Side Chapter 1: –Witch Princess Side — The Dragon’s True Colors and Dianeia’s Shock and Fear


The Witch Princess, Dianeia, has been pressured by business and work.
The cause for this, is that the fire dragon that they’d obtained by chance the other day had sold for a price that was higher than they’d imagined, and a sizable fortune had just entered into the royal family’s hands.

「How should I use this? My mind can’t keep up with what’s happening….」

As the second princess her job was handling governmental affairs of the royal capital.
However, she completely immersed herself in studies to become an archmage, and was not really good at much else except for magic.

And this magic that she was so proud of, was completely useless against that kind monster.

It’s so pathetic…….

And so she let out a long sigh while she sat at her official desk.

「Dianeia-sama! Excuse me, there is a report from the Knights!」

A man in silver armor rushed into the office.


「Well isn’t it the Knight Captain, so flustered that you didn’t even knock before you came in…」
「Excuse my discourtesy, but there’s good news! This is incredible news, the number of flying dragons in the Dragon Valley seems to be decreasing!」
「Is that true!?」

To the West there exists the Dragon Valley and a certain forest called 「The Forest of Evil (Temptation)」 the dragons’ habitat is near the city and the forest.
Every year the flying dragons cause damage and losses to merchants traveling in this country, this was a worrying problem, but

「And what’s more, is that the amount of damage has clearly decreased! Especially in 「The Forest of Evil」 the number of dragons flying has fallen, at this rate we might not need to give out anymore requests to adventurers for them!」
「I see……this is certainly good news.」

The evil forest’s monsters and beasts were mostly lorded over by the dragons.
As the country neighboring the forest, they always had requested the help of adventurers, and even now there is a need for careful risk management and observation.
Though, if the number of dragons decreased then it may be possible to save some money on this.

「This is some good information you’ve given me, thank you」
「Yes.—– Ahh, and there’s one more piece of information to report」

The Knight Captain lowered his tone of voice.

「This is top secret information but apparently the 「Great Dragon」 was seen falling into the 「Evil Forest」 or so it was reported」
「The 「Great Dragon」 you say!? That thing fell!?」

That top secret dragon is the dragon with the highest rank among the dragons there.
It is an abnormally small dragon with rainbow colored scales as its identifying feature, it excels in both mobility and magical defense, any ordinary magic will be useless against it.

Its speed is the fastest among all the rest and the first time that a battalion from this country fought against it, they were eaten and scattered in minutes, it’s a powerful specimen. And yet,

「Thi-this… did it fall?」
「Apparently it received an attack from the ground deep inside the forest. It fell and has not returned to the skies.」
「This attack was an abnormally dense and powerful magic shockwave. The observer lost consciousness due to the shockwave and was unable to observe any further, at any rate we will send someone to….」
—-You must not investigate!

Dianeia yelled without thinking.
Her normally calm and collected attitude was gone in an instant and the Knight Captain was stunned at the sudden change.

「…….Listen Knight Captain. You must not send anyone to observe that location.」

We must absolutely not be rude.

「That is not a place where we can investigate but instead 「A place you must be allowed to visit」 」

Dianeia’s voice began to sound more and more frightened as she continued.
She shivered a little and her face became pale.

Ahhhhh, I’m only remembering it and I still got scared.
I’ve got to tell the Knight Captain as well.

「It…it can’t be. Princess do you think that the Earth Vein man that you summoned killed the……」
「Yes, that’s why you shouldn’t approach Knight Captain. Over there is an extraordinary monster that I am indebted to. Until the right time comes, by all means do not approach.」
「I….I—–I understand and obey!」

As the Knight Captain left in a tizzy, Dianeia wiped the cold sweat off of her forehead.
Just remembering that terrifying and overwhelming monster…..


Suddenly she realized that she’d slightly wet herself.

「…..Just by remembering it and this happens. How weak and frightened I’ve become.」

Panting and shaking, Dianeia went to prepare a new set of pants.



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