Side Chapter 2 –Witch’s Country Prussia— The National Leader’s and Grand Mage’s Natural Disaster


Late at night Dianeia brought the pitch black dragon along with her to the castle, the Knight Captain came out to greet her.

「Dianeia-sama, what is this!?」

Only he and myself work on governmental affairs till this time of the night.
Therefore, that is the reason I brought this prey with special circumstances this late at night.

「For the time being…..let’s just say that this was a dragon that was scorched and burned by my spell. When you change this into money place it into the national treasury.」
「Bu……but the shape of this scale is from a high class dragon!? Wait, for scales that can reflect magic to be in such a state!」

You can tell the class of the dragon by the differences in their scales.

However, unless you’re accustomed with judging them you won’t be able to distinguish one from another.
The Magic Knight Captain met those requirements.

「So it really was a high class dragon.」
「Yes, there’s no mistake! For this to be burnt black——-is it possible that your skills have improved again Princess?」

The Knight Captain grinned broadly and laughed.

「You’ve been stuck at the border between Grand Mage and Super Class Mage for quite some time but, me oh my you were able to overcome it by yourself. As your former magic tutor I am overjoyed.」

For magicians there are grades like first grade, second grade, etc. Then there are ten Grand grades. After Grand there is Super, and after that there is Legend or Mythic Class, the highest class of magic.

In other words, according to this country’s ranking system, Dianeia is third from the top.

「I’m weak….Knight Captain.」
「Ahhh again with the modesty. There aren’t even 10 Grand Magicians in the country and you still say you’re weak…..」
「…’re wrong. This was…I only borrowed the Earth Vein Man’s power to do this, that’s all.」

Hearing that, the Knight Captain tilted his head in confusion.

「Borrowing power? What do you mean?」
「Haaaaa…I thought that since it was you, you’d understand Magic Knight Captain……it was 『Addition』. And furthermore it was just from touching me.」
「…… mean he did Addition so easily…just by touching you? Are you sure there’s not some mistake…..」

There’s no mistake.

I remember that sensation even now, it was Addition.

「But that shouldn’t be able to happen unless you do some sort of ritual you know!?」
「Yeah, originally that should be so…but all he had to do was touch me and it happened.」

Transferring magic, said technique is considerably difficult to do.
Even a very temporary conferral of power is extremely difficult without proper preparations.

「If he can do that then he might be around the level of a Super Class Magician….」
「Yes, though for now I can’t tell if he’s a Super Class or a Legend Class Mage but either is possible…」

In the country there is only one Super Class Mage, but I feel like they’ve done similar things.
It’s at the level of legend and rumor but there is such a story. However,

「What you should notice is what the Earth Vein Man did, that is to say, he went easy on me and permitted me to continue on living.」
「That’s right isn’t it. Addition is a technique that has some risks after all…」

If too much magic power was poured into someone then there is the danger of the recipient exploding from the inside.
But, that didn’t happen.

……..I fear that it’s likely that was only due to his consideration.

Though I first thought it was only luck, it was probably that strong and gentle monster.

I think he must have suppressed his power to the very limit in consideration of my body.

「I didn’t expect for his mastery of magic to be so incredible. I can say that he shouldn’t be anything less than a Super Class Mage.」
「This isn’t registered in the Magic Society….but at that time I felt more fear and respect than surprise. I couldn’t control my own power as it was released, and I felt more dead than alive.」

Still, if that didn’t happen I would’ve probably been eaten by a high class dragon.
It’s more than good enough to be left with my life, Dianeia thought.

「Haaaa…….such a problem. —Not only has the Dragon King been moving around more making everything more dangerous, there’s such a monster inside of the forest.」

Ahh, there was such a report like that.

「The dragons are decreasing which might be causing the, previously idle, Dragon King to move.」
「And for some reason the Wolf People’s attacks have decreased as well…」

Before the wolf people would attack and rob adventurers, merchants, and farmers traveling to the royal capital. Now, however, they have been quietly remaining in the forest.

There are apparently even some that mingle with the people in the capital. It’s a change that makes it seem like a new leader has taken over.

「Going forward please confirm, I thought that a young and lively wolf person had become the leader….I wonder if he died?」
「Who knows, I don’t… but I feel like this is some sort of warning preceding a natural disaster.」
「That’s for sure. Rather than worrying about him, it would be better to worry about our own country first.」

Fuu, and the two in charge of the governmental affairs of the capital both heave a heavy sigh.



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