Chapter 10: Twelve Islands


The sweet atmosphere which existed between the two several seconds ago, was blown away without a single trace or vestige.

「Kazane? 」

A puzzled Taiyou.

The petite girl known as Kazane whom was still being wrapped around his arms had a surprised look on her face, and he could see, it was like she was frightened by something.

「What’s wrong, did something happen? 」

「Koto-chan and Suzu-chan are feeling scared」

「They are scared? How come—-」

Kazane interrupted what Taiyou’s was about to speak with a look that said, “You understand don’t you?”

The memory of the event in in which he asked Kotone various questions, resurfaced within his mind. Amongst the three girls, the thing known as telepathy exists between them, and even if they were apart they were able to clearly sense and convey each other’s emotions/feelings.

When he was asking them about their psychic connection, he didn’t really fully believe in it, but now that he was seeing in action, he completely believes in their telepathy.

This is because, the blue pale face Kazane had on her face, told the whole story. If she was acting this out, she would receive an Academy Award.

「Where are they? 」

「Eh? 」

「Where are they located? Are you able to discern such info? 」

「Ye, yeah…….Only the direction they are in though」

Although she was a little puzzled by Taiyou’s question, she began to look at the general direction her sisters were in. without asking another question and looking slightly worried/concerned, she was trying to show him the direction her two elder sisters were located in.

「Alright, let’s go」

「Ye, Yeah! 」

The two people headed off. They went out of the park, and they stuck to the residential area whilst running.

Kazane appeared to be running at her full speed however, it would seem that she was about to be left in the dust by Taiyou’s speed at any moment now.

Although there was obviously some differences between a man and woman’s constitution, in this case there was just too big of a gap between them. She was only 130 centimetres, standing at the height of a primary school kid and the distance every step she took could not be compared to Taiyou’s long strides.

Taiyou halts his running, and for the time being he let her catch up to him—-.

「Taiyou—-Hyaa! 」

When she reached close to him, he suddenly grabbed her hands and picked her off her bottom and held on to her in his arms.

It was the so-called (AKA) princess-carry, he was embracing her in this posture as he continued to sprint.

「Ta ta ta Taiyou-san? 」

「If we do it this way it will be much faster, Please bear with it」

「O, Ok」

「Which way! 」

「Ta, Take the right…….Then a left」

「I understand! 」

With Kazane’s navigation I was able to dash and weave through the dark residential area.

Whilst he was doing this he started to think that the situation was getting worse and worse by the minute.  If you ask why, it is because Kazane whom is in his arms, her face became more and more pale and her body started to tremble/shiver repeatedly.

The triplet sisters convey their pure feelings mutually between each other with telepathy. When he saw Kazane shivering in fear to this extent, he thought that the two sisters must be in deep trouble.

Influenced by her condition, Taiyou was feeling really anxious.

「Do you know what’s happening to them? 」

「I don’t know, back when we were kids, we could have done it though」

「In that case, is there something that comes to mind? Anything that may help? 」

「That is… Perhaps it’s……」

Even now Kazane had a face which seemed to be able to cry at any moment.

「I think it’s…….my father」

That’s what she just said.

「Your father? 」

Taiyou had troubled eyebrows. (Note: he puckers his eye brows) Why would they be so afraid of their own father? Is what he was thinking right now.

Don’t tell me it’s DV? For one second this thought came into his mind. (Note: DV is = domestic violence)

「Over there, a right」

「There they are! 」

As she said it, when we took a right turn, we could see the figures of the two girls.

Kotone and Suzune, Both of these girls, similar to how Kazane was, were so pale that he could see it from a long distance away.

And then he also found the main reason as to why Kazane and the girls were feeling so scared.

What he saw was, a middle aged man and a woman wearing a suit saying something to the two sisters, whilst slowly cornering them into the wall.

「Kotone! Suzune! 」


Their voice was harmonious. (They spoke at same time) The moment they saw Taiyou, it was like the two of them saw their saviour, and their facial expressions were filled with relief.

Just like that Taiyou quickly rushed over to them, and he moved in between the man and woman trying to bother the two sisters.

「Sorry I’m late, are you girls alright? 」

He was trying to defend the two sisters, almost as if he was trying to use his wide back to cover them up from the other party.

「Yeah, we are fine」

「In that case, that’s good」

For the time being, he made it in time and he felt relieved. Thereupon, he switched his focus back on the man and woman.

Looking at the man, he seemed to be around his mid-forties. He had a relaxed face, an unshaven beard and crumpled up clothing, it was the kind of getup that implied he was not a prim and proper adult.

On the other hand the woman seemed to give the complete opposite atmosphere/ambience/aura. She was wrapped around by a tight skirt suit, breasts that were about to explode/spill out of her top. Contrasted with a slim figure that was thin as a sharp blade and has been properly honed and exercised, that was the kind of atmosphere she gave.

The middle aged man seemed harmless to him, but Taiyou wanted to keep vigilant and not let his guard down around the woman.

To him that was being vigilant, Kotone called out from the back.

「Excuse me, Taiyou-san」

「What is it? 」

「It may not be appropriate at this time, but i have a favour to ask of you………」

She was hesitantly speaking. What could it be? Taiyou puckered up his eyebrows.

When he did, instead of Kotone speaking, it was Suzune which suddenly blurted it out.

「Please hold us in a princess style carry as well! 」

「Do you guys know something called TPO!?」 (Note: TPO is a Japanese acronym which stands for Time, Place and Occasion. It is sometimes used to draw attention to an experience that was inappropriate or worthy of note. )

Without thinking Taiyou’s voice broke into a falsetto as he blurted out his response.

「Now is not the time for those kinds of things, more importantly just moments ago you guys were shaking in fear, what was happening?」

「That’s because, it’s not fair that only Kaza-chan was able to get all the attention〜」

「That’s right, we also want to be held in a princess carry」

「Koto-chan, Suzu-chan………..It feels really good」

Kazane said this whilst her face began to slightly blush.

「What do you guys mean? 」

「uuuu, We– A-r-e Jeal-ous–」 (note: We are jealous is what they are saying)

「It’s time to put Kaza-chan down, and take turns with us」

「No, I don’t want to switch places〜 it’s my long awaited chance to get held by Taiyou-san. If you guys are jealous, isn’t it fine if both Koto-chan and Suzu-chan just got carried as well? 」 (note: Kazane is using the words もらったんだもん, as she ends her sentence, which is almost like a pouting action)

「That’s also true」

「Yeah, Lets go with that」

「No wait, guys isn’t that physically impossible to do?!」

The two sisters surrounded Taiyou, and as if they thought it was a good idea, the two girls Kotone and Suzune extended their hands and held unto Taiyou’s neck and stuck to him in that posture.

Whilst holding Kazane with both his hands, although it was barely, he was able to support the three sisters holding on to him. Although he was surprised by that fact, he soon realised that it was all thanks to him possessing 30 strength.

The ridiculous scene of the three girls hanging from his body, if the situation allowed for it, he would of let out one or two sighs.

「You’re quite amazing aren’t you, I didn’t know such a man existed whom was able to simultaneously embrace three girls in the hold of his arms at the same time, what an outstanding male specimen you are」

The woman who was just silently watching until now, had opened her mouth to address Taiyou, she used a tone of voice that seemed to hold both admiration and scorn at the same time and he could not tell if she was just being sarcastic or not as her expression was unreadable.

「Do you really see this as me holding all three girls at once? No matter what angle you see this from, isn’t it more like they are just hanging/dangling from me? 」

「You are supporting all three of their weights, that fact is undisputable」

「Rather than supporting their weight……it’s more like I’ve become a Konaki Jijii」(Note: Konaki Jijii is a ghost in Japanese folklore it has the shape of a small old man with the voice of a baby’s cry/shriek)

After releasing a sigh, as if trying to banter/argue with the woman he challenged the woman’s reasoning.

「More importantly, who are you guys? 」

「You took the words right of my mouth 」

The middle aged man interrupted the woman and began to talk. Although they were standing three metres apart, he could smell the foul breath coming from the man and it was extremely unpleasant.

「You brat, what is your relationship with my daughters, hmmm??」

「Daughter? Don’t tell me, you are their father? 」

「Thaz right, so, who are you, you brat? 」

「………I’m the classmate Natsuno Taiyou」

In the mean time I gave my greetings to the father of the Hayakawa sisters……….. and turned my gaze at the woman.

Who are you? That was the kind of gaze Taiyou gave to the woman.

「I am known as Juunishima Sakura, I am Pleased to make your acquaintance」 (she says this with very formal language)

「Juunishima?] (Twelve Islands?) (note: today’s title has island repeated twelve times, I’m guessing the author is referring to her, But I didn’t want to spam you guys with me typing island 12 times so I will leave it like that) (Illustration: Sakura Measuring Taiyou’s Worth)

Taiyou has never heard such a unique name as Junishima and thus he was a little bewildered.

「It’s a local name, It’s a family name that only people who lived in my native island would have」

「In other words, the dwelling of the island people, it has that kind of meaning? 」 (Note: Juu = じゅう= 住 = dwelling, in this context, it is not the number that’s being referred to.)

「Yes, although in my case, I believe the Kanji I used for my surname does not represent the Kanji for this character」 (she’s basically saying she’s not using the kanji for the number 12 十二 and instead she’s using 双六島)

Well what do you think of my name? That’s the kind of face Sakura had.

「Well after all if it is used in that manner of speaking, you can’t really just attach numbers to your name」

「Yes, but it would seem that I don’t have the general common sense that Japanese people have. I must admit it’s because I was raised/brought up in such a unique culture」

「And, you were not taught common sense? 」

「Only the necessary ones」

「What you mean by Twelve Islands, could it be arranged like 『島島島島島島島島島島島島じゅうにしま』is that how you wish to be called? 」

「That’s a brilliant/wonderful way to pronounce it, let’s assume that I changed it to that and I would like to be referred to as such from now on」

「……Well, Whatever you wish」

She completely lacks any logic, that’s what Taiyou thought.

「Oi, by the way」

Hayakawa’s father cut in the conversation and had an expression of displeasure on his face.

When I turned my line of vision to him, I felt as if I was staring at some sort of hoodlum/yakuza, and he was glaring at me with a scowl on his face.

「What is it? 」

「You brat, How long are you goin ta keep standing there and keep my daughters dangling like that?」


When it was pointed out, Taiyou finally recalled that he was talking to the two people, whilst he had the three sisters dangling on his body.

Memo written about the progress at the Tenth Chapter

Level】 4

Main Abilities

Strength: 30

Charm: 65535

Popularity: 0

His Valuable Possessions

A broken smart phone

One room apartment

An annoying fairy


Currently: None


Hayakawa: Kotone, Suzune and Kazane

Juunishima Sakura



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