed you a disgraceful sight, and I was hoping to make up for this mistake tonight by guiding you around.」
「Hm? You have a lot to do as Princess right? You don’t really have to guide me you know?」

Things like gathering spirits sound like it’s gonna be an ordeal.
I was wondering if she didn’t need to help out.

「Yeah, there may come a time when they ask for my assistance, but as of now, they have not. Furthermore…….it may be selfish but….I want to prioritize going around the festival with you over my duties as a princess…」

She said with red cheeks and a voice that seemed like it would disappear at any moment.
Well, if she wanted to then I had no reason to stop her.

「Alright, I’ll leave the guidance to you.」
「…why are you surprised?」

She was the one who asked to do it.

「W-well I thought you might refuse……I showed you such a disgraceful sight after all…」

This and that are different things.

「Well, I’m thankful for someone generous like Dianeia guiding us…someone who knows the town.」
「I-I see. Thank goodness……Th-then leave everything to me! I know every place from the famous to the hidden!」
「Ok, we’ll be in your care Dianeia.」

And so we decided to head out into the night.



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