Prologue: Waking up, My House Was in a Different World


When I woke up I was in a different world.

After work, I attended a boring end of the year party and I finally left on the last train. I got back to my house (2LDK one story) and collapsed and slept right in the foyer when,

「Uh errrrrrrrrrr……….?」

Where am I?
When I opened my eyes I saw another world from the still open doorway.

My house may not have been very close to the train station, but it wasn’t far enough that it should be stuck in the middle of a dense forest.

Moreover, there was never a dragon in the sky….I wonder, is this real?
I must still be half asleep…but when I pinch my cheeks it still hurts.

—–also, I still haven’t slept enough and my head hurts.

While thinking in the entranceway I rub my eyes vigorously, and suddenly hear a voice speak up.

「Ohh, such powerful magic!!」

It’s a shrill woman’s voice. My house is made of wood so it echoes through it.
I look through the doorway with drowsy eyes and see a woman in a tricorne hat in the distance.

「Ho-however Archmage-sama! With such fierce magic power, the witch corps can’t approach!」
「U-mhmm yes. This was unforeseen, it’s too strong! Like this, far from using it, we can’t even touch it. As expected, even if it is the world’s most powerful staff this is it’s limit when summoning something from the Earth Vein!」

Huh, what’s this, this witch girl cosplay group?

They’re making quite a ruckus outside my door, but aren’t they being quite a nuisance for the neighborhood?
That’s what was in my sleep-deprived and aching head.
That shrill voice echoed in my ears.
I went outside to drive them away,

「Being so loud early in the morning, Shut up you guys!!」

I purposefully yelled loudly. The next moment—

In front of my eyes a wind storm flew forward.
Then, when the wind reached them, the witches were completely blown away.


I just raised my voice to drive them away, what’s this?
About ten people were blown away and crashed into trees.

「hi……a……what…..was that…..」
「A storm of magic power hit us… it a m-monster?」

The witches were unsteadily getting up, and the way they looked over here was greatly changed. Their eyes held fear as if they were staring at a monster.

「I-I’m sorry………..please don’t kill us!」
「Fu, Fueeeeeee……」 (crying)

There were girls who were crying, sitting in despair, and some that had wet themselves.
Just a yell had created such a big disaster.

「Th-this is…..Ar-Archmage-sama!」
「Y-yes, if we were to move any closer it’d be bad! Retreat at once! -Emergency escape-!」
「R-roger that! -Emergency Escape-!」
As the phrase was shouted out, *Poof*, they disappeared.
What? What? Looking at a guy’s face like he’s some kind of monster is rude.

I looked at the mirror in the foyer and all I saw was a lazy looking bearded man.

「Witches and teleportation huh…..I’ve really come to another world haven’t I?」

However, despite my age, I was getting excited by the situation I found myself in.



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