Side Chapter 3 – Sakura – The loved one of the 50 year old house


Sakura was looking at her Master who was sleeping on her lap, as she began to reminisce about her past.

It was a memory of when I was in Japan, where my existence had yet to develop. 50 years ago was the time I managed to secure the Dragon Vein’s and at that time, Master’s parents and grandfather moved in, it was only after Master had been born that my consciousness started to fully develop. To a certain extent, it can be said that both Master and I were born at the same exact time.

However, I was a spiritual being. When a year passed by, both my intelligence and my body would grow up at once. Therefore, I’ve always watched over him.

Since Master was a baby, always. As he was growing up, and running around the house, I’ve always been by his side. At the beginning, all I thought was, “oh he’s such a kid” or “he’s so small”. In reality, my existence was already strong, and I underestimated the beings known as humans……However, at that time I didn’t understand anything.

When a house did not have anyone to live in it, it will lose its purpose for existing. The fact that if no one was living in me, my only fate was to rot away as I disappeared from existence. There was a time where, he, his grandfather and parents went out on a trip, for a long while before coming back.

I was so lonely, I was in so much pain…

It was then I realized. A house that doesn’t have any livelihood, a house without a person living in it, was something I was extremely afraid of becoming. So much so that the significance of my existence felt like it was trembling and that it could disappear at any moment.

That was the first time I thought to myself, that I did not want to disappear. I did not want to die…

「That’s why—the first time Master came back from his trip, I felt so relieved」

When he was younger, he returned to the house with a radiant smile as he said “I’m home!”. Those words became my saving grace. He made me feel that I was someone worth coming back home to.

From then on, I’ve always, always, always, always loved him dearly.

Even when he was a young boy, or the time he became a young man, or when he became an adult, I’ve continuously watched over him. Even after his grandfather passed away, and even after his parents passed away, he was the only one who continued to live here, and it made me worship him to a crazy extent.

—But, he could not see my existence.

It was a natural thing. Things like spiritual beings, could not manifest themselves in the present age of Japan. Therefore, whenever he would stare at an empty ceiling somewhere, and I felt that our gazes would meet, I was so ecstatic that I felt I could die from the happiness.

—-And then at the new world, when he finally acknowledged my existence, I was so glad that tears fell down my face. “Sakura” he called me by my name, and he told me that he needed me, I felt really blessed. For him to remember me and to think about me, knowing this is truly—.

「Only he is fit to be my Master, Only he is allowed to reside in me, He is the only person」

In order to protect me, he wields his power, In order to heal me, he provided me with his body and we joined together. Although I could still feel a faint sense of pain in my stomach, even that felt precious.

「My Master….I love you so dearly. My everything, is your possession. That’s why, no matter what, I want to be together with you, for eternity……」



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