I Became a Living Cheat

Author: 三木なずな

Original Web Novelリアルでレベル上げしたらほぼチートな人生になった

Schedule: 3 chapters a week. (Week starts from Monday to Sunday).

Alternate Titles:

  1. (リアルでレベル上げしたらほぼチートな人生になった);
  2. Riaru de Reberu Age Shitara Hobo Chītona Jinsei ni Natta;
  3. I Almost Became a Living Cheat When I Raised my Level in Real Life

Synopsis:  If it is possible to “raise a level”, no matter how monotonous the work I can continue it forever —–Natsuno Taiyou.  A talent that is supposedly only useful in a game , has suddenly become useful in real life?! Power was given by the fairy which allowed Taiyo to level up in real life, Immediately he attempted to raise his level by performing monotonous work, however he ended up decreasing his charm instead!——– Nevertheless, his charm level which was originally at 0 points, was actually raised to a ridiculous figure of “65535”! Taiyo is aiming to reach level 100. Furthermore he wants to fully enjoy his harem life filled with 7 beautiful brides.

Cover Illustrations

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Volume 6

Chapter 225, Chapter 226, Chapter 227, Chapter 228, Chapter 229, Chapter 230, Chapter 231, Chapter 232, Chapter 233, Chapter 234, Chapter 235, Chapter 236, Chapter 237, Chapter 238, Chapter 239, Chapter 240, Chapter 241, Chapter 242, Chapter 243, Chapter 244, Chapter 245, Chapter 246, Chapter 247, Chapter 248, Chapter 249, Chapter 250, Chapter 251, Chapter 252, Chapter 253, Chapter 254


  1. I say this is awesome! First time I saw the teaser of this, I got really frustrated that it didn’t become an active project then finally! Here you are translating it!

    — Thanks for taking it on! ^^. I’ll be awaiting for the updates~!

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  8. By raising his levels, his charms decreases. So how did his charms skyrocketed over 65k?

    • He caught protagonist syndrome when he leveled up. Symptoms include plot armor, abnormally high encounter rate with beautiful and omen, and excreting a potent pheromone that makes one irresistible to the opposite sex. The kind of illness all men dream of contracting.

    • Bad Coding? Essentially his original Charm Stat was at least 0 at the start, and by doing monotonous work (a.k.a. grinding) He accumulated enough XP to level-up at the cost of 1 Charm Point, but since the coding on his level-up ability does not cover the negatives so the -1 Stat automatically turned to max. Why 65535? That’s the max number coding, could recently employ.

      • 65535 was the max stat in Mu Online perhaps the author is a fan of the game

      • 65536=2^16
        therefore a 16-bit value stored in a computer can only have values in the range 0-65535
        The software running his life apparently stores stat values in 16-bit registers
        It used to be very standard back when computers had much much less memory than they do today.
        apparently, The Universe runs on an old 1980s era PC.

    • it is a buffer overflow. it occurs sometimes in computing, you have a container that can only hold numbers from 0-10 so when you try to put 11 it either becomes 10 or it becomes 0. what happened is that the stat was at 0 so when he leveled it became -1. because -1 cannot be stored it wrapped around to the other end of the spectrum.

  9. I Just found it recently, and it good i like so..

  10. Just how many chapters are in volume 1?

  11. I was wondering, what kind of LN is this? 18+, PG-13 or without any of that stuff. I did not find any info on the googlez

  12. Please more chapter please…. by the way this novel became very popular in the Facebook group oda nobuna translation group so please put more priority on this one 😉

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    If you are open to suggestions you could do an image dump Google Doc. and put the link for it in the TOC page.

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  26. Hi there. Thnx for tl.can I know raw links as one on syosetsu seems to be deleted.

  27. Is there an new source of the raw web novel?

  28. I’m about 1/3 through and i’m wondering… What happened to seeing his stats? There hasn’t been a stat sheet since he was level 7. And his other stats (agi, mag, luck) weren’t included. I find it frustrating since the status and leveling up are actually the original main focus of the novel with the harem being secondary.

  29. I couldn’t read everything, the reason was that even people were going to attract him by the pochi he just went to their base instead of stopping and up some lvl to get some skills and attributes to get stronger

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